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Comment Re:Tell Me About It.... (Score 4, Informative) 336

The offered machine may be a bit better than the one it's replacing, but most software has got a lot heavier in the intervening time. In terms of what's being asked of it, the replacement is worse.

The vast majority of defective machines have better specs than the replacement machine. A 3 year old laptop with a dual-core 2.2 GHz processor (AMD Turion 64 x2 TL-64 processor in many of the defective machines) is still faster than a single-core 2.3 GHz processor (AMD V140 in CQ56). Moreover, the replacement lacks just about every feature present on the defective machines (the CQ56 doesn't even have a webcam).

Comment Re:Summary is misleading (Score 1) 336

The settlement agreement stated "similar in kind AND value." The defective HP laptops were sold as recently as April 2009 and the lawsuits against HP/NVIDIA were filed as early as September 2008.

You're right that defective laptops aren't worth much; but, if these laptops were working, I'm sure that a laptop with a dual-core 2.2 GHz processor will be perfectly usable for at least several more years. Most of the computers in this class action suit broke after less than 2 years.

Comment Re:Summary is misleading (Score 2) 336

Not true - the bait is the settlement agreement stating that members would receive "a replacement computer similar in kind and value." Class members had the option of opting out prior to the settlement agreement being accepted. If too many class members opted out, the case would not be given class action status. Class members who accepted the "bait," gave up their rights to sue HP and NVIDIA. The switch came 2 months AFTER the end of the opt-out period, so those of us unhappy with the replacement computer have no recourse.

Comment Re:Summary is misleading (Score 1) 336

Of course they are giving you the absolute cheapest thing they can get away with. Only if a judge says otherwise will they offer anything better.

You're right - I definitely thought that they would give out the absolute cheapest thing that they can get away with. I never thought a computer almost 50% slower, 68% fewer pixels, and missing ~11 accessories that are on mine, would be considered similar in kind OR value. There are thousands of claimants with similar computers (the whole dv9xxx series and all of the HP Pavilion Tx1xxx), so it's not like I'm the only person with a high performance laptop.

Comment Re:Could be worse... (Score 1) 336

You still have the option of suing NVIDIA in a small claims court or being a member of a (hopefully more successful) class action lawsuit. Since the CQ56 replacement computer was not announced until 2 months after the opt-out period, the HP class members never had the option of opting out once they learned of the replacement model. Many HP owners have successfully sued HP and/or NVIDIA in small claims courts and won judgements from $1K to $2K.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 336

The lawyers (chief counsel is Milberg LLP) walked away with 13 million dollars. However, they could have opened themselves up to lawsuits by submitting false claims to the court. Off the top of my head,
- they falsely said that HP owners had the option of getting their laptops fixed
- their expert, Dr. Nader Bagherzadeh from UCI, made multiple incorrect claims in his expert declaration which Milberg ignored, even after being informed of the mistakes
- they actually fought Ted Frank's action, who was trying to get their clients a better computer
- they modified the settlement website with new language after Ted Frank filed a motion (changing "similar in kind and value" to "similar in kind or value")
- the settlement administrator falsely told every one who called that the court approved the CQ56 replacement computer and that it could not be changed

Comment Re:Opt out of class (Score 2) 336

Unfortunately, many of us liked the terms of the settlement that said "new laptop of similar kind and value," and choose to not opt out. The CQ56 wasn't selected until mid-February - 2 months after the opt-out deadline. Now we lost our right to file a claim against either NVIDIA or HP. Lesson learned: vagueness in settlement agreements is NOT accidental.

Comment Re:Summary is misleading (Score 1) 336

Even the cheapest 17" laptops go for over $500. These computers were top-of-the-line 3 years ago, and, while they are no longer high-end, they still are much better performing and have many more extras than new budget computers. Compare the AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-64 processor (1054 passmark score) in some of the originals to the AMD V140 processor (674 passmark) in the CQ56-115DX.

Comment Re:Summary is misleading (Score 1) 336

While the settlement agreement did say "similar kind and value," Ted Frank was only arguing for a feature-by-feature comparison where the new laptop should be at least as capable as the original one. The replacement laptop is neither of similar kind (17" != 15", single-core != dual core, etc.) nor value (try to find a 17" dual-core laptop for $279).

Comment Re:Summary is misleading (Score 1, Informative) 336

There is definitely a large range of laptops affected by this settlement - I highlighted 2 of the higher-end models (which represent a sizeable portion of the class). Many of those models failed within a year and HP just replaced the failed GPU with an equally defective GPU. So it's not really fair to compare the laptop based on age or resale value - a fair analysis should solely based on specs.

The settlement agreement said that HP claimants would receive "a replacement laptop of like or similar kind and equal or similar value." I own a 17" dual-core 1.8GHz dv9000 with 1680x1050 and a lot of accessories. Based on the settlement agreement, I didn't expect to get a new $2000 17" HP Envy laptop. I expected to get a ~$450 17" laptop that perhaps had some features my laptop lacked, but was missing some of the features my laptop had. I was surprised when NVIDIA picked one model to replace all of the laptops, and I was shocked to find that that model was the cheapest laptop that Best Buy sells. So the bait is a "laptop of equal of similar kind and value" and the switch is a laptop that is significantly slower and has almost none of the features contained in the original laptops: dual-core processor, 17" display, webcam, HDMI, firewire, Bluetooth, light-scribe DVD-RW, expansion port, stereo microphones, 4 USB ports, modem, remote control, number pad, dual headphone jacks.


