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Comment Re:But can you play Crysis on it? (Score 1) 286

And I knew a guy who could see the difference between 57fps and >60fps reliably (below 60fps looked "choppy" to him but glass smooth to the rest of us.

Well, most LCD refresh rates are 60fps (or a multiple thereof), so 57fps as an "average" means that you get 60 FPS, but 2% of the time skip a frame (or more). You don't need to have the best eyesight in the world to notice dropped frames..

Comment Re:Make war too easy (Score 1) 215

One of the problems that I have long had with the idea of robot soldiers is that it makes war too easy

More importantly, it allows a tiny group of people to rule over the country / world by force. Today (with super advanced weaponry and even with nuclear weapons), if a dictator or "really bad group of people" took over the any mostly homogenous society (ie. the US) for example, they wouldn't be able to maintain power because the military would simply not follow orders to kill other civilians. Nuclear weapons are overly blunt to control a population.

With fully autonomous robots, this becomes possible.

Comment Re:rather have money (Score 1) 524

I'd rather have a larger paycheck.

Do you know how little it costs to fully stock candy / snacks / soda? In my previous company, I volunteered to make sure that the kitchen in our startup was fully stocked and I basically ordered anything that people wanted that was available through Costco business delivery (never had to say no to anyone). It costed less than 500 dollars a month for 15 people. That is virtually nothing compared to salary and office rent, especially when you take into account taxes -- the fact that paying a salary is taxed while spending the money on stuff is deducted.

Yeah, full meals would be more expensive, but not supplying free premium drinks and snacks is just cutting costs in the wrong places.

Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 1) 1059

Wow. No one I've ever met has said, "I would make more but I'd just get taxed more." No one.

Actually, to be fair, that's not entirely true. This comes up often enough in households where one partner makes considerably more than the other. The one that makes less may be more inclined to stay home and take care of the kids / house full time rather than spend money on extra child care because of high taxes, even though they may enjoy their job and already have good quality time with the kids. Judging on a pure economic output basis, having the lower income partner work is favorable.

On the flip side, I totally agree that income taxes in the US are not progressive enough.

Comment Re:First Intel, now AMD? (Score 2) 229

What's with all these new CPUs being labeled for "Windows 8 only?" First it was the new Intel processor, now AMD. Does Microsoft have some new ridiculous "partnership" strategy going on that we need to be aware of?

The simplest explanation -- that Microsoft is handing over bags of cash to get this Windows 8 exclusivity -- both fits the facts and Microsoft's past behavior. So I'd say, yes.

But it really doesn't make sense, for especially Intel. They are deathly afraid of ARM making them irrelevant in the post-PC world*. Why would they be so short sighted when cash isn't a problem for them.

* I can't believe I used that phrase. I feel dirty.

Comment Re:Too Little Too Late (Score 1) 195

Be careful what you wish for. While I think its the right way to go to unbundle channels, watch out for the unintended consequences. Less popular channels will be removed because they are not profitable. Think about what makes up for popular TV (in America at least). You may end up the choice of watching the Kardashians or Jersey Shore.

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