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Comment Re:Where is Slack video? (Score 1) 76

Microsoft goal is to incorporate it into O365 to increase it's value. Something Skype For Business Online doesn't have is persistent chat which is pretty critical feature. If Microsoft could make Slack like replacement for O365, that would mean some of our customers can get rid of their Slack Subscription.

Comment Re:Except that is not hapening yet (Score 2) 251

It's not going to be pushed back. It's already been pushed back once as it should have ended in 2011 (10 years after release date) and it's less then 12 months till April 2014 so yes, less then year.

XP is finished and Microsoft is determined to take it out back and shoot it. At this point, I can't really blame them. Which happened first, 9/11 or XP GA date? XP GA. Mainstream Linux Kernel was 2.2 branch. If you tried to get support for an application on Linux 2.2 these days, everyone would laugh you out of support channel and Red Hat would require a crap ton of money. Yet people expect drivers manf, software developers and Microsoft to support it Windows XP.

Comment Re:Where is the line? (Score 1) 246

I think it's automation and efficiency. Just like LE used to follow people around all the time watching where they went and such. Thing about that though is it's time consuming and if you were watching for it, you could start to detect it. Now they can attach GPS to your car and now it will just call in where it is at all times. It makes decision "Should we pay someone to following around potential bad guy X?" to extremely easy. "X might be bad guy but hell, GPS is only 2000 dollars and 50 bucks a month we pay to Verizon for cellular data plan, go ahead and put it on his car. We will figure out soon enough"

Same thing with License plate readers. While someone could sit somewhere and write them all down, that person could have messed up, it's expensive, they may not get them all. Now, point cameras everywhere, much cheaper, much more efficient and database storage is cheap, keep all the data forever.

Comment Re:Slashdot... (Score 3, Insightful) 697

I can. On average, women work less then men and take time off for a family. So in most cases, they are paid less then men because they don't work as much as men. There are many studies that show that women who work the same as men, same hours and experience because they haven't taken any time off work for family, they make same as men.

Comment Not surprised (Score 2) 697

Actually, reason there are not more woman owned businesses is because women don't want to be in IT because it's truth is, IT is horrible for family people and women tend to be more family oriented then men.

I would imagine this issue is same for IT Business owners. The late night upgrade failures, the weekend crashes, all that contributes to horrible family life. Until that is solved which I'm not sure is possible, then IT will mostly be men or females with no family.

Comment Re:My old Uni did this. (Score 4, Informative) 172

HIPPA does not require that data be passed in encrypted form. It only requires that reasonable effort be made secure it. However, that can be patient data can be transmitted via internal email because it's all Exchange and therefore encrypted over the wire, then in most cases, HIPPA is satisfied.

Email Encryption still has long way to go before it's completely transparent to user.

Comment Re:My old Uni did this. (Score 4, Insightful) 172

Because in most cases, Google is mining all those accounts for data and showing ads. In some cases, students may be involved with research that includes confidential data. Google does not provide guarantees that they won't mine/archive or protect that data in accordance with laws/regulations surrounding that data.

That's generally been beef I've seen with Google.

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