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Comment Re: Par for the course (Score 1) 407

Yep. I can't believe I had to resort to a third-party utility to just search for a file! WTFF

I think a related MS-Evil feature is that deleting Cookies, Temporary Internet Files from Internet Options still leaves hundreds of cookies and files. I don't get it. Why? I have to log on with a separate account on that machine to delete the folders.

Comment Re:What have we become (Score 0) 388

Shirley you have been paying attention. We have become a culture of weaklings unable to handle their emotions. The next World War will be caused by someone who can't handle them. Related is laws to prevent people being offended. WTFF It's really pathetic that the next world war will arise from people unable to deal with their emotions. :(

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 360

I, too, was a Windows user since 3.11 WFW but mostly for games since I discovered and used OS/2 for my non-gaming computing (and later Linux). I liked Windows XP because my Gravis Exterminator force feedback worked but I upgraded to Windows 7 because Battlefield 3 and DX9. But now I am Windows-free! I talked about ditching Windows since way back in the day but this time is different and I said, "No thanks." Yeah!!!!!!

Comment Re:Amazing ... (Score 1) 212

It seems to me that Microsoft has no idea why people have been buying their products this whole time.

It looks to me that the current people weren't there in the 90s and 00s so they don't know how Microsoft got to be so popular: by eliminating choice. They seem to think that people specifically wanted Windows instead of getting Windows because that's what came with the computer because Microsoft killed other options like OS/2 and BEOS.

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