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Comment Re:First (Score 1) 405

Some of the proposed solutions are based by position. It would send a "shut up" message to any phone determined, by signal reflection, to be in the drivers seat area of the car. So as soon as the passengers phone moved into the drivers volume, it would cut off.

Easy way to get around that: Stick your arm out to the passenger's side and text like that, even more dangerous!

Comment's still there, you know (Score 1) 255

If you do this, then you'll get a few valid links and tons of spam links.

I think that was his point, back in the day (lol) people weren't spamming so much so it was ok to allow anyone to post links without worrying about moderation. You would get a few spam links and tons (relatively) of valid links

Comment Re:Newsflash: Stupid people think color matters (Score 1) 511

"BTW this article fails to mention how race HELPED Obama in 2008. Close to 100% of black Americans voted for Obama, because he was making history as the first black president. So that's a +20% advantage right there.

TFA says less than 1% (waaaay off from +20%), which doesn't beat the 6%, so no. Also, it was 96-98% of african american voters that voted, not of all african american voters.

Comment Re:Pointless if there's no content (Score 1) 270

Haha no no I'm saying the internet is useless if you can only commercialize it. If some website can get shut down for stuff that their users put up (not the site operators...), who's going to make a site that users can upload anything? There was an infographic I saw last week that made the point succinctly: If someone shoplifts from or even just robs your store, then the government can shut down your store. Why would anyone want to open up a store anymore?

Comment Pointless if there's no content (Score 4, Interesting) 270

The other problem is that people might stop creating these great sites/services because you can't "just browse" to them or venture capitalists won't fund the startup. Anonymity and an underground internet is useless if all the cool stuff is just taken down (as opposed to blocked) or even worse, never created in the first place. For example, can we secretly get to megaupload now? What about it's competitors that have disabled file sharing?

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