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Comment Danger, Will Robinson! (Score 1) 102

Worked fine on my iPad 2 and iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4 is now stuck in an Logo Loop of Death. I can access it through iRecovery, but I can't really salvage anything. Too bad I haven't backed it up for months, because there is soooo much data that I am going to lose if I have to Restore.

Comment Re:It's a huge issue to app developers, not Google (Score 1) 211

Wow, you just made me re-animate my /. account. You have just described some of the major reasons I have gone in a great big circle around the Android phones, even if I find the *idea* of a Linux-based phone OS by Google very appealing. I have an iPhone that has all the same advantages of the Apple computers, only amplified: Complete hardware control and testability. They might be a little more expensive, and Apple might be dickheads, but they still deliver a better end product to the users. Maybe in a year or two

Comment Awesome! (Score 1) 178

I had completely forgotten about my near-useless Qtek 9100 (same as HTC Wizard, the slight difference being the casing, colours and market)
Is it any good, or is it just as treacle-slow as the Windows implementation?
Argh, who am I kidding, I'm probably going to dig it up and have a go either way. F/OSS FTW! :-D

Comment Re:You mean physical memory right :-) (Score 1) 983

Actually, when I called the (Danish) Dell Tech Support, I was very well treated. I thought the SLA on our desktops prohibited me from breaking them open without speaking to them first, but they told me to rock rock on, and took my word for concrete problems.
Then again, buying in bulk will do that to support.

Comment Re:You mean physical memory right :-) (Score 1) 983

Last time we had a base station destroyed (torched), we had a temporary base station up and running within two days. The local subcontractor worked almost around the clock to get it up, even though he in no way was demanded nor expected this. We got mails from customers praising the hard work done by the people involved. Of course, that mail made its round the same day it came in :)

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