Submission + - NVIDIA Gets Away With Bait-and-Wwitch (pointoflaw.com)

racquetballguy writes: As part of a December 2010 settlement agreement, NVIDIA agreed to provide all owners of laptops with a defective NVIDIA GPU with a laptop of similar kind and value. In February, NVIDIA announced a $279 single-core Compaq CQ56 would be provided as a replacement to all laptops — from $2500 dual-core tablet PCs to $2000 17" entertainment notebooks. Ted Frank, from the Center for Class Action Fairness, filed an objection to the court, which was overruled by Judge Ware today. Once again, the consumers of a class action lawsuit lose.

Submission + - Nvidaq Settlement goes bad (nvidiasettlement.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Letters to the lawyers expressing displeasure with the replacement being provided. Please publish this to help us get the word out.
To Whom it May Concern,

        I am a class member who has followed and waited patiently for the outcome of The NvidiaGPU case. I was
deeply concerned when we were asked to sign on to the settlement without a specific remedy other than
"an HP notebook computer of like or similar kind AND equal or similar value" would be provided. I chose to stay in the class with the expectation that the terms of the settlement would be adhered to. However months after the opt out period, it came to light that the replacements were not only not HP computers, but were far inferior to the originals. I was told, as were many others, that depreciation was a factor in this decision. When in fact the settlement documents Do Not mention Depreciation or pro-ration.

      Many of the class members have experienced Identified problems from very early on in their ownership of these computers only to have HP deny for years there was a problem until the warranty ran out. I have serious unaddressed concerns about how and what criteria is being used to determine what replacement will be given to class members given the variety of affected models as provided for in the settlement. As of this writing only two models are being offered in a one size fits all approach. I have written both councils without a reply asking for them to reconsider the replacements. Phone calls to both Milburg LLC and the Settlement administrator at the beginning of the claim period, assured me for a month that a decision was forthcoming on upgrading the replacements, during which all claims were halted, only to find out the decision on the replacements stood as it was. This was an incredible waste of time and a stalling tactic to shorten the claim period. In all fairness, I think the claim period should be extended an equal amount of time. I am not asking for the terms of the settlement to be changed, I am only asking that the parties involved comply with Judge Ware's order as it was written.

      Below is a petition with One Hundred Fifty Nine e-signatures expressing displeasure with the proposed Replacements. I have obtained permission from the owner of the petition to include them here in its original form. As I have sent this to many Parties Involved and not yet involved, should you have any questions please respond to the sending email address and I will get back to you as soon as time permits.


          and many other Interested Parties

NvidiaGPU Litigation Replacement Petition
        * Target: Class action settlement members affected by the Nvidia GPU litigation
        * Sponsored by:Matthew

petition is for those that have bought a defective laptop and are
included in the recent settlement made by the Nvidia Corporation. Many
of us have spent $1,000 or more on our laptop computer and, after 2-3
years of complaints of faulty hardware, a settlement has been made.
However this settlement replaces out laptop with a mere lesser-powered
computer worth less than half of our original product.

settlement states that owners of the defective product will "...receive a
replacement HP notebook computer... of similar kind and value as their
eligible malfunctioning notebook computer". Now, months after the
objections are able to be submitted, details are released that we will
be receiving a product at much less of a value than our original
defective unit.

This is not a settlement, we are getting a
cheaper product at an inflated cost. Please sign the petition and show
your support that we demand something of at least close to equal value
of our original purchase.

If this petition gains enough support,
i will have a website made to host this and continually gain in
interest. My current goal is 100 signatures. For every 50 signatures,
this petition will be mailed to the CEOs of both Nvidia Corporation and
Hewlett Packard to make our voices heard! Support now by signing!

weeks of waiting for the "changes" that were to be made to the
replacement models, they have finally settled that there will, in fact,
be no changes to the replacements. Approval forms are being received
every day, and many of you are starting to send in your defective units,
but it is not too late to take action! Sign this petition for them to
revise their replacement models and demand an actual, comparable model!
Instructions and addresses for the key people, as well as updates and
discussions, are posted here:

http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-pavilion-notebooks/541751-nvidia-class-action-fairness-hearing-tomorrow-almost-time-make-claim-30.html#post7114735 lessThis
petition is for those that have bought a defective laptop and are
included in the recent settlement made by the Nvidia Corporation. Many
of us have spent $1,000 or more on our laptop computer and, after 2-3
years of complaints of faulty hardware, a settlement has been made.
However this settlement replaces out laptop with a mere lesser-powered
computer worth less than half of our original product.

settlement states that owners of the defective product will "...receive a
replacement HP notebook computer... of similar kind and value as their
eligible malfunctioning notebook computer". Now, months after the
objections are able to be submitted, details are released that we will
be receiving a product at much less of a value than our original
defective unit.

