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Comment Re:Next time it's me (Score 1) 205

Am I missing something, or does nothing in TFA actually explain how they arrived at the conclusion that the attack was aimed at this one account? Seems like a huge conclusionary jump based on a very small amount of information.

I also have accounts on all three sites, how did they decide it wasn't aimed at ME? I assure you, I was very irritated that my "is teaching his coworker to make origami stars" tweet didn't go through.

Comment Re:I choose not to block ads (Score 2, Insightful) 417

I don't actively block ads on any of my browsing machines, though the proxy for work filters out the larger serving farms. I'm fine being served an ad, as long as it:
  1. Doesn't pop up,
  2. doesn't have audio unless I click (auto-sound and rollover sound are both very very irritating), and
  3. doesn't consume huge amounts of system resources (xtube ads fail here massively).

Comment Re:Hardly self-destruct (Score 1) 418

This is why I don't watch the news: sensationalist media. The best way to get views/ratings is to scare people; wildly unnecessarily, in this case. When reporters use the word "nuclear" in a negative way, the people think Chernobyl/Three Mile Island. Explosion. People dead. Are completely unlivable for the next hundred thousand years.

This simply disables the operating system. In a very minor way, no less. Your data is intact, though you may lose some OS settings. Your brother-in-law's nephew could fix it. It's hardly the death of your family and complete irradiation of your living area. The author of this article is in need of a sense of proportion.

...HHG notwithstanding. =P

Submission + - First SCO pump and dump scam

BigBadBus writes: "When SCO's shares crashed last week, Slashdot readers were jubilant, and some of us speculated that pump and dump scams would be imminent. After checking my gmail spam folder for false positives, I saw the following message. I wasn't surprised at the contents, but I was surprised it had taken so long (nearly a week) to appear. Have any other Slashdot readers seen a similar spam email? This looks a bit dubious, as I've only ever seen penny stocks advertised: SCO's prices is still "quite high" (ha ha)


Symbol: SCOX
Price: $0.38

The Internet

Submission + - 365main releases root-cause of data-center outage

linuxwrangler writes: 365main has issued a root cause report and FAQ about the failure that took out prominent sites like Craigslist. It was not, as initially reported, a drunk employee but rather two failures. The generator failure was caused by a setting in the Detroit Diesel Electronic Controller that wasn't allowing memory to be reset correctly resulting in engine misfires and failed engine-starts. The problem has been duplicated and is reportedly now fixed. 365main has updated controllers on all its Hitec rotary UPS systems and shared its findings with other Hitec users. Meanwhile, the half-second outage in colo-7 was caused when a brief power-surge hit it's primary side causing it to attempt to switch to secondary power. Unfortunately, the secondary side was already powering three other colo-rooms so the transfer was refused and the PDU switched back to primary 490ms later.

Submission + - Free as in free milk (

mrcgran writes: "FSFDaily is running a story about Microsoft's business practices in developing countries: 'A first draft of this article has been sitting for months in my hard disk. I decided to finish it after reading that Microsoft will offer its operating system and office suite for $3 per machine to developing countries. That made me think of the way the giant software company "helps" these countries by giving licenses of its proprietary software almost for free, and that in turn made me think of free milk. Let me tell you about it.'"
XBox (Games)

Submission + - XBox 360 May Not Be Adaquately Cooled 1

Heffenfeffer writes: Kotaku reports that Nikkei Business publication Tech-ON! has enlisted the aid of a thermal design expert to analyze the XBox 360's heat dissepation as a possible reason for the recent costly 3 year extended warranty. The expert's findings were a bit troubling:

"When designing consumer products, it is common to seek a temperature gap of around 10C between exhaust and room temperatures," the thermal design expert said. "The 22C is quite a large gap, in the first place...The heat sink on the graphics LSI is so small, I wonder if it can really cool down the board."

During testing, the heat sink on the graphics LSI reached a temprature of 80 degrees Celsius — 57 degrees above normal room temprature.
The Internet

Submission + - Pirate Bay earns 20,000 Euros a day ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: controverisal pro-piracy website the piratebay likes to portray itself as an innocent hobby site that provides a free index without censorship, but recent facts show that the site is earning up to 20,000 Euros per day from its advertising. Taking in money on this scale puts a different slant on the motives behind the Swedish filesharing site, and could open up the runners of the site to prosecution for profiting from copyright infringement.

Submission + - What qualities make for a good MMORPG?

Anonymous Gamer writes: "I am a long time RPG gamer. I've played pen and paper games for over 20 years, from Palladium Games, to Star Wars, to classic D&D. I have also been playing computer RPGs for a long time, all the way back to Legacy Of The Ancients (1987) and before.

Today's MMO's often leave a lot to be desired. I do not play WoW. I do not play Everquest. I've tried them all, and the "grind" just didn't appeal.

What makes a _good_ MMORPG, in the minds of Slashdot's crowd?

I like factions. I think EVERY world should be full PVP. The user-generated content of games like NeverWinter Nights has kept it going for years now.

My ideal MMO would have a "Elder Scrolls" style of progression in levels. You get better at the things you practice most.
Factions would be blended together, with guildmasters able to declare hostility to others, allowing for the "tags" of others to change colors based on that. User created drama can bring a great deal of fun to a game. Limiting the population somewhat will bring more of a family feel to the world. Limiting the resources to gain money and power quickly will keep the competitiveness high between factions.

There should be laws, and the world should be able to change. For example, if Reynard the thief decides to burn down the pawnshop because he got a bad deal on a gem he stole. The AI of the game should not only allow him to do it, but punish him by causing the guards to target him on sight. Perhaps his name would get a symbol next to it, allowing for players to hunt him down for the bounty. Bottom line, if you're a bad guy, you should eventually be driven out of civilized lands altogether. Good guys and newbie players should be wary of journeying alone in the wilds, because bad things happen to good people.. and good games. Perhaps people on a development team will read our ideas and run with it."

Submission + - Unencrypted passwords at "secure" sites 1

linear a writes: I've noticed that quite a few web sites do *not* encrypt user passwords. I've gotten into the habit of hitting the "email me my password" from them to see what happens. So far I've found maybe 6 that must store passwords in clear since they were able to return the original password back to me. Clearly this is Bad Security Practice. Also, I've had notably bad progress when I ask them to fix this practice. Some of these are sites one would clearly expect to have better security (e.g., a software vendor and an online bank). Do you have thoughts on how to better encourage better password practice at these places? Also, is this is really as common as it seems to be for me?

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