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Comment They can be a useful part of an ergonomic approach (Score 2) 340

* $500 electric desks are out there, you just have to look for them. IKEA has one now ->
* Mixing standing and sitting is good. Moving around is better.
* Your legs will not appreciate standing to begin with.
* Standing will not magically fix poor posture: talk with your chiropractor or better yet take up Yoga.
* Standing will not magically fix an ergonomically unsound workspace setup:
** Make sure that your monitors are the correct height - mid-screen at or slightly below eye level - keeping the head, neck and eyes in a neutral position.
** Note that the appropriate monitor height will change when standing.
** When typing and mousing your shoulders should be relaxed not hunched, wrists should be straight or angled slightly down but never bent back.
* Give your eye muscles a break by regularly looking away from the screen and gazing into the distance.

Comment The bigger issue here is the so called "reporting" (Score 1) 310

NYPD said the two flew their drone "very close" to a law enforcement chopper

NY Post or National Enquirer? I honestly thought I was reading the latter.

Unfortunately this is what the mainstream news media picks up on and thus what the average person sees and hears.

This anti-"drone" hyperbole will only grow with each "incident" (real or contrived) and with multi-rotor R/C machines being all the rage and easy for a novice to fly, there will be more incidents.

Comment Model aircraft != Drone (Score 1) 199

> The revelation was buried in an FAA document (PDF) unveiled Monday seeking public comment on its policy on drones, or what the agency calls "model aircraft."

"Model aircraft" is a generic term covering all types of radio controlled fixed and rotary-wing models, the vast majority of which require active inputs from a human operator. Hobbyists have been flying them for decades and they are lightly regulated by the FAA.

"Drone" is an over-hyped and frequently mis-applied term implying autonomy from human input, complete loss of privacy and fiery death by Hellfire missiles.

Comment So what's new?? (Score 1) 937

"Therefore, even if a car is self-driving, you as the driver must stay alert and pay attention. No texting, no reading, no snoozing. So what's the point of a self-driving car if you can't relax or do something else while 'driving?'"

The same rules apply today and the roads are still full of drivers doing anything but paying attention to the task at hand. Those same people will happily let a computer take on the last vestiges of their responsibility and zone out completely, then express shock and ignorance when something goes wrong.

Comment Re:An excellent post, with one omission: pictures. (Score 1) 211

Amen to that - the right picture truly is worth a thousand words. One or two good diagrams and a couple of paragraphs / bullet lists can convey more information, more effectively than pages of text. Sadly, I cannot agree with you on the quality of the post itself. Any useful information was buried in waffling pseudo-drama. I gave up reading after a couple of "acts". Rather ironic given the topic.

Comment This actually surprised anyone other than Ballmer? (Score 2) 442

All of the original poster's points were painfully visible long before Day One. Windows RT was conceived a Dodo, born a Dodo and will die a Dodo. An evolutionary mutation that never really stood a chance: over-priced, incompatible, lacking apps and burdened with a very awkward UX. Darwinism at work. Instead of wasting their efforts on a two platforms, Microsoft should have focused on their full-Windows tablets and the corporate space and trying to make the Windows 8 user interface more intuitive and usable.

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