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Comment Re:Android GPS - works for US only (Score 1) 439

Well it works best for US, and other large countries where data plans don't become the main issue when going somewhere interesting in the sense that you might need to use your gps device.

The reasons why it fails to be of any use to me and most people who live in similarly sized countries are given in the original post :)

Comment Android GPS - works for US only (Score 5, Insightful) 439

Here's my problem with the android GPS, and for that matter with cell phone google maps - it all works perfectly when you live in a huge country, and where the possibility that you might need to use the navigation features offered by GPS without ever leaving the country is fairly large - hence you are not really worried about the data charges, since you are using the same operator.

BUT. If like me, you live in a small European country, where within the country there is practically no need for the GPS because you know most of the country by heart. Thus the only reason for using a car GPS navigation is when you leave the country. But that's exactly the moment the huge roaming data charges begin to apply. Therefore the only practically viable option unless you don't care how much you spend on your phone costs is by using an offline solution like a Tom-tom or Garmin device.

Submission + - As predicted, update bad for unlocked iPhones (

Bearhouse writes: As widely predicted, it's now being reported by the BBC,, and the NYT,, that upgrading your unlocked iPhone is not good news. Anybody surprised?

Following on from earlier posts here about the legality of unlocking your iPhone, what's your opinion on the legality of Apple bricking it for you with an upgrade? Do you think this is a bad way for Apple to build customer loyalty with an increasingly tech-savy user base, who like to add applications to their personal devices? Or do you think it's good, bearing in mind that mobile phones are being hyped as the next payment method, and so need to be secure?

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