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Comment Re:So sure , are we (Score 1) 280

" switch to solar , hydro , wind"

None of those will power a car down the road, an 18 wheeler across the country, a ship across the ocean, a train across the USA, or an airliner across the sky. That is the problem that precludes ceasing use of petroleum. We need electric transportation, and CHEAP electric transportation so everyone can use it, or we're going to have to continue drilling and pumping and refining, there's just no alternative. Period.

Comment Attention to Geoengineering (Score 1) 280

... would at least go a bit of the way to make those of us that are highly skeptical of the urgency of AGW at all to give some consideration to it. The hyperventilating reaction of the AGW believers to the geoengineering concept has always reinforced for me the idea that the question is a gigantic scheme simply to allow "scientists" playing with computer models, altering raw data to fit their desired conclusion, and generally being unreasonble with a "money is no object" approach to everything to get their next grant of megabucks to continue playing with themselves in their computer labs to generate the next generation of climatic scarecrows. A reasonable response is, "We have this problem, and are open to absolutely all approaches in solving it." But no,, they want us to "reduce" CO2 at hideously expensive levels to achieve extremely marginal results, when what anyone at all can see is that we need to completely stop emitting CO2 from fossil fuel sources. We can't, because of the hundreds of millions, if not billions of automobiles, big trucks, railroad trains, ships, and airplanes that run on petroleum and can't be modified to run on anything CO2-less for all the money in the world. We just don't know how. So, against the possibility of never, ever finding the magic battery that would allow us to use solar, wind, geo, tidal, etc to charge them and small and light enough to use them in the aforementioned applications, prudence really demands that we attempt to get as good as we can get at lowering the planet's temperature by direct action, otherwise known as geo-engineering. Not researching this as at least a backup is a grave risk.

Comment Biking To Work == Suicide (Score 1) 232

While I might have gotten away with the 7 mile bike ride to work in Indianapolis on days without snow and ice, with straight roads on flat land, around here in Virginia I wouldn't have gotten beyond about 2 years on the 15 miles to work where the shortest distance road was the 2nd-most dangerous in the county. With lots of sharp crests and turns, I'd have been hit and knocked into the woods sooner or later. But by using a car, I drove those roads for 15 years and only came close to getting offed a couple times. The aforementioned 2nd-dangerous road claimed several lives and really maimed many other people over that time frame. Bikes are, at least around here, a worse choice than smoking, tantamount to choosing suicide.

Comment Re:Sky is Falling! (Score 1) 620

"1) Ban all internal combustion engines"

That one right there will kill 90% of the population of the USA, because we all need IC engines to live. We have to get to work, grow and transport food, etc. and IC engines are the only way we have to do it. Without them, 90% would starve, with the only survivors being those that are OK with cannibalism.

Comment Re:Sky is Falling! (Score 1) 620

We _DON'T_ have the tech.

We _CAN'T_ leave the fossil fuel in the ground. The transportation sector sees to that. There is no "renewable" fuel that will put an 18 wheeler across the country, a ship across the ocean, or an airliner across the sky at a price that WE CAN AFFORD. It has to be affordable or we can't do it. The Navy has been flying some jets on bio-diesel, which we may or may not have enough farmable land to eliminate fossil fuels entirely, but at $6 a gallon. We can't afford that, and we're not going to be able to afford that. Meanwhile, there's been armies of scientists attempting to find battery chemistry significantly better than lithium and they're getting nowhere. Having a Tesla at its going price does the guy working for $50K a year absolutely no good, and yes, he HAS to have auto transportation. That's how our society runs. We need cars, we need trucks, we need those ships and planes. There's nothing we can do about until and unless we find the "magic" battery. The magic battery is cheap and high capacity and cheap and rugged enough for automotive use and cheap and recharges efficiently and maybe quickly (if it doesn't, we'll exchange it for a charged one) and cheap and light enough for automotive use and cheap and small enough for automotive use. And cheap. We don't have that battery. We many never have that battery because it may not be possible to build it.

One thing's for damned certain, this is going to be solved in a laboratory or not at all. It won't be solved by some government making fossil fuels expensive. That will not make the magic battery magically materialize, it will only pauperize the citizenry and cast more and more people into poverty, killing millions. What's more dangerous than smoking? Living in poverty is more dangerous than smoking. Smoking will take 7 years off your life. Living in poverty is worth 10 fewer years due to things like not being able to afford the best medicine, not being able to live in a house and dying of exposure or criminal activity while living on the street, not being able to afford enough food, etc. Politicians can force us to live on the street, but they can't solve using fossil fuels with any law. We have to burn them just to survive.

Those that are scared silly for the future have 1 option, and it isn't marching up and down Pennsylvania Avenue with a sign, sandals, and long hair. It is to get their PHD in electrochemistry and maybe one in materials science, get their butts into a lab somewhere, and invent for us the magic battery. THEN we can use all those wonderful solar and wind electric plants to do trucks, ships, and airplanes as well as cars. Again, the magic battery may be impossible. If so, we're going to have to get good at geo-engineering, something that also is not going to be solved by some tax or law or anything, but in a laboratory.

Comment I Wanna Watch (Score 1) 115

Distractions? H no, if its not such a big deal as to require a general anesthetic, then I want to watch in as much detail as possible. Open heart surgery or maybe a prostatectomy? Nope, too big a deal, and would trigger unhelpful actions if they went wrong 'cuz that'd scare me, but, say, surgery to repair broken bones, or remove something not in vital organ areas, yeah, I wanna see...

