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Comment Re:You guys don't get it (Score 1) 339

This reply is to the first intelligent comment I've read on this thread. Truly, never before have I been so disgusted with my fellow male computer geeks. Do any of you actually talk to women? In the environment we create it's a wonder there's even 1.5% of females working on FOSS. Of course women choose not to be in tech, but not because they're not good at it. They choose not to be in tech because of the horrendous, entirely male-dominated environment. Programs like these are trying to give women a chance to escape from that environment without have to escape from tech entirely. A lot of people claim that women don't like tech because of biology. The deep flaw in this is the fact that individual characteristics will always triumph over small differences in biology. Remeber that the first programmer, Ada Loveleace, was a woman. Being good at something is not enough to make you do it. There needs to be an enjoyable environment as well. For women in tech, this environment is completely lacking. That is why in my graduating computer science class of 60-some people I can think of only two women. On the other hand, my graduating class in mathematics is about 40% female.

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