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Comment Re:Bad idea. (Score 1) 505

Well, I used the word "vigilante" already, so I'm not sure what you think I'm shrinking from. And yes, if the stakes are high enough, I would let that stop me from doing something trivial. Opening up my wireless is trivial - as is securing it. It costs me nothing to do so - about five minutes of my time per year, including the time it takes to enter my key into the various devices that I authorize to use it. We're not talking about sitting at home alone, cowering in the dark, here.

Comment Re:Bad idea. (Score 5, Insightful) 505

Maybe so. Let's imagine a scenario:

Cops determine that someone has been downloading CP, and trace it back to your house. They launch an immediate investigation, with you as the obvious prime suspect. They're aware that they can't prosecute on IP alone, so they do their diligence, and after searching your seized devices, they exonerate you. Publicly, even.

You still lose your family and your job, and your life is basically over, because your name once appeared in a report investigating kiddy pr0n. You will be personally threatened, maybe even assaulted, by vigilantes who want to "protect" their children from "monsters" like you. There is literally no amount of public exoneration that will make the average Joe believe you're not a pervert.

Me? I'd rather just keep my wireless secure.

Comment Re:Knowing more than parents... (Score 1) 307

...and whose main occupation currently seems to consist of trying their damnedest to pull the ladder up behind them...

That pretty much sums up every feeling I get when fricking boomers complain about the supposedly lazy and entitled generation that's finally taking over. So bravo. I wish I'd strung those words together. I'm using that in conversation regularly from now on.

Comment Rockefeller has already made up his mind. (Score 2) 1168

As a gamer, I would welcome any real study that examines the link between video game violence and real world violence. That said, a study that has as its aim the goal of finding such a link is worthless. And I suspect, based on Rockefeller's quote, "They believe that violent video games are no more dangerous to young minds than classic literature or Saturday morning cartoons. Parents, pediatricians, and psychologists know better," tells me that the answer has already been decided, and that any study undertaken at Rockefeller's behest will not accept "there is no link" as a possible outcome.

Comment Re:The obvious question then is... (Score 1) 1025

Well, yeah, if it was only very small minority refusing vaccinations. The point is that vaccination refusal is becoming common enough that the system can no longer tolerate it. There will always be wingnuts, and as long as they're few in number, they're not really a problem. But when wingnut thinking becomes mainstream, we're all in trouble.

Comment Re:How is this news now? (Score 1) 1025

Yes, right there. You know as well as I do that their response will be to double down. These people are undeniably ignorant, and have shown themselves immune to rational thought and the scientific method. Kids start dying en masse, the immediate response will be "my kid caught [such-and-such-easily-preventable-infection] because some immunized kid carried into the classroom! We must ban vaccinations!"

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