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Linux Business

Submission + - A Linux embedded tiny Web server for SMS and MMS (

Davide Cantaluppi writes: "After one year from the release of SMS FoxBox, I'm proud to announce its evolution, the MMS FoxBox ! MMS FoxBox aims to be a new way of publishing content on the web.
Think how nice will be to populate your site with photos coming from users mobile phones! MMS Box does NOT require any mobile phone configuration change on users devices, all you have to do is just send a standard Multimedia message!

The box includes all features availables on SMS foxbox plus full MMS receiving capabilities! MMS receiving is completely "free", this means that your AIR carrier normally does not charge anything for MMS receiving.

MMS FoxBox tiny-web Server for MMS/SMS management
MMS FoxBox is a tiny Linux-based server/gateway to receive MMS, send and receive SMS messages, using a commercial SIM card. MMS FoxBox can works as a WEB server with a full features web interface to manage MMS and SMS or as a TCP/IP gateway to integrate MMS and SMS with mail servers, ftp clients, SQL servers, desktop and network applications.

Now is time to get deeper inside the new amazing features offered by this appliance.
* Full MMS receiving and decoding capabilities
* Easy reply to each received MMS by SMS
* Multimedia contents are automatically decoded into WEB suitable formats as JPEG, GIF and PNG
* All messages will be avilable trough WEBDAV and FTP as REALLY documents, so that you can post-elaborate all media contents as you prefer
* Stunning WEB 2.0 interface, deployed using the most advanced web technology
* Custom applications support gives you the ability to create Games and Contests trough MMS
* Fast MMS download trough GPRS connection

MMS FoxBox includes a GSM quad band modem, a SD/MMC memory card to store the messages (up to 2 million of SMS or 20.000 MMS with the default 1GByte card) an Apache Web server and a SQL lite database to manage and store the MMS/SMS queues.


* Linux embedded OS 2.6.x
* 100MIPS 32bit RISC CPU
* Apache embedded web server
* SQLite embedded SQL server
* Fully customizable software with PHP, C and Bash coding
* Quad band GSM modem with external antenna with 2.5mt cable lenght
* Up to 30 incoming SMS/min with a common SIM card
* 1GB internal MMC/SD card to store up to 2 millions of SMS (about 160 chars lenght) or 20K MMS (about 40KB messages lenght).
* 100% solid state in just 105x110x45mm
* Fully featured Web interface for MMS and SMS management
* Expandable set of gateway functions
* BIS Module for failover, using 2 appliances for backup. Useful on mission critical environments.
* 2 USB ports to store messages on external USB Pen or USB Hard Drives
* Internal clock with backup battery and NTP support
MMS FOX BOX is powered by foXServe

Functions available on the Web interface
* Read and write messages
* Make pools
* Phone book management
* Make message broadcasting
* Make message processing
* Define user access profiles
* Configure the system
* Integrated editor for event scripts
* All pages are customizable with XSL and CSS style sheet

The MMS FoxBox Software is developed by KDEV (KDEV), a Davide Cantaluppi company on Acme Systems Hardware"

United States

Submission + - Soldier of the Future Goes to War

An anonymous reader writes: Land Warrior, the Army's wearable electronics package, was panned earlier this year by the troops who were testing it out. They were forced to take the collection of digital maps and next-gen radios to war, anyway. And now, Wired's Noah Shachtman reports from Iraq, those same soldiers are starting to warm up to their soldier suits of the future.

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