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Comment Re:Seems about right (Score 1) 160

So, even though 90% of the company runs on open source software, you still need 60% of the workforce to deal with the proprietary software.

The biggest and most complex piece of application software most companies run is their ERP system(s), which doesn't really have an open source alternative except for at the smallest levels.

Comment If we walk out that door, we are not coming back.. (Score 2) 47

...seriously, you'll regret it, you're going to miss us...there is no way we will be back...once we are gone we are gone! not coming back, no way...this is your last chance...don't make a decision you'll regret....I mean it man...we're part way to Arizona's going to be great down there...they really like us down there...we're not kidding, we'll go through with this...

Comment Re:speech synthesis vs "artificial intelligence" (Score 1) 46

"3rd, so far so called "artificial intelligence","machine learning", are dumb algorithms." - Sure, but so are the algorithms that we use in our brains for object recognition and speech synthesis etc. If we ignore consciousness for a minute, all of this stuff is just very complex function approximation, whether google does it or your neurons do it.

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