This is not a settlement, we are getting a
cheaper product at an inflated cost. Please sign the petition and show
your support that we demand something of at least close to equal value
of our original purchase.

                                        Class action settlement members affected by the Nvidia GPU litigation

we signed "Nvidia GPU Litigation Replacement Petition
# 159
12:48, Feb 10, Ronald Graham, MI
have many issues with the settelement as that not only do I have a
laptop that blacks out does not connect to the internet and has numerous
repairs for these issues.
Now to find that I can either get the cost of repairs or a computer of a
lesser value as I see it the only person to have something of any value
from this would be the disinterested attorneys that carried the dollar
flag to the court house. to my knowledge where was my conerned interest
at heart.
# 158
07:10, Feb 10, Name not displayed, IN
think it is a shame that so many people are being offered clearly
inferior products for their TX series and DV9xxx series laptops. I have a
DV6xxx series, and while the proposal of a CQ56 is better than nothing,
I would like to know the specific details of the replacement computer
they are offering. Also, does the settlement not allow for different
tiers of replacement computers? Clearly the DV9 series w/ 17" screens
are more expensive than the DV6 series laptops. It does not seem fair
they are all being lumped together and being offered the same
replacement product.
# 157
01:06, Feb 10, Name not displayed, PA
have a 17" HP DV9000 computer that performs perfectly except for
problems with the NVIDIA chip (i.e. my computer takes several dozen
attempts to turn on). The computer they're trying to replace mine with
(the CQ56 as of 2/10/2011) is worse in every aspect. The most notable
difference is the the DV9xxx laptops have 17" screen, while the
replacements have a 15.6" screen with a MUCH lower resolution. The
replacement laptop is overall just a much cheaper entry-level laptop,
while my laptop was marketed as a desktop-replacement entertainment
laptop. The HP settlement says that we should get a replacement of
similar kind and value. The CQ56 is definitely not of like kind or
similar value.
# 156
20:09, Feb 09, Roger Straub, CT
official settlement site states that all affected HP laptops will be
replaced with a CQ50 which might be a satisfactory replacement for a
DV6058CL depending on how it is configured. The CQ50 Model is not even a
current offering from HP.
As an owner of 4 HP computers and providing support for other family and
friends computers, I am very unhappy with HP for not stepping into the
settlement in a more positive way. When the DV6058 was less than 4
months old the battery, mother board burned out and was replaced under
warranty when in fact it should have been recalled for safety reasons.
When the wireless failed to be recognized I was told that the mother
board would have to be replaced at a cost of $300-$400 and opted to use a
USB wireless instead. It is my opinion that the replacement computer
specified is not of equal kind and value as specified in the
settlement. What assistance will be offered to get my software
reinstalled on the replacement computer which likely cost more than the
value of the replacement.
# 155
16:29, Feb 09, Kevin Battle, MI
# 154
12:26, Feb 09, Christopher Vallowe, FL
I have a HP dv9xxx which I paid over 1200$ for, its a HD display 17" screen. I demand a more comparable replacement!!
# 153
08:03, Feb 09, Name not displayed, FL
March of 2007 I spent $2000 on a loaded tx1000 that I had use of for
barely 1 year. I experienced the obvious defect just outside the
warranty period and spent numerous hours trying to get HP to be
accountable for their product. Here we are 3 years later, and while the
lawyers in this settlement are sharing in 13 million dollars, they
failed to represent the class members in the final hours when they met
"and confer[ed] in good faith and agree[ed] on a suitable replacement of
like or similar kind or equal or similar value" as specified in the
agreement. 13 MILLION $, and they couldn't do the right thing to make
this more equitable!
# 152
20:10, Feb 08, Adam Cagle, TX
# 151
15:33, Feb 08, Mark Beamis, MA
too purchased a tx1320us with all the "bells and whistles", and the
proposed ASUS replacement is not even close to what I bought and paid
for. It's unbelieveable that such a product would even be proposed.
Nothing against ASUS netbooks, but I spent over $1,500 for a full
powered laptop, and I expect nothing less in return for all the
aggravation and anxiety this product put me through. I don't really
care who's at fault here, NVidia or HP, but I've told everyone I know to
not buy HP laptops. And I will continue to truthfully fill out every
survey from PC Magazine, Consumer Reports, etc., about the poor
reliability, poor customer service, and inferior product.
# 150
11:47, Feb 08, Name not displayed, MI
A NETbook is NOT a NOTEbook...
# 149
23:09, Feb 07, Michael Burke, KY
    And needing a proof of purchase from 5 years ago is crazy too. By the
serial numbers.. on the computers they know which ones were purchased.
Refund us NOW!
# 148
07:46, Feb 07, Kari S, MD
# 147
06:07, Feb 07, Kelly Scaletta, IL
I want to emphasize that we aren't asking the judge's order to be changed, merely enforced.
# 146
21:57, Feb 06, jacekrumwiede, ND
# 145
11:19, Feb 05, Sandra K, NJ
bought my tx1000 for over $1000 2 yrs ago...its completely shut!!! i'm
23 i saved up to buy this crap and now they want to give me somethign
worth $300!!! thats is crap.....PEOPLE IT DOESNT EVEN HAVE A HARD
DRIVE!!!!!! they are playing games with us HP need to recall this piece
of ****!!!!
# 144
09:14, Feb 05, Richard Gumpertz, KS
The CQ50 is not of similar value to my original HP computer unless you compute the value of the latter in its FAILED condition.
# 143
12:18, Feb 04, Name not displayed, SC
only did I purchase a TX1320US with all the bells and whistles, but I
purchased another Tx1000 series Laptop for my daughter. Unfortunately
after hers failed and we couldn't get it repaired we trashed it. Now we
can't get anything and this setlement wants to give me an inferior
product for the non working TX1320US.
# 142
11:14, Feb 04, David Erik Barsati, Sweden
# 141
01:16, Feb 04, Charles Frank, TX
spent upwards of $1500 on my HP TX1220us. It had all the
