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Comment Re:And fragmentation is bad? (Score 1, Insightful) 440

Yeah, and while the UN is waiting for Hell to freeze over, maybe they could do something about that little matter in Africa. You know, the fucking GENOCIDE! When they're finished with that they could start on AIDs, the international arms market, the proliferation of WMDs, human slavery and violations of human rights, the harboring of terrorists by nation states, the international drug trade and, if they have a little spare time, the attitude of the French.

Ok, so maybe I got a little carried away, no one is EVER going to be able to do anything about the attitude of the French. These are tough problems that impact millions of people all over the world. The UN's track record for dealing with these problems does not inspire much confidence. Let's face it, there are some influential members of the UN who have opinions that are in opposition to the beliefs of the net's inventors. You see, we KNOW if our rascals start getting too big for their britches we can snatch them back to reality. Who knows what the UN has the power and will to accomplish? I don't, and I'm not in a hurry to find out. Maybe the UN should concentrate on the problems crying out for attention and hold off on this one until we actually do something wrong.

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