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Comment Re:Strategy (Score 1) 211

Yes, that's why I said, "catastrophically destroyed." It wasn't just a case of it screwing up a few things. The computer wouldn't boot. Opensolaris isn't including a safemode option, and it wouldn't even boot into single-user mode after editing the grub menu. My options for manual recovery are limited if I can't get to a shell.

Ahem! OpenSolaris' pkg image-update snapshots the entire root filesystem before the update. You can just do a simple restore of the ZFS files system Or boot the liveCD import the ZFS pool and do the restore from there.

Comment Re:Sun shoots, and... well, you already know. (Score 1) 249

That's exactly what Google and many others do, and they spend their money, and significantly less than this, on managing that storage effectively. It works. When it boils down to it, you can have all the exorbitantly expensive and brilliant 'enterprise ready' tools you want but the bottom line is you need redundancy - and that's pretty much

Google is not just any company. They build their own systems and don't just take off the shelf crap and use them anymore. If Google sold the hardware they made internally they could easily compete with Dell and Sun.

Go look at the Jobs @Google page and figure out why they need device driver developers and ASIC designers.

No body else does what Google does. They have 20K employees and a few thousand of those working on their Systems and Storage needs.

Most companies can't afford to hire so many people to run thier Data Centers.

Ahhh, shit. I'm heart broken. What I'd like to know is how a small business will handle a behemoth like that, how they'll fund the electricity for all those drives and who'll manage it all. I expect that will be an ongoing cost to Sun support ;-).

Is this supposed to be some logical follow up to a real question?

I have news for you. People have been doing it for years, and the reason why Sun's business has gone down the toilet to commodity servers, Linux and Windows, especially with small businesses, for the past ten years is exactly for this reason.

People have been buying EMC, NetAPP, HP and IBM's expensive hardware for years as well and in higher volumes than those that do homebrew solutions. What is your point there?

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