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Comment It's been coming... (Score 2) 260

Flickr's reboot came with the new iPhone app, which was completely unexpected in that, it 's actually damn good. Same with Yahoo weather. Yes, Flickr has decided that they're not courting Pro customers. They'd already lost that market 2 years ago, so it's no skin off their nose. They don't WANT you to buy pro, they need the ad revenue and impressions far more.

8-Year-Old Receives Patent 142

Knile writes "While not the youngest patent recipient ever (that would be a four year old in Texas), Bryce Gunderman has received a patent at age 8 for a space-saver that combines an outlet cover plate with a shelf. From the article: '"I thought how I was going to make a lot of money," Bryce said about what raced through his brain when he received the patent.'"

Southwest Adds 'Mechanical Difficulties' To Act Of God List 223

War, earthquakes, and broken washers are all unavoidable events for which a carrier should not be liable if travel is delayed according to Southwest Airlines. Southwest quietly updated their act of God list a few weeks ago to include mechanical problems with the other horrors of an angry travel god. From the article: "Robert Mann, an airline industry analyst based in Port Washington, NY, called it 'surprising' that Southwest, which has a reputation for stellar customer service, would make a change that puts passengers at a legal disadvantage if an aircraft breakdown delays their travel. Keeping a fleet mechanically sound 'is certainly within the control of any airline,' Mann said. 'Putting mechanical issues in the same category as an act of God — I don't think that's what God intended.'"

Comment Re:Put it next to the biplane in the garage... (Score 1) 359

There is no film that does what Kodachrome does - there are films that do things differently, "better" in some terms, but Kodachrome responded to a photographer who knew what they were doing in a unique way, the same as a certain pigment of paint did with a painter, or emacs vs. vi. It's notable in it's passing for two very important reasons - 1. Kodachrome introduced the world to color in photos, and 2. Kodachrome was a fascinatingly complex technology, invented by two guys that are the epitome of what we used to think of as American ingenuity.

Comcast Awarded the Golden Poo Award 286

ISoldat53 writes "The Consumerist has awarded Comcast the Golden Poo award for the worst company in America. From the article: 'After four rounds of bloody battle against some of the most publicly reviled businesses in America, Comcast can now run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and hold its hands high in victory — it has bested everyone else to earn the title of Worst Company In America for 2010.'"

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