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Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 257

Well yes, you are clearly not seeing the point. This is not about dating. This is about creating a massive user base (as Facebook has) to sell ads or whatever comes into the mind of the company. I see two possible outcomes of this. Since Facebook is considering this data public (and now it will post your address and phone number like in a phonebook) they will not be able to do anything about it (and they will probably don't care). However, this is what gives Facebook the money so now you don't have to rely on just Facebook having this information (if you are a big company looking for the user base to spam or sell, doesn't matter how you call it).

Submission + - uTorrent Linux Server Released, Client Coming Soon (

raicesrasta writes: Earlier this year BitTorrent Inc. promised they would release a Linux client this summer, and today they are one step closer to achieving that goal. The company just released uTorrent Server for Linux, a daemonizable 32-bit binary of the uTorrent core, suited to those familiar with running programs from the command line. A full Linux client is expected to follow in the coming weeks.

Comment Re:Bad, Bad Idea (Score 1) 495

" That shows that management is manipulative hiring a guy to to a job but then over time they can get job b, c and d as well for free. " That shows that you let yourself be managed. Managing is all about manipulation, so yes management is manipulative. If you are hired to build a shed, and by the end you build a mansion, it's because you chose to. I think it's too late for a raise now. Stick to the other suggestions. Next time, as soon as you are told to do something you were not hired for, then ask for a raise. In the end, they are supposedly paying you what you were hired for, and if you are going to do something else, they should pay for that too.

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