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Comment OS? (Score 4, Insightful) 227

The OP doesn't mention which OS he's on - the tools he mentions both run across multiple OS's. Would be helpful to know. I know as a group we probably assume some form of Linux but..... I use MS Home Server at the house to back up my family's multiple Windows machines. Runs on crappy hardware, does incrementals on a schedule, allows file level or bare metal restore, keeps daily/weekly/fulls as long as I ask it to. I know we aren't a Windows friendly crowd but this product does exactly what it promises and does it pretty well.

Comment Find out if the company is viable (Score 1) 569

I know most of the readership here are coders and the like, and so a lot of the questions are from that perspective, but since so many of us interview with pre-IPO or venture capital funded companies its important to find out if the company is doing well or has a future, especially if you are looking at stock options as part of your compensation (or as a lottery ticket...) I found this blog entry useful.- http://www.mint.com/blog/how-to/guy-kawasaki-startup-tips/ You may not want to go into this level of detail but it gives you a sense of the kinds of questions that are fair game. These may not be first interview questions (as commented elsewhere first interviews are just to make the short list), however its reasonable for you to inquire about a private company's finances if you are throwing your lot in with them.

Comment Re:Re "RAID is not backup"... and some solutions. (Score 1) 611

RAID is an availability play. Backups of data that you consider at all valuable (family photos, financial records, etc) should be on write once data or offline. Many of the posts here refer to issues around physical drive failure, but its important to consider data corruption (intentional or unintentional) All of these data replication suggestions are, like RAID, availability plays. You need to have static point in time snaps or copies; or deltas from which you can recreate points in time; to be able to recover from a data disaster. Its great that you are using rsync to replicate your kids first birthday photos to a box somewhere else, but if that folder gets corrupted you are now replicating that corruption. You are now the proud owner of two sets of useless data and the endless crying from the spouse that inevitably accompanies such.

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