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Comment Penn and gamification (Score 0) 98

It's worth noting that the University of Pennsylvania is making the societal implication of games this year's "academic theme." The summer reading book for freshmen is Jane McGonigal's "Reality is Broken." This is something that they, as a university, are paying a lot of attention to, not just a buzzword to them.

Comment VCs (Score 0) 179

Who gave these guys who have only been around for a few short years $112 million? Who valued a startup at $1 billion?

Don't these people know that they're going to lose their money? The popularity of any of these services is incredibly ephemeral.One thing goes wrong and no one ever forgets.

Comment Git is not my favorite, but it beats SVN (Score 0) 442

Subversion is so annoying to use that it boggles my mind. You have to be incredibly deliberate in your workflow or you're screwed.

Intermediate stages before pushing to a server are a boon for the clumsy and hasty like me. I often instinctively run the last command when I want to test a program, and sometimes it's not `python`, but `svn ci -m "blah blah blah"`. In Git, as with many other DVCSs, local commits (and the ability to change commits after the fact) ameliorate this issue. Also, the ability to be able to work and snapshot your progress as you go even while offline is incredibly useful.

There's also a lot more about svn that can be annoying. For instance, the output of `svn log` is not paged by default, so all you get is a massive info dump with absolutely nothing usable because your terminal can only hold so much output history. This is especially frustrating over ssh.

Basically, while svn is definitely my favorite client-server VCS, it still has a lot of problems and is far less safe and simple than Git or another DVCS.

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