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Comment Re:This is sort of analogous to.... (Score 1) 146

You are subjectively determining the definition of "sport" and "athlete" and considering them set-in-stone. That's fine. But as the rest of the world continues to use the term athlete to define a professional gamer and you become more and more bitter towards this fact, many of us will continue to roll our eyes and think "who cares"? I get it, marriage is not gaming. One has a lawful meaning and one doesn't. That only makes it more likely that your expiring notion of the term athlete is going to change to include pro gamers - in this case, there is no lawful definition.

Comment Re:The thing is... (Score 1) 798

There's obviously something fundamental about what I am suggesting that you don't agree with. I wasn't intending to sway the masses with my original post, I just think it has a decent likelihood of being valid.

There is exactly zero reason for someone to be homeless but it happens. I believe it's likely there could be legitimate excuses for being a bully. I'm not suggesting that something shouldn't be done about that, though. I respect your posts and appreciate the conversation.

Comment Re:The thing is... (Score 1) 798

Human beings under the age of 18 are capable of performing acts of their own will, yes. Sometimes children are tried in court as adults for their perceived willful actions. I don't disagree with you on anything you're saying but you are assuming I have some bully-promoting motive. This bully could plainly be a sinister little shit but generally a child is (for good reason) not held fully accountable for ALL of their actions and that is something that should be considered in this debate - and in each bully debate worldwide. I am not suggesting the bully should or should not be held accountable but am pointing out the potential complex societal structure in place which may or may NOT have contributed to the situation being discussed. I strongly believe these situations are not as simple as they often seem. Somehow I get the feeling that you will still consider me to be taking the side of the bully.

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