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Comment Duty of Care (Score 1) 417

K-12 schools have a duty of care to their students, so this is just a case of them protecting themselves. Being your own device, you're still able to bypass your school - just remove the certificate and run through a 3G connection. Right or wrong, as an IT consultant who works with this type of technology in schools on a daily basis, your school management and parents will likely agree with these measures under the guise of protecting you.

Submission + - The Ethics of Exam Dumps

rail writes: My employer recently asked me to sit an exam based on the knowledge acquired from an exam dump. I have no prior knowledge on this subject area and I will be requested to use my new "skills" immediately. Is this common practice in IT based organisations and has your employer every requested this from you? I'm disappointed in my company and find myself in an ethical dilema.

Submission + - Grindr Vulnerabilities Exploited (

rail writes: The founder of popular location-aware gay "dating" App — Grindr — has been pushed into a security crisis after vulnerabilities were discovered allowing an imposter to gain access to another user's account. Is this the price of convenience in today's connected world?

Original Article:

An analysis of Grindr's vulnerabilities:

Submission + - Nerdy Places to Visit (

rail writes: I was recently looking nerdy places to visit while a friend was in town. Other than a few websites that were 5 years out of date, and had very specific information on other areas only — I found nothing. I've started a world-wide website at, and I would like to know what places Slashdotters like to visit in their spare time.

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