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Submission + - How Crawled Data Gave One News Outlet the Edge in the Israeli Election (

rangeva writes: In the spring of 2015, as Israel prepared for general elections, virtually all of the mainstream media analysts believed that change was in the air.
Conventional wisdom at that time had it that the Israeli populace was ready to turn its back on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the government led by his Likud Party since 2009.

Submission + - A little experiment I created that let you navigate in a 3D universe of data (

rangeva writes: Ever imagined how "Big Data" looks like? This is a fun experiment, letting you navigate in a 3D universe of real data from the open web. The data is made out of important news and blog titles, their meta-data like dates, comment count, domains and more...

Note: CPU intensive (A strong computer is highly recommended)

Submission + - Experimental Visual Snapshot of the News (

rangeva writes: News Collage is an online experiment I created, that creates a visual and textual snapshot of the news, about any topic, in real time. The visual part is created out of the images attached to the recent and relevant news stories, and the textual cloud, is extracted from the content of those news stories.
Once a visual is created, you can download it as an image and embed it anywhere you want.

Here are some examples about Mars and Copenhagen.

What do you think?

Submission + - Cc:Everybody - Your public inbox (

rangeva writes: Cc:Everybody is a new & free service that works alongside your real email, giving you the option to share your email conversations. Why would you want to do that? Many times, your email correspondence can benefit more than just the participating recipients. With Cc:Everybody you are setting free the content that otherwise would forever be lost in the depth of your inbox.

How does Cc:Everybody work?
When you register with Cc:Everybody, you will get a new public email address in the form of {you} Email messages sent to this address are forwarded to your real email. When you receive an email through your public address, you can decide to share it, simply by replying. If you'd like to keep the conversation private you can choose to do so. Alternatively, if you would like to publish a conversation from your private email account, you can accomplish that by forwarding it to your Cc:Everybody account. All published emails will be available on{you} — this is your public inbox.


Submission + - Music from purchased CD is copyright infringement (

rangeva writes: "The RIAA now claims music ripped from a purchased CD is copyright infringement. In Atlantic v. Howell, a case against a pro se litigant in Arizona, the RIAA has filed a supplemental brief in support of its motion for summary judgment. The Court has given Mr. Howell until January 11th to respond, and has scheduled a hearing for January 24th at 2:00 P.M.
Everybody hide your iPods!"

Christmas Cheer

Submission + - Get a clue before buying those Christmas gifts (

rangeva writes: "Omgili unveiled their newest feature: Omgili Product Reviews — just in time for the holiday shopping season. Instead of going through different review sites to get a clue about the quality of a product, Omgili aggregates for you the overall users sentiment from multiple reviews sites (Amazon, Target, Shopping, Yahoo!Shopping, CNet and Pricegrabber). You are not only getting the product grade, but also the number of users who assigned it, the overall mood over three years, and of course the discussions about the product. Omgili supplies with all you need to know before buying your Christmas gifts."

Submission + - Search Aid - Find out what people are Searching (

rangeva writes: "We just released Omgili Search Aid — a tool that helps the user in formulating a search query. By searching in search queries other users have performed, you find ideas about the correct keywords to use in order to get the best results. But hey, you say, I have Google Suggest and Yahoo! Search Assist for that, what is the difference? Well there are actually three main differences:
  1. Whereas with Google/Yahoo you can easily use their results only with their own search engine, we offer an easy search in Omgili and Google/Yahoo as well.
  2. The mentioned services offer maximum 10 results for each search term, where Omgili Search Aid returns every query combination we have ordered by relevancy and popularity.
  3. The data in Yahoo and Google is edited/censored whereas with Omgili Search Aid we release it "As is".

So we hope you enjoy using Omgili Search Aid and I can promise there is more to come..."


Submission + - Say What?? WH Question distribution in discussions (

rangeva writes: "How do people use WH questions when they discuss? By using Omgili I extracted some interesting statistics and concluded the following:
1. We (humans) are most interested in the Object/Idea/Action and least interested in the reason for it.
2. After we understand what we are talking about we would like to know when the whole thing happened!
3. Wow! we think — really? How ( In what manner) could it happen we are now interested in understanding.
4. We then try to dig deeper and examine the choice of alternatives in the scene.
5. Only then we ask who was involved in the whole thing.
6. Now that we understand it better and just before the reason (least interesting) we are interested in knowing where it all happened.

More on the blog post..."

The Internet

Submission + - The Future of Search Engines (

rangeva writes: "Charles knight referred me to Kaila Colbin blog post about what the future (2010) search engine should look like. I was honored to be asked for my opinion so I sat down and wrote my thoughts about what the future search engine should be. Granted, this is not exactly what I was asked to do, but I ended up with a four pages document so I decided to post it on our blog. I hope you find it interesting."

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