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Comment I Wanna Watch (Score 1) 115

Distractions? H no, if its not such a big deal as to require a general anesthetic, then I want to watch in as much detail as possible. Open heart surgery or maybe a prostatectomy? Nope, too big a deal, and would trigger unhelpful actions if they went wrong 'cuz that'd scare me, but, say, surgery to repair broken bones, or remove something not in vital organ areas, yeah, I wanna see...

Comment Re:Basic Income Now (Score 1) 91

The best thing we could do is to pass the Fair Tax, which completely abolishes ALL the income taxes. Income taxes are ALL, even in the tiniest amounts, harmful to prosperity. Income taxes are the 2nd worst mistake this country has ever made, 2nd only to slavery. Hopefully it won't take another war to get rid of them too. We could be the manufacturing center of the world under the Fair Tax.

Comment Re:Good riddance. (Score 1) 91

It helps me get motivated when I get to the health club and make the final decision between "let's do it" and "too tired." Being 69 years old, "too tired" wins too often. But stringing consecutive days of blue-colored bars on the graph of my Vivofit 3 software, that signify my goal of 10,000 steps is motivation enough most of the time - I want to see 7 straight achievements of "goal" each week. If I get it, I might just lose an ounce or 2. Goal requires about 1200 calories on the elliptical, done in about an hour and 20 minutes. 9 hrs and 20 minutes of exercise a week makes my heart really strong, too, enough to survive dual pulmonary emboli a couple years ago that 3 medical people told me would have killed me except for my heart being as strong as it was. So far, my strategy of living forever thru exercise is working, and I've won round 1.

Now to get out of the car and go into Sport and Health and get on the elliptical...

Comment Re:Good riddance. (Score 1) 91

Yep, they suck. They are NOT waterproof as initially advertised, and go tits up when wearing in the wet. The bands suck because they fall off your arm randomly, and 2 of them I had simply stopped working after a few months. I finally got a Garmin Vivofit 3 and so far, so good. It is 6 months or so old, and has worked fine. Like the Fitbit software a bit better, but not enough to put up with having to keep buying new ones all the time.

Comment Re:Want to Fix This? (Score 0) 114

You can pretend to tax corporations all you want, but no business has ever, or will ever, pay a penny of tax. They COLLECT taxes. The gov't demands a tax, and the business raises their prices, lowers or fails to raise the wages of employees, and curtails stock dividends to pay the tax. In each case - customers, employees, or stockholders, all those people taxed are US, and not the corporation. The corporation, or business, doesn't pay a penny of tax. We do. Until we wake up and see the truth of this sort of taxation, our politicians will continue to harm our corporations and we will not prosper.

Comment Re:Want to Fix This? (Score 1) 114

Nothing's perfect, but your method of saving for retirement, with after-tax money in a bank, is rare. Most people save with pre-tax money in some vehicle like a tax-exempt retirement account. Those get taxed as the money is withdrawn. Under the Fair Tax, if you have a 401K with a million or 3 in it, you can withdraw money from it with no tax taken out, no matter if you withdraw a little or a lot.

As for savings accounts, the Fair Tax does not tax the interest on them. If you have a million or 3 in the bank, and you've got the right bank so you're making 5% - 10%, then right now, that $$$ is taxed by the income taxes. The Fair Tax does not tax that money. My buddy has a savings account with, if I remember right, a 5% interest rate. If you have $3M in the bank for retirement, you'd be pulling all $150K / yr out at 5%, without the gov't dinging you 30% of the $150K for income taxes.

PLUS, in the environment of a booming economy like the Fair Tax would create, the interest rates on your savings would increase. Remember when ordinary bank accounts had interest rates of 4% - 5%? I do. Those days would come back under the Fair Tax. CD's and other savings instruments would be higher interest rates. That's because with all the building of factories and money moving freely, more people will be borrowing money for everything from new cars to home improvements. That money has to come from somewhere, and the banks will get it from your savings account. They will be able to lend more money and pay you some of the interest they collect. Win-win. I think you'll do OK under the Fair Tax with your savings account.

Comment Re:windmills on top of skyscrapers (Score 1) 119

Give the finger to oil? Describe how to use a wind turbine to power an 18 wheeler down the road, or a ship across the ocean. You might, with a massive effort, hang enough catenary wire to power locomotives with grid electricity, but by and large, the transportation industry is unable to use wind and solar until someone invents a MUCH better battery. They're trying like hell to do that, and they're not getting much of anywhere, at least not with anything remotely affordable. We may never get that battery.