bells-&-whistles: 2.2 GHzAMD TL-64; 12.1" WXGA HD w/ integrated
Touchscreen; 200GB Hard Drive; Lightscribe 8X DVD+RW; Remote; 1.3mp
webcam; fingerprint reader; etc., etc., etc.; NOT TO MENTION ALL THE
SOFTWARE!: Windows Vista Home Premium; the FULL Office Suite; and SO
MUCH MORE!... I loved the computer for about a year and a half,
conveniently right after the warranty expires, the thing TOTALLY died on
me! It would turn on, but not boot up. Just a black screen and a
flashing cursur in the top left! Done!... I still have a half a semester
left in school, and I just lost everything! As a matter of fact, I
still don't have a computer to this day. Once I discovered that EVERYONE
else who bought similar model computers with the flawed "chips" had the
same thing happen, I have followed this class action case closely. I
was thrilled when I heard the judge approved the settlement, which
provided a "replacement HP computer" "of similar type and price." I
mean, still irritated about the huge inconvenience, and that it took
nearly two years of denials of known problems, but at least the system
worked, and restitution will be made. Honestly, I figured the term
"similar kind and price" would be interpreted loosely, and the
replacement wouldn't be quite as good as the flawed product I paid for.
But I was still happy. I felt like I would be extreemely happy with any
reasonable interpretation of that phrasing. After all, I don't have a
computer!... And then, just like so many of you out there, I find out
(after the judge agreed to the settlement) that either our class
counsel, MilbergLLP, or the Settlement Administrator, interpreted
"replacement HP laptop of similar kind and value" to mean an ASUS
netbook, that could hardly be considered a computer, and won't begin to
meet my needs or "replace" my TX! Any way I figure it, some party, that
was supposed to be acting on behalf of OUR best interests, decided this
ASUS, that The Geeks sell for barely over $200 (and surely less in
bulk), was a "fair" "replacement HP laptop" for our computers, several
of which cost close to $2000!... It's baffling really... But you know,
they made ABSOLUTE CERTAIN that the settlement's garuntee of their $13+
mill, PLUS expenses, be upheld. That is an aweful lot of money, but I
suppose they did do a great job reaching a fair settlement and getting
the judge to approve it. The problem is, they seem to have forgotten
what that settlement entailed... Either that, or that big salary must
have just been enough...
# 140
22:25, Feb 03, Matt M., CA
am very upset, I had purchased 2 DV9005US that were $1000 each. I feel
the statement that the CQ50 is similar is not a valid statement. Please
replace our defective units with a better model, or refund our full
amount of purchase.
# 139
13:50, Feb 03, Keith Barker, IN
paid $1399 for my HP TX1220. It was the one time in my life I decided
not to get the cheapest laptop I could find. It worked reasonably well
for a year and then began having problems. I submitted it 4 times on its
extended warranty until the warranty finally ran out. I was excited to
hear about this settlement until I figured out what "similar in kind and
value" actually meant. Now my choice is keep my crappy laptop that I
paid $1400 for or settle for what . . . a cheap model. Thanks HP and
NVIDIA. I will NEVER buy your products again.
# 138
10:35, Feb 03, Mark Martin, IL
# 137
18:51, Feb 02, Name not displayed, MI
video at all, screen is dead, video out failure. Tried the keyboard
fix, no dice. I don't want an ASUS EEE netbook, I want an HP tablet!
# 136
18:32, Feb 02, Name not displayed, CA
6 months with my TX1000 the same problem arises: dead motherboard,
display defects, backlight issues. Now I'm not under my 3 year warranty
with Best Buy and I'd have to pay full price to fix problems that
shouldn't come with a $1700 laptop.
# 135
13:55, Feb 02, cesaralexander, CA
hp tx1000 stoped working same related issue as the rest of the people,
tx1000 piece of junk, i spen hundreds to try to repair it and finally
the say bad motherboard black screen issue
# 134
16:41, Feb 01, Kelly Small, AZ
I think they are too vague with the replacement. I want specs.
# 133
13:24, Jan 31, Phyllis hendrickson, CO
settlement is fradulant at best. I signed on to have my HP replaced
with like kind and value. This is not what I will get. I want a new HP!
Not something I have to immediately upgrade to have it perform.I spoke
with the settlement lawyers and they say nothing can change. The judge
won't do anything.
# 132
09:10, Jan 31, giulioantonioreina, Italy
XPS M1330. 4th MB changed, I want substitution of my laptop like HP,
not a sustitution with another MB that will crash again!
# 131
06:55, Jan 31, Jeff McGraw, CA
proposed replacements may be suitable to the least of the failed
computers; neither is even close to acceptable replacement for my failed
dv9000 ($3200) or my failed tx1410 ($1800).
# 130
01:50, Jan 29, Konstantin Kostov, GA
I bought the HP laptop in 2007 end is dead after using two yers . VIDEO PROBLEM
# 129
00:32, Jan 29, Weusi Emerson, GA
Shame on Nvidia. Not beautiful, what is being proposed. Nothing against Asus, but the replacement machine lacks terribly.
# 128
08:24, Jan 28, Name not displayed, TX
bought two HP laptops in 2007 and paid more than two thousands. Both
were dead after using one year and half. One is excluded in this
settlement with same video problem, why ? HP doesn't care these
problems. I had to buy other two computers, definitely not HP again. Now
I will receive a JUNK for the compensation. This is not business. This
is fraud.
# 127
02:42, Jan 28, Dan Roman, FL
beleive that this settlement does not live up to the original
settlement "language" about "like kind and value". Obviously, the
attorneys involved were so blinded by the dollar signs in their eyes
that they neglected to recall what was the original proposed settlement.
# 126
20:05, Jan 27, Dennis Ceolla, WI
$450 replacement Asus Netbook is not similar in any manner way shape or
form to my $1300 HP tx1320us. HP is trying to stick it to their
customers with the replacement deal. It sounds like Dell and Apple care
alot more about being fair to their customers than HP does. NVIDIA is
not controling this. They are being used by their customers to take the
fall and will be rewarded for it in the future.

