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Comment price per song (Score -1) 398

Well there folks if one song is 200,000 then a stolen tractor trailer has to be the same as the national debt. A 99c song is a 99c song court cost and 99c a song all they should get and those who have been charged more should get a refund. Steeling from someone you claim stole from you is fair.

Comment Schools laptop. (Score -1) 1117

Being as your the school and you have to ask im sure the damage is already done. Just so you know the cripple ware you put on those computers any 6th grade kid can get around in .1000000 seconds on google. If you and the folks you work for are that stupid no wonder America is first at being last.

The Role of Retroviruses in Human Evolution 133

mhackarbie writes "The current edition of the New Yorker magazine has up a story about endogenous retroviruses in the genomes of humans and other species. Although researchers have known about such non-functional retroviral 'fossils' in the human genome for some time, the large amount of recent genomic data underscores just how pervasive they are, in a compelling tale that involves humans, their primate cousins, and a variety of viral invaders. Some researchers are even bringing back non-functional viral remnants from the dead by fixing their broken genes."

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