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Submission + - Artificial blood vessels created on a 3D printer (

rallymatte writes: "A team at Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has managed to create artificial blood vessels with a 3D printer that may come to be used for transplants of lab-created organs. From the article:
"To print something as small and complex as a blood vessel, the scientists combined the 3D printing technology with two-photon polymerisation — shining intense laser beams onto the material to stimulate the molecules in a very small focus point.""

Comment Re:AutoRun was always broken (Score 2) 340

Sounds nice, but a little bit nostalgic to me.
Suppose you do mention that it was an awesome tool and that it's only nice at best these days, but I say, get rid of it. No need really. Pop up a window with the disk, disk image or whatever it might be and let the user decide what to do.
Works rather well on my mac, it even works really well for my dad now that he's gone over to Mac, and I assure you, he's not that technical.

Comment Re:Well (parent needs a clue) (Score 1) 374

Also, you misspelled licenses. I'm usually the guy that people point out grammatical errors to, rather than visa versa. But, still, if you are going to offer advice about a subject, it helps your creditability to actually spell it correctly. Or at least use a web browser with integrated spell checking. Again, the point of posting was not nitpicking, but clarifying as posts similar to your last one have led to quite a bit of misinformation about the GPL license.

Since we've already gone off the topic anyway and getting modded up for it, I might as well point out a couple of things in your post.
Licence can be spelt with a c. In fact it is spelt with a c in British English where I believe the language originated from.
But well done for being a bitch about it.
By the way, were you meant to say too instead of to in that sentence? Saying to doesn't make much sense to me
For being a guy that usually point out peoples grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, you really aren't that good writing yourself.

The Internet

Submission + - How heavy is the Internet? (

rallymatte writes: CNet claims to have weighed The Internet. From the article:
"Using publicly available information, for the first time in the world, we have precisely and scientifically calculated the weight of the Internet. Obviously this information is only really useful to someone attempting to work out the cost of posting the Internet somewhere, perhaps to North Korea. Still, the casual reader — hi there! — may still enjoy learning just how damn heavy the thing is."


Submission + - Major bug in snow leopard deletes all user data (

inglishmayjer writes: From the article:
"Reports have been cropping up on the Apple Support forums that users have been losing all their data due to a nasty bug in Snow Leopard, Apple's latest Operating System. Many users are reporting that all settings are being reset and most data is gone, according to iTWire."

The issue is caused by logging into a guest account, the user finds "that their account has been fully reset with all data wiped and lost — the account is like a brand new one."


Comment Re:Patent infringement x 2! (Score 1) 304

This was already mentioned in one of the links in the post.
And I sort of agree. But maybe they want the source code to see if Facebook actually associating a piece of data with multiple categories. I mean, maybe there are other ways of accomplishing what Facebook are doing, that makes them think that they are "associating a piece of data with multiple categories".
Still... don't get me wrong, I don't agree with such a patent.

Comment Re:medical problems (Score 1) 492

Well, if the statements in the letter are true, then it really doesn't make sense that he would be managing the project on his own. I mean, what about the statement of the funds that he has promised to provide?
To me this seems rather suspicious to be quite honest.
IMHO, open software should be managed in an open way.
Especially not when, as you've mentioned, medical problems can occur at any time. This doesn't provide much security for users of the software.

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