# 125
10:45, Jan 27, Name not displayed, VA
have a 2500t with the SAME GPU CHIPSET but somehow this is excluded
from the settlement. I am having the exact same problems and my
expensive laptop has been a paperweight for almost a year now. I got
less than two years use out of it. Please add ALL of the models that
have these problems to the "approved" list for compensation.
# 124
10:31, Jan 27, Phil Jimenez, ID
tx1000 series laptop still works today but I paid a premium for it when
I purchased it, and have never enjoyed the experience. First off I
purchased it for use while I finished up my BS degree in school and with
the heat problem and the battery that doesn't last much more than an
hour it has been worthless for a classroom machine. Dragging a power
cord with me wherever I go should not be acceptable for a laptop.
# 123
06:58, Jan 27, Ronald Schneider, TX
not similar in kind or value — I have two dv9000 17" screen. I almost
feel that I have been duped into remaining in the class so that I may
not further sue HP...all the while expecting an adequate replacement.
# 122
06:38, Jan 27, Christopehr York, MI
have had 3 HP laptop all have the same issue one was a DV6 the next was
a Compaq presario C700 and Last was my Tablet Tx1000 never buying HP
Crap again!
# 121
20:04, Jan 26, Carl Overmyer, CA
settlement is pure BS, having spent almost $2000 with accessories for
this TX1219US and they expect a $500 netbook to make me happy after it
was bad almost right out of the box? NO WAY!
# 120
19:17, Jan 26, Name not displayed, CA
just cheap, but really cheap. Come on do we have to go through another
class action case to get a "real" replacement; not just a cheap
# 119
15:45, Jan 26, Name not displayed, CT
have an hp9700. My model number however, is not part of the final list.
After looking at the court documents the original said all hp dv9000
models were affected. The settlement ammendment chose a subset. However,
if originally all model where included, how (by what criteria) did they
exclude the other models? The ammendment should have stated a reason
for the exclusions. It does not. How could the judge accept that without
asking what evidence or proof was presented to, all of a sudden,
exclude a portion of the hp models?
# 118
14:24, Jan 25, Mary O, MD
can not believe they would do this. Replace my ~ $1000 laptop with a
$350 laptop. This is a black tie robbery. We would never let this
happen!!!! No way!
# 117
09:20, Jan 25, Name not displayed, NE
# 116
15:04, Jan 24, Chad Winward, UT
the casual observer (without extensive computer knowledge) can see that
the original terms of the settlement have clearly not been met. Though I
can't realistically expect a carbon copy of my original notebook, I
fully expect a COMPARABLE one. What I would like even more is to simply
have my original notebook repaired. This obviously does very little to
improve my already dim view of Nvidia corp and their products. I guess
all I can do is vote with my wallet, right?
# 115
00:26, Jan 24, Name not displayed, TX
those owners that are complaining that people are just claiming
"entitlement"..yes we are entitled to what we paid for. Several years
ago we paid for a level of service that we never received and therefore
under a settlement (for which we are entitled) we should get the
current, today's, level of service. If that means a better machine so
be it! Our use of the previous machine was severly limited or non
existent. We cannot go back in time and therefore cannot expect that we
have a machine that is the same as three years ago. The current market
value has been diminied by NIVIDIA and the manufacturing companies by
not acknowledging earlier and therefore they are to foot the bill for
their feet dragging.
# 114
23:08, Jan 23, Name not displayed, CO
EEE T101MT-EU17-BK notebook is not similar in performance or features
(e.g. display size, CPU speed, CD drive, docking ability, etc.).
# 113
18:01, Jan 23, SudhirDahal, MD
# 112
11:26, Jan 23, Cindy Klein, OH
    Judge Milian (of 'People'sCourt') and Judge Judy says- compensation
is supposed to make you whole again- nothing more and NOTHING LESS. I
want our court system to reinforce this and replace our defective HPs
with comparable ones. (As the settlement stated)
# 111
05:39, Jan 23, Michal Gontkiewicz, Poland
It's really not fair to replace 1.500 $ Laptop to 400$ NETBOOK ;/
# 110
02:35, Jan 23, Michael Quinn, TX
do these big companies cheat their customers? I paid $749 for my HP
laptop. Now it's being replaced by a cheap Compaq Presario CQ50 laptop
known to have all kinds of problems. I want a real replacement laptop.
Let's do something on national TV. HP and Nvidia are stupid to risk more
bad press. But they deserve bad press.
# 109
07:04, Jan 22, Name not displayed, MA
Spent over $1000, no video now.
# 108
05:52, Jan 22, Name not displayed, NJ
Spend around $1000. No wireless now. Very very hot when using even in winter.
# 107
22:57, Jan 21, Name not displayed, OR
Spent $1000 on one and $1300 on the other. Both have had problems since the beginning!
# 106
22:26, Jan 21, Ron Keating, LA
Spent $1400 for hi-end 12" Hi-res tablet PC that died after one year, now they want to replace with cheap Lo-res netbook.
# 105
18:02, Jan 21, Name not displayed, Canada
bought this computer approx. 2 years ago and was only able to use it
for a few months before it died, with the usual symptoms of overheating,
loss of wireless, and now a black screen.
# 104
16:56, Jan 21, Patrick wheeler, OH
TX1000z product
# 103
14:06, Jan 21, Tan Nguyen, WA
Paid over $1000 U.S. for dv2312us. CQ50, a considered replacement for this laptop is not acceptable...
# 102
12:51, Jan 21, Pat Paulson, MN
- $1700 purchase price in 2007. Motherboard replaced once on extended
warranty, died again. Currently only beeps when turned on.
# 101
09:08, Jan 21, Name not displayed, TX
bought a dv64nr for $975 and it's been nothing but headaches, even had
the motherboard replaced... A brand new HP laptop worth the same amount
or at the very minimum $700 is what I believe to be fair
# 99
22:05, Jan 20, Name not displayed, CA
# 98
20:28, Jan 20, Dan Geil, TX
Hp dv 9000, 17 in monitor, dule hard drive, light scrib cdrom, ecdt.
# 97
18:05, Jan 20, Name not displayed, KY
# 96
17:59, Jan 20, Carl Rosenstock, WI
# 95
12:21, Jan 20, Gary Monk, GA
an insult to be offered this netbook to replace my $1,000 HP notebook
tablet! Please offer something with a fair replacement value!
# 94
07:18, Jan 20, Mohamed AlthafHussain, India
have a TX1320US and F572US computer. Both the computers bought in USA
and have the No-video Symptom as indicted in the class action.

