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Why Creators Should Never Read Their Forums 221

spidweb writes "One full-time Indie developer writes about why he never goes to online forums discussing his work and why he advises other creators to do the same. It's possible to learn valuable things, but the time and the stress just don't justify the effort. From the article, 'Forums contain a cacophony of people telling you to do diametrically opposite things, very loudly, often for bad reasons. There will be plenty of good ideas, but picking them out from the bad ones is unreliable and a lot of work. If you try to make too many people happy at once, you will drive yourself mad. You have to be very, very careful who you let into your head.'"

Yellowstone Supervolcano Larger Than First Thought 451

drewtheman writes "New studies of the plumbing that feeds the Yellowstone supervolcano in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park shows the plume and the magma chamber under the volcano are larger than first thought and contradicts claims that only shallow hot rock exists. University of Utah research professor of geophysics Robert Smith led four separate studies that verify a plume of hot and molten rock at least 410 miles deep that rises at an angle from the northwest."

The Taste Of Space 81

It turns out that space tastes like raspberries and not Tang or freeze-dried ice cream as one might suspect. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy were searching for evidence of amino acids in space when they found ethyl formate, the chemical used in to make raspberry flavoring. The astronomers used the IRAM telescope in Spain to analyze electromagnetic radiation emitted by a hot and dense region of Sagittarius B2 that surrounds a newborn star. Astronomer Arnaud Belloche said, "It [ethyl formate] does happen to give raspberries their flavour, but there are many other molecules that are needed to make space raspberries."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Microsoft's Shane Kim On XNA As YouTube Of Games

An anonymous reader writes: Gamasutra has published the first part of its interview with Microsoft Game Studio's Shane Kim from the 2007 Game Developers Conference, in which he discusses the future of XNA Studio Express as a potential "YouTube For Games," the fan reaction to its forthcoming Shadowrun, and how 'Sony has helped [Microsoft] with their own missteps.'

Submission + - Google tries out Pay per Action

conradov writes: "Google announced beta testing of its new Pay per Action AdWords model.

From the announcement:

Pay-per-action advertising is a new pricing model that allows you to pay only for completed actions that you define, such as a lead, a sale, or a pageview, after a user has clicked on your ad on a publisher's site.
It seems Google is shaking the ad market again."

Submission + - Google Phone Rumors Put to Rest?

Bud Caddell writes: "After much speculation from the blogosphere, Google's South-East Asia managing director of sales and operations, Richard Kimber, yesterday echoed the sentiments of Google's chief internet evangelist, Vinton Cerf, that building a google phone would be a dramatic shift in the company's strategic focus.

via the Sidney Morning Herald ( — handhelds/goo gle-quashes-mobile-phone-talk/2007/03/21/117415313 9660.html)"

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