Comment Want to Fix This? (Score 2, Informative) 114

Ireland's main claim to fame is a 12.5% corporate income tax. That's why myriad American companies are there at all.

Want to fix that? Pass the Fair Tax. Among the Fair Taxes' many beneficial changes would be the complete lifting of corporate income taxes. That would make the USA the newest, bestest corporate tax haven on the planet. Corporate executives would injure themselves in the stampede to build factories and move corporate headquarters to the USA. Our financial problems would be a thing of the past. We would be the richest, most prosperous nation on the planet by a wide margin. The reason we're not achieving our full potential right now is that the 2nd worst mistake this country has ever made, right behind slavery, is the income taxes. The Fair Tax abolishes _all_ the income taxes - individual, corporate, payroll, gift, estate, self-employment, capital gains, etc. etc. The IRS, and any tax based on income, is abolished. Only NEW items sold at retail, and services sold at retail are taxed. Tuition is exempt because it is really an investment. The Fair Tax may not make you rich - you still have to do that yourself - but doing it will get a lot easier under the Fair Tax as compared to under the income taxes.

Comment Re:News for Nazis (Score 1) 1560

Keep it up. Moron. Keep thinking this is about (some group) doing something nasty to (some other group) because they can get away with it because of the new President.

It ain't about social groups, not at all.

Its about economic groups.

Its about business people that believe, that because of the new president they will be able to keep their small business in business. Its about the working group that believes that becuase of the new president, they will be able to find a good job turning wrenches and running backhoes and welding pipelines rather than stocking shelves. Its about that same latter group believing that because of the new president they will not have 50 illegal aliens show up to take that job at less than minimum wage under the table so that staying home on unemployment or "disability" is still more profitable than taking such a job.

Its like Bill Clinton's 1st campaign slogan, "Its the economy, stupid."

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1560

If they don't want NATO sidelined, then the cheap MF'ers had better start coughing up their fair share of the expenses for the organization because we are rapidly going broke and incapable of continuing to pay for more than our fair share, which is what we've been doing. The reason we've got a defense budget many times the next-biggest defense budget in the world is that we're attempting to protect the rest of the world from the bad actors that would like to gobble it up by force of arms. They need to be opposed but we're no longer rich enough to keep doing it in as large a role as we have been. So cough up or get gobbled up. Your choice.

Comment Re:Weird Soviet reversal (Score 1) 742

"Other than that, you know, refusing to rent to black people is pretty racist."

No, no, no, no, no. You're confusing hate-motivation with good-business-decision motivation. At the time, which I believe was the early 70's, if you rent to blacks or even other minorities in your apartments or housing developments, the whites were scared and would move out of the apartments or sell their houses and move away, because of the reputation, deserved or not, of the blacks being more violent. Renting to blacks was a busines-stupid decision at the time.

Interesting that people have to reach waaaaay back to the early 70's for this lone "racist" example that is not really racism. Probably means he isn't doing it any more. Its about as valid as the charge that he is sexist, which ignores the fact that his campaign manager is the 1st woman to win a presidential campaign as campaign manager, and a woman was in charge of building his last skyscraper.

All of these leftist charges that Trump discriminates against group X, Y, are Z are lies. The only ones he's trying to discriminate against are criminals, and that includes the ones that break our laws to sneak into the country. But he wants to punish them because they broke our laws, not because they are brown. Its a legal issue, not a race issue.

Comment Re:China holds the trump card (Score 1) 742

"The end of minimum wage laws..."

There is no more nobility in thinking of impoverishing our workers to gain market share than there was in enslaving blacks 150 years ago to achieve the same ends. This _should_ be the country where _everybody_ lives well, and should not have to own a business in order to do it. Most people are employees, not owners, and it is not good for the nation to have hordes of poor people in the country. If poor people are predominant, then the rich, or even the well-to-do business owners, end up supporting them some way or another, whether it's welfare or the insurrection of the oppressed that decide to rise up and take it. Might as well be fair to people in the 1st place, rather than having the gov't come and take your money to redistribute to the poor, or the poor coming after it directly.

With our vast country, vast natural resources, work ethic, transportation infrastructure, and so forth, there is no doubt in my mind that the USA can still, if it stops stealing money from everyone with income taxes, or at least greatly reduces the rates of industry-harming corporate income taxes, be the best place to manufacture on the planet. We just have to stop sticking pins in little dolls of CEO's and corporations, and help them instead.

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