I truly believe that the replacement offered is totally not fair.
# 93
21:17, Jan 19, Tiffany Corley, FM
# 92
21:09, Jan 19, Tom Yates, AL
# 91
19:28, Jan 19, James Hayes, OH
# 90
19:18, Jan 19, Erick Barrios, NY
# 89
18:49, Jan 19, shasta 7, FL
have a DV9000 Entertainment center Computer and I would like to get
something similar not a out of production CQ50 with overheating problems
of its own
# 88
18:32, Jan 19, Richard Bruno, CA
I paid $1000 for my laptop and fell I deserve a replacement that is equal to the cost and features of what I purchased.
# 87
18:22, Jan 19, AnkitModi, OH
# 86
16:24, Jan 19, Name not displayed, NY
$980.00 computer to replaced with a $350 computer with 1/2 of what mine would of done
# 85
11:50, Jan 19, Name not displayed, MS
# 84
11:43, Jan 19, Name not displayed, MN
not a fair replacement of similar kind and value for what I originally
purchased. Pretty sure the replacement CQ50 computers suffer from a
different overheating defect as well. GG
# 83
09:52, Jan 19, Shanleigh Bond, TN
consider "we the people" and make this settlement fair to all . The
systems listed as replacements are no where near what we paid for and
what we NEVER got the satisfaction of having the "FULL" benefit of.
QUOTE: “I've Learned That People Will Forget What You Said, People Will
Forget What You Did, but People Will Never Forget How You Made Them
# 82
09:43, Jan 19, Name not displayed, NY
I deserve a proper replacement laptop
# 81
09:20, Jan 19, Dale Soelter, WA
The proposed replacement for my defective computer is very clearly NOT of similar kind OR value.
# 80
09:01, Jan 19, Maxim A, CA
Fair replacement for tx1000 would be HP touchsmart tm-2. Would also be useful in regaining customers' trust in HP products.
# 79
08:20, Jan 19, Isai Arenas, IL
I purchased 2 defective HP laptops tallying over $2300. This replacement settlement is NOT FAIR!!!
# 78
23:37, Jan 18, Nick Drieschman, CA
computer, a HP Pavilion DV9013cl is included in the NVIDIA settlement
and I, like many others am unhappy with the proposed replacement of my
notebook with a lesser model. My computer has a much larger screen, two
processors and was over 1400.00$ when new. The proposed replacement
computer is in my opinion inferior to my notebook and I would like it to
be replaced, as the settlement statement explains, with a computer "of
like kind and value". Thank you for your time.
# 77
20:34, Jan 18, Kenneth Leake, OK
paid over $1300 for my TX notebook. I realize it depreciates over the 3
years I have had it, but the performance of a "working" TX is still
greater then the "netbook" they want to replace it with. This is not
even close to comparable...
# 76
19:04, Jan 18, Ken Brown, UT
Optical drive, No dual core processor, No BlueTooth, Just a pathetic
toy of a netbook in place of a top of the line tablet PC. The Lawyers
get $13mil and the Consumer only gets $2mil, What's wrong here?
# 75
16:17, Jan 18, John Sunada, CA
is absolutely absurd. I actually use applications that can't run on
just 2GB of memory without dying. The replacement they are suggesting is
a joke.
# 74
09:01, Jan 18, Name not displayed, TX
is a JOKE.... the lawyers managed to make it through the court process
without naming specifically what the replacments were to consist of and
now they are finding literally the cheapest way out of this they can....
these replacements flat out DO NOT meet the requirements of the
# 73
08:47, Jan 18, Eric Wold, MI
very disappointed to hear of the replacement for my HP TX1000. It's a
smaller netbook with no dvd drive, no remote, weaker OS, and lesser
performance. How is that comparable?
# 72
10:55, Jan 17, VishalKhanapure, FL
am a software engineer and I need to run Visual Studio development
environment for programming. I won't be able to do that with the
replacement netbook and get good performance.
# 71
09:40, Jan 17, Adam Ward, KY
purchased the TX-1410us in December of 2007. It has all the listed
symptoms and is barely operable. I use this computer for my living as
an Electrical Engineer. The proposed replacement of the Asus netbook
will not allow me to perform the tasks I need to, like the HP TX-1410us
was able to do when it was still working. This would result in a
financial hardship since I would have to immediately buy another
computer that is able to perform my tasks.
# 70
16:30, Jan 16, May Howie, United Kingdom
# 69
22:46, Jan 15, Shizuka Snow, CA
# 68
21:28, Jan 15, bobby garcia, AZ
MY HP TX 1000 was about 1500 and it stopped working about two years ago. The product was junk.
# 67
20:31, Jan 15, NicklasPascetti, NM
replacement computer doesnt come close to what i initially payed for
# 66
14:25, Jan 15, charlesmclachlan, United Kingdom
# 65
07:56, Jan 15, WeutonMontemurro, FL
purchased in 2007 for $1500. It is a joke that they want to replace my
computer with a machine that has a third of its value and worse specs,
even if it's years ahead.

