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Submission + - Is MS cheating on its own HTML 5 test? 1

itamblyn writes: I just upgraded to the IE 9 RC and decided to see how it did on HTML 5 speed tests compared to the most recent dev channel build of Chrome (11.0.672.2). The result was more than x3 faster performance by IE (using a test created by MS in fairness). Interestingly though, the images and text were somewhat blurry, as if it wasn't being rendered at the full resolution of the window. Is this "legal"? Is Chrome losing because it's not cutting corners, or is this trick fair game and Chrome should be doing it as well. If you have a windows machine, you can do the comparison yourself here:

Submission + - Canonical disables Banshee Amazon Store in Ubuntu (

Julie188 writes: Banshee is a media/music player for Linux that has support for purchasing music via Amazon MP3. The revenues have always gone directly to the GNOME Foundation. Historically, the default music player in Ubuntu has been Rhythmbox, but that's changing in 11.04 to Banshee. The problem, at least as Canonical seems to see it? Amazon MP3 support in Banshee competes with Ubuntu's own offering, Ubuntu One — which also has support for purchasing music. The alternative? Canonical offered to leave the Amazon Store on by default, but take a 75% cut leaving a paltry 25% for GNOME.

Submission + - Windows Users Bitten by Macrovision Zero Day (

eweekhickins writes: "Microsoft told customers about a vulnerability present in the Macrovision secdrv.sys driver on supported editions of Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. The affected product is Macrovision SafeDisc, a copy-protection application written for Windows. The vulnerability can be used by local attackers to gain so-called Ring 0 privileges and take complete control of an affected system. That's bad. The term "Ring" refers to a protection ring of one or more hierarchical levels of privilege, with Ring 0 being the level with the most privileges and interacting the most directly with physical hardware, including the CPU and memory."

Comment Re:hacked? (Score 1) 242

I got the same E-mail after 20 odd spam replies and inquires concerning items on ebay putting me as the seller, it does not have any links

It appears your account was accessed by an unauthorized third party and used to send unsolicited emails to other community members, including email offers to sell items outside of eBay. It does not appear that your account was used to list or bid on any items. Additionally, the email address on your account may have been tampered with, which is why you may not have received any emails about this activity.

At this time we have taken several steps to secure your eBay account. Rest assured that your credit card and banking information is safe on the eBay site. This information is kept encrypted on a secure server and cannot be viewed by anyone.

To regain control of your account, please complete the following:
1. Change the password on your personal EMAIL account to verify that it is secure and cannot be accessed by anyone other than you.
2. Change the password on your eBay account. To do so, click the "Forgot your password" link on the eBay sign-in page and change your password using the instructions provided.
3. Follow the steps below to secure your account:
> Click on the "Security & Resolution Center" link found at the bottom of most eBay pages.
> Click on the "eBay Account Protection" link in the "Online Security Resources" box. This will take you to the help page titled "Securing Your Account and Reporting Account Theft."
> Follow the instructions provided in "Securing Your Account".

As you take these steps, please be aware that you may need to repeat the instructions provided above or use the "Back" button on your Web browser to return to the "Securing Your Account" page.

To learn more about these fake or "spoof" eBay emails, visit the "Security Center" link found at the bottom of most eBay pages followed by the "Stopping spoof emails and Web sites" under "General Online Safety."

If you are contacted with questions about the messages that were sent from your account or other related issues, please refer those individuals to the web address provided above.

eBay Trust & Safety

Thinking about Rails? Think Again 482

wolfeon writes "In 2005, Derek Sivers of CD Baby wanted to scrap his site and perform a rewrite in Rails. He hired Jeremy Kemper, also known as bitsweat on Freenode, to help on the project. Two years later, through blood and sweat, the project was then canceled because of limitations of Rails. Rails just wasn't meant to do everything since it is very much "canned" project. Mr. Sivers has written an entry in the O'Reilly blog: 7 reasons I switched back to PHP."