Comment Re:Basic Income Now (Score 1) 91

The best thing we could do is to pass the Fair Tax, which completely abolishes ALL the income taxes. Income taxes are ALL, even in the tiniest amounts, harmful to prosperity. Income taxes are the 2nd worst mistake this country has ever made, 2nd only to slavery. Hopefully it won't take another war to get rid of them too. We could be the manufacturing center of the world under the Fair Tax.

Comment Re:Good riddance. (Score 1) 91

It helps me get motivated when I get to the health club and make the final decision between "let's do it" and "too tired." Being 69 years old, "too tired" wins too often. But stringing consecutive days of blue-colored bars on the graph of my Vivofit 3 software, that signify my goal of 10,000 steps is motivation enough most of the time - I want to see 7 straight achievements of "goal" each week. If I get it, I might just lose an ounce or 2. Goal requires about 1200 calories on the elliptical, done in about an hour and 20 minutes. 9 hrs and 20 minutes of exercise a week makes my heart really strong, too, enough to survive dual pulmonary emboli a couple years ago that 3 medical people told me would have killed me except for my heart being as strong as it was. So far, my strategy of living forever thru exercise is working, and I've won round 1.

Now to get out of the car and go into Sport and Health and get on the elliptical...

Comment Re:Good riddance. (Score 1) 91

Yep, they suck. They are NOT waterproof as initially advertised, and go tits up when wearing in the wet. The bands suck because they fall off your arm randomly, and 2 of them I had simply stopped working after a few months. I finally got a Garmin Vivofit 3 and so far, so good. It is 6 months or so old, and has worked fine. Like the Fitbit software a bit better, but not enough to put up with having to keep buying new ones all the time.

Comment Re:Want to Fix This? (Score 0) 114

You can pretend to tax corporations all you want, but no business has ever, or will ever, pay a penny of tax. They COLLECT taxes. The gov't demands a tax, and the business raises their prices, lowers or fails to raise the wages of employees, and curtails stock dividends to pay the tax. In each case - customers, employees, or stockholders, all those people taxed are US, and not the corporation. The corporation, or business, doesn't pay a penny of tax. We do. Until we wake up and see the truth of this sort of taxation, our politicians will continue to harm our corporations and we will not prosper.

Comment Re:Want to Fix This? (Score 1) 114

Nothing's perfect, but your method of saving for retirement, with after-tax money in a bank, is rare. Most people save with pre-tax money in some vehicle like a tax-exempt retirement account. Those get taxed as the money is withdrawn. Under the Fair Tax, if you have a 401K with a million or 3 in it, you can withdraw money from it with no tax taken out, no matter if you withdraw a little or a lot.

As for savings accounts, the Fair Tax does not tax the interest on them. If you have a million or 3 in the bank, and you've got the right bank so you're making 5% - 10%, then right now, that $$$ is taxed by the income taxes. The Fair Tax does not tax that money. My buddy has a savings account with, if I remember right, a 5% interest rate. If you have $3M in the bank for retirement, you'd be pulling all $150K / yr out at 5%, without the gov't dinging you 30% of the $150K for income taxes.

PLUS, in the environment of a booming economy like the Fair Tax would create, the interest rates on your savings would increase. Remember when ordinary bank accounts had interest rates of 4% - 5%? I do. Those days would come back under the Fair Tax. CD's and other savings instruments would be higher interest rates. That's because with all the building of factories and money moving freely, more people will be borrowing money for everything from new cars to home improvements. That money has to come from somewhere, and the banks will get it from your savings account. They will be able to lend more money and pay you some of the interest they collect. Win-win. I think you'll do OK under the Fair Tax with your savings account.

Comment Re:windmills on top of skyscrapers (Score 1) 119

Give the finger to oil? Describe how to use a wind turbine to power an 18 wheeler down the road, or a ship across the ocean. You might, with a massive effort, hang enough catenary wire to power locomotives with grid electricity, but by and large, the transportation industry is unable to use wind and solar until someone invents a MUCH better battery. They're trying like hell to do that, and they're not getting much of anywhere, at least not with anything remotely affordable. We may never get that battery.

Comment Want to Fix This? (Score 2, Informative) 114

Ireland's main claim to fame is a 12.5% corporate income tax. That's why myriad American companies are there at all.

Want to fix that? Pass the Fair Tax. Among the Fair Taxes' many beneficial changes would be the complete lifting of corporate income taxes. That would make the USA the newest, bestest corporate tax haven on the planet. Corporate executives would injure themselves in the stampede to build factories and move corporate headquarters to the USA. Our financial problems would be a thing of the past. We would be the richest, most prosperous nation on the planet by a wide margin. The reason we're not achieving our full potential right now is that the 2nd worst mistake this country has ever made, right behind slavery, is the income taxes. The Fair Tax abolishes _all_ the income taxes - individual, corporate, payroll, gift, estate, self-employment, capital gains, etc. etc. The IRS, and any tax based on income, is abolished. Only NEW items sold at retail, and services sold at retail are taxed. Tuition is exempt because it is really an investment. The Fair Tax may not make you rich - you still have to do that yourself - but doing it will get a lot easier under the Fair Tax as compared to under the income taxes.

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