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Comment You can lose here... (Score 1) 445

I've seen some books on e.g. Bookfinder for say $300, which are actually worth $10. Some crazy guy speculatively prices a copy at $250, when none are for sale. A few more appear for sale, and base their prices on that, so we get a load of books on offer with values in the range $250-$300, say. But actually, no purchaser may be prepared to pay more than $10 for it. So if you buy a copy for $50, and hope to sell for $250, you are going to lose big time.

Comment Re:This would also happen in ancient Rome. (Score 1) 2058

In Britain, you can see houses with strange symbols on the walls. These were marks from various insurance companies from the (I think) 18th century. If you had a fire, various insurance company fire wagons turned up. Of course, if you were insured with Circle, and Triangle turned up first, the Triangle guys would just jeer and tell you that you should have insured with them, until eventually the Circle guys turned up.

Comment To little due to distraction by iPad (Score 1) 411

Apple have concentrated too much on the iPad and battery life. This machine is unappealing. What's needed for serious users:

Quad core CPU with hyperthreading, not dual core
Fast SSD, not some generic thing whose speed Apple does not specify - because it is so slow
Still only 8Gb max memory?
Blu-ray writer / second HD / empty slot options
Built in WWAN - who wants a dongle?

How about a machine without a battery? - most laptops are used at a power outlet anyhow...

And how about a 6" clamshell model we can put in our pockets instead of that ridiculous iPad thingy...

Comment Not Just Kodak? (Score 1) 185

If you go to the framechannel website, you can find a link claiming you can share photos with a whole bunch of manufacturers' devices:

The FAQ here:http://www.framechannel.com/FAQ/#FRAME_LIST
sends you here: http://www.wirelesspictureframe.com/company-listing/
where you can see this list:

FrameChannel Wireless Digital Picture Frames
Philips Electronics
Digital Spectrum, Inc.
Edge Tech Corporation

Other Digital Picture Frames
Fidelity Electronics, Inc.
PF Digital, Inc.
Polaroid Corpoation [their typo, not mine!]
Portable USA
Sungale Group, Inc.
Westinghouse Digital Electronics

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