Submission + - Mozilla quietly resurrects Eudora

Stony Stevenson writes: Developers at the Mozilla Foundation have released the first beta versions of the new Eudora email application. The Eudora 8.0 beta releases for Mac and Windows are the first new versions of since Qualcomm discontinued commercial development of the application in October 2006, turning it over to the open source community.

Since then, a new version of Eudora codenamed Penelope has been built from elements of Mozilla's Thunderbird. "We are committed to preserving the Eudora user experience and maintaining maximum compatibility for developers and users with Thunderbird," said the developers.

Submission + - Zap2It Replacement Scheduling Service Goes Online

Krondor writes: "Schedules Direct, the TV listing service created to replace the soon to be discontinued Zap2It Labs free listings, is now accepting registrations. This comes in advance of the pending Zap2It TV Listing shutdown and is obviously excellent news for many open source projects, such as MythTV. The service, though no longer free, does intend to reduce pricing as demand increases and exists as a non-profit specifically for the purpose of providing TV listing data to "Free and Open Source Applications". Slashdot has previously covered the Zap2It Labs TV Listing Discontinuation as well as the pricing expectations for Schedules Direct."

Submission + - Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 released (

Artemis writes: "Microsoft has announced the release of the second beta for both its IDE, Visual Studio 2008, and its platform, .Net 3.5. The betas for both Visual Studio 2008 and the smaller Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions are available to download for anyone who would like to try them out while in beta.

Visual Studio 2008 can be installed along-side Visual Web Developer 2008 Express or Visual Studio 2005, so you can try out 2008 without messing with your current environment. .NET 3.5 Beta 2 also include a go-live license which allows you to build and deploy applications into production.

Some of the new features of VS 2008 Beta 2 and .NET 3.5 Beta 2 are:
  • VS 2008 Multi-targeting support: Lets you target multiple versions of the .NET platform
  • VS 2008 Web Designer: A significantly improved HTML web designer — includes split-view editing, nested master pages, and much-improved CSS integration.
  • .NET 3.5 ASP.NET AJAX: The AJAX library is now built into the ASP.NET functionality in .NET 3.5
  • VS 2008 VB/C# Compilers: Now include keywords and capabilities for functional programming, which lets you write cleaner code. The compilers also now include support for LINQ (Language Integrated Query), which makes querying/working with data a first-class concept in .NET.
  • LINQ to SQL Improvements: LINQ to SQL is an built-in OR/M (Object Relational Mapper) in .NET 3.5. This allows you to model relational databases using a .NET object model. You can then query the database using LINQ and update/insert/delete data from it. LINQ to SQL fully supports transactions, views, and stored procedures.


Submission + - Is Your Printer Spying on You?

gnujoshua writes: "In 2005, the EFF alerted the world to how laser printers are spying their users by providing tracking information in the form of a unique smattering of barely detectable yellow dots that appear on every printout. Revitalizing this issue, the Computing Counter Culture Group at the MIT Media Labs has launched Seeing Yellow. They provide instructions to see the tracking dots, as well as provide you with a list of clever questions, and appropriate contact information so that you can confront your laser printer manufacturer. Let's act before this issue slips through the cracks again and send the message that manufacturers' must respect our privacy and our right to anonymous free speech."

Microsoft Plays Up Open Source 224

An anonymous reader writes "Recently Microsoft's open source software lab posted PostgreSQL on Windows: A Primer. Postgres is one of the longest running open source databases — it has been around for nearly 11 years. The powerful object-relational database is a direct competitor to other OSS databases, as well as Microsoft's SQL Server 2005. So why is Microsoft promoting it? I get Redmond's interest in boosting anything that runs on Windows as a platform. Is this simply a case of left-hand, right-hand, or is something deeper going on?"

Submission + - File Deleting Software a Hoax

teamhasnoi writes: "In a followup to yesterday's story the developer of Display Eater has responded to the poor publicity, admitting that the app does not delete files. Quote: "It was my hope that if people thought this happened, they would not try to pirate the program. I could stop wasting time writing copy protection routines to be broken over and over. It turned out to be a mistake." He has now made the application free by posting a registration code, and plans to open-source it."

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