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Comment Re:So you think its really that easy? (Score 1) 199

I don't particularly care if the world at large knows that Im "Headed to the Gym" or that Im 31 years old.. My 'private' information is harmless.. Sure you can see that I like to play kickball or that I recently took a cruise and had an awesome time.. I dont see how its dangerous for a company to sell my status updates or my interest in apple computers. Its not like Im tweeting my bank account number, or posting my passwords to my embarrassing adult dating site profile on my "wall"... Let them see and sell my info.. WHO CARES? You want to talk about damning personal info, open a yellow pages phone book... there are directions to your front door right in there.. heh.

Comment Did they outlaw pens and pencils? (Score 1) 492

So did they get rid of stop lights on their roads?

Did they drop the use of power point?

Have they stopped labeling hallways?

Do the teachers not write information on the white board?

Does anyone wear a name tag?

Have they gotten rid of laptops?

Do they not use worksheets?

Are other students not allowed to take notes in class?

Did they outlaw pens and pencils?

Comment Re:Why? (Score 3, Insightful) 325

Hmmm.. I imagine that if I had 29 BILLION dollars burning a hole in my pocket, I might consider buying the single most talked about web trend in current times; if for nothing more than to make my parent company among the most talked about things in current times. Good business sense.

Space Sails Could Bring Used Rockets Back To Earth 76

GordonCopestake writes "An article from New Scientist proposes that all new spacecraft have sails attached to bring them back to earth — a measure that would reduce the amount of garbage in space. From the article: 'The risk to spacecraft from a collision with space debris could be reduced by equipping launchers with a gossamer-thin "sail." The idea is to deploy the sail after the rocket has released its payload to amplify the drag of the last vestiges of the atmosphere, and so force the rocket out of orbit.'" Wired has a related story about the risks faced by the space shuttles as they share orbits with tons of drifting space debris. "... in the 54 missions from STS-50 through STS-114, space junk and meteoroids hit shuttle windows 1,634 times necessitating 92 window replacements. In addition, the shuttle's radiator was hit 317 times, actually causing holes in the radiator's facesheet 53 times."

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