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Comment Re:Security (Score 1) 348

Smart phones have a high concentration of information about us that, individually may seem innocuous but when looked at on the whole can tell volumes.

One odd example of that was after I read a H.P. Lovecraft story on my phone's ereader application ("The Shunned House" https://www.gutenberg.org/eboo... ) the text message autocomplete had become seeded with the words H.P. Lovecraft used.

Comment Re:"[I]f we do nothing to resist" (Score 2) 348

If you want to fight them the checkpoint is the wrong place since they have all the power and will win every time. They have you by the balls figuratively and sometimes literally. You have people that are supposed to represent your views in Washington and those people control the payroll for the TSA - they are the ones you should be talking to if you want to pick a fight with the TSA.

Comment Re:Attack Software (Score 1) 348

So what happens when travelers start carrying attack hardware & software that bites back

They get thrown in a cell and get the utter shit beaten out of them by half a dozen guys while the report says something about falling down some stairs.
We are not talking about professional law enforcement here remember but one step below mall cops.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 436

No, I'm waiting for the stuff about the kiddie fucking cocaine parties associated with his teen beauty contests comes out. I think we'll have to wait until after he is dead.
A bit of urine from consenting adults is one thing, kiddie fucking with his friend Epstein (now in prison - maybe if he wasn't so stupid as to send roses to a student at her high school he wouldn't be inside) is many times worse.
There are thousands of reasons to reject Trump without considering watching streams of slavic urine (or even the far more disturbing kiddie fucking claims).

Comment Re:The real question... (Score 1) 436

Oh, it's unlocked and running custom firmware allright

If we had time travel and really wanted to mess with people in the past we could send back a newspaper headline to 1990 that says:
"President Trump Rooted his Android"

It's the future! We've got hoverboards and androids but they are not what we expected from the name.

Comment Re:Why so many leftists? (Score 1) 436

I disagree - Trump doesn't appear to have any use for Christianity outside of campaigning so I don't think he really cares about the religion of Jared and his daughter.
I've forgotten the name of the guy that ran the Church that Trump used to go to infrequently, but he wrote bestselling self-help books and preached the "prosperity gospel" (ie. God hates the poor that's why they are poor). It's not what most people outside of that bubble would recognize as Christianity.

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