"The replacement HP notebook computer will be of similar kind and value
as their eligible malfunctioning notebook computer."
# 64
05:54, Jan 15, Justin Frodge, OK
# 63
21:48, Jan 14, Ryan Davis, SC
# 62
20:31, Jan 14, Coty Taylor, SC
spent $2000 on my laptop, the NETBOOK you're trying to replace it with
is 1/5 of the value. It seems to me that the fairness hearing didn't
really do what it's name suggests that it would do
# 61
19:19, Jan 14, BRAD CRUMP, KS
# 60
12:47, Jan 14, John Denbigh, WV
a TX1119us with remote control, LightScribe optical drive and
fingerprint recognition amoung other features. The Replacement computer
does not even come close to equaling my 4 year old computer.
# 59
11:19, Jan 14, Wilton Lopez, NM
am strongly against the decision to replace our TX1000s that cost at
least $1000 or more with Asus netbooks that don't come close in monetary
value or technical specifications. I sincerely hope these issues can be
# 58
08:57, Jan 14, Owen McGuire, NY
# 57
08:38, Jan 14, marthaleahy, MA
# 56
06:54, Jan 14, Patricia Geller, NY
# 55
06:22, Jan 14, Gerald Straight, OH
will not settle for a CQ50 as a replacement for My DV9420! If anything,
I will try to get my laptop fixed and file a claim for reimbursmentorf
repair charges.
# 54
23:17, Jan 13, Pam Boland, GA
# 53
20:26, Jan 13, James Vogel, UT
the settlement FAQ "The replacement HP notebook computer will be of
similar kind and value as their eligible malfunctioning notebook
computer." The ASUS is not an HP nor is it similar kind or value.
# 52
19:57, Jan 13, Name not displayed, MI
first thought this was a joke..a replacement that isn't anywhere near
the product it is supposed to replace?? I bought a tablet pc and you
want to replace it with a netbook?
# 51
# 50
19:14, Jan 13, Name not displayed, OH
tx1410us $1262.14
# 49
18:30, Jan 13, Name not displayed, Colombia
# 48
17:36, Jan 13, Name not displayed, CA
# 47
16:44, Jan 13, Sarah Smith, CA
# 46
16:42, Jan 13, Carla Compton, CA
# 45
15:38, Jan 13, Jeffery Sawn, IA
have contacted Ted Frank from Center for Class Action Fairness.

