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Comment Re:About time (Score 1) 494

Exactly right. My often repeated favorite train of thought is that words have no power you do not give them.

If I say hookadookie is a racist slur that demeans Joe Red neck I have given that word no power. But if Joe Redneck accepts that definition and allows his emotions to say that word is painful/harmful to him then he has empowered the word.

Words are a conceptualization, as such they have no power.

Comment Re:Legalization (Score 1) 647

This could go a long way towards treating other drugs like alcohol for driving purposes. One of the major roadblocks in legalization was no field test for driving while impaired.

The sad thing is that the way alcohol is treated makes no sense. Statistics show that the overwhelming majority of accidents caused by drinking are caused by people with BACs of 0.15 or higher. Instead of paroling the roadways looking for these drivers (who are usually swerving all over the road -- how many times have you seen this with no police anywhere to be seen?) the police tend to sit outside bars and pull everybody over, looking for those who blow a hair over 0.08.

Part of the reason for what you say above is simple, the human body only absorbs alcohol so fast. A person with a 0.08 now could have a .15 in 20 mins. Better nab them too early than too late.

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