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Comment Re:I'm surprised it took so long (Score 2) 183

I don't think you're being very fair to Amazon, their warehouses have had lots of automation prior to Kiva, conveyor, sorters, put walls, etc. I think the thing you aren't considering is that an Amazon warehouse has many many skus with few picks per sku per day. As you should know, this kind of sparse picking is a challenge to automate cost effectively. Sure they could have put in other goods to man solutions, but they would have spent more than paying humans, Kiva is a better fit for their problem space.

Comment Re:HANA (Score 1) 19

Column store, highly compressed, highly parallel, optimized for large non-aggregated data set usage, sql extensions to simplify coding/consumption. The idea (and from what I read it sounds like they are succeeding) was to create a very high performance db that allows using large sets of non-aggregated OLTP data in real time thus reducing or eliminating the need for a separate data warehouse.

Comment Re:In Other News... (Score 1) 192

Ideally users should be able to install and make use of any tool that allows them to achieve their goals without causing problems for the organization. We happen to live in an environment that requires more caution than that due to immature systems (systems that are insecure and have brittle dependencies), but the ideal is not self-entitled, it's efficient and optimal.

Comment Re:What's changed since '92 in this regard? (Score 1) 347

No, not bullshit. I'm not sure where the disconnect is but you don't seem to be following: tax service companies like Vertex handle all of your "50 states" and "tens of thousands of taxing districts" - I've used them on many projects that required sales tax calcs tied to catalog/retail/online sales systems.

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