Today, Ted has email the counsel Jeff Westerman and Robert Varian,
asking them to provide a written explanation by the morning on January
18th 2011 about these replacement computers that we are being provided
in lieu of the defective HP laptops.

Please send Ted an email at tfrank@gmail.com to show your support and
join the initiative to get a fair replacement.

Also the following link is a useful link for discussing the settlement.

# 44
14:32, Jan 13, Name not displayed, NJ
# 43
12:28, Jan 13, David P, IL
am really mad that the original terms of us all signing on to this
settlement were that we would recieve a repacement that is similar in
value and type...I paid $1600 for my tx1000 and am supposed to be
content with a NETBOOK that is valued at only 25% of my purchase price?
Please dont replace my "BMW" with a "HYUNDAI"
# 42
11:55, Jan 13, Name not displayed, Canada
# 41
11:53, Jan 13, Name not displayed, South Africa
# 40
10:41, Jan 13, Helen Rowan, OH
# 39
10:14, Jan 13, Name not displayed, IL
# 38
10:01, Jan 13, Tori INACTIVE Wise, WA
# 37
09:42, Jan 13, Deanna Zimmerman, GA
how do you figure that this petition belongs under the umbrella of
POLITICS? This is a corporate issue. Why didn't you put it where it
belongs? Maybe you should consider moving this, if possible. If you
can't move it, then create a petition where it belongs. You might
actually get more signatures if you put it where it belongs.
# 36
08:22, Jan 13, Denise Hok, VT
# 35
06:52, Jan 13, bertoncoutinho, MI
# 34
06:38, Jan 13, Laura Parrondo, NY
# 33
05:21, Jan 13, ResurreccionVillaverde, Philippines
# 32
04:59, Jan 13, Mary Sanders, AL
# 31
03:49, Jan 13, Marvin Grantham, LA
# 30
03:30, Jan 13, STEVE KLEIN, VA
# 29
03:27, Jan 13, Shawn Campbell, MA
feel totally deceived and let down by this settlement. I invested good
money into my HP Tx1000 laptop and the ASUS replacement doesn't even
come close to 'similar in type or value' as stated by the settlement.
# 28
03:27, Jan 13, Manuel Davila, Spain
# 27
01:50, Jan 13, Carla Antunes, Portugal
# 26
01:07, Jan 13, Name not displayed, Australia
# 25
00:14, Jan 13, Rolf Karlsson, Sweden
# 24
23:23, Jan 12, Name not displayed, India
TX1000 replacement settlement petition
# 23
23:06, Jan 12, NeroshJaichand, South Africa
# 22
22:47, Jan 12, Mary Truelove, IN
# 21
21:23, Jan 12, Janice Brooks, PA
# 20
21:23, Jan 12, Carol Baldwin, CA
# 19
21:17, Jan 12, William Long, MD
asus net book is not a correct replacement a HP tablet is what we
bought. The asus has no optical drive no fingerprint reader, one half
the ram, no remote, and slow processor. I paid over $1500.00 for my tx
1000z and we expect a replacement of the same value.
# 18
19:51, Jan 12, Matt Millar, PA
# 17
19:40, Jan 12, TianjiZheng, FL
attorneys lured us to join the class lawsuit so that they can
succeed.But they need to keep their promise and follow the court's
order. An Asus netbook is barely "a similar kind or value" to our tx1xxx
# 16
18:36, Jan 12, L C Naderhoff, CA
# 15
18:34, Jan 12, Sarah Baker, IL
# 14
18:18, Jan 12, David Dunkleberger, PA
# 13
17:36, Jan 12, Amanda Benson, IA
# 12
17:28, Jan 12, Nicole Palmisano, IL
I am so very disappointed by this settlement. The netbook they are providing is nowhere near comparable the TX1000.
# 11
17:13, Jan 12, Daffy McGee, CA
# 10
17:10, Jan 12, JC Lopez, NY
# 9
16:35, Jan 12, Lynn Crandall, AZ
# 8
16:20, Jan 12, Eleazar Araujo, Venezuela
# 7
16:14, Jan 12, Michael Ising, OK
Dissapointed in my top of the line $1200 laptop being replaced with a cheap underpowered netbook.
# 6
16:09, Jan 12, randall furman, OH
# 5
15:25, Jan 12, Name not displayed, SC
# 4
15:16, Jan 12, Justin Lyons, TX
# 3
14:45, Jan 12, emilyplatt, Mexico
# 2
14:45, Jan 12, Paul Leonard, NC
# 1
14:40, Jan 12, SamiSignorino, IN

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