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Comment Re:The PNOs are clueless (Score 1) 385

> The only security difference between signature and PIN is that PIN protects your card from being used by muggers

Absolutely not true. It totally protects my online banking. All banks I know of in the EU provide their customers with what is called an e.dentifier ABN AMRO example here (PDF). Even if my PC gets hacked, they will not be able to access my online banking, because the device requires my card AND my PIN, and generates a login token. This has been in use for many years, and is much more secure than anything I've seen in the US.

Comment Why did nobody return fire? (Score 0) 1134

A quick Google reveals that around 1 in 5 Californians own guns. Of course not everyone carries it all the time, but there must have been a lot of guns in that room. Why weren't the shooters just killed by people from the audience?

Maybe there weren't enough weapons in the room. So just maybe, the NRA should promote handing out weapons to everyone there, to allow people to defend themselves? Or put some guns on every dinner table. That would scare off all possible shooters!

Comment Alas, useless (Score 2) 83

Ok, I look at your series, and I'm thinking: my father would stop after reading the first paragraph. Security, encryption, privacy, they all suffer from people trying to educate the general public on TLAs, hard math, installing utilities.

When will the security community learn that we don't need all those explanations, we need it to just work. We need encryption by default and unless this is available mainstream it's not gonna happen.

Same thing for programmers. Nobody wants to learn about security, and especially about all those encryption algorithms, perfect-forward-secrecy etcetera. It just needs to be default in all frameworks, libraries. I don't care there are so many cyphers, just give me proper defaults.

The problem with security is just that the community around it does a very bad job of making it simple. It needs to disappear into the woodwork guys!

Comment Re:Trendy != Better (Score 2) 232

Totally agree. Developers: write software to run on customers' systems, and not on your own desktop.
If their distro does not support the packages your software needs, include them in your delivery package.

You won't get very far in the enterprise market if your product doesn't support CentOS/RHEL. Bad for business.

Comment What is all this about? (Score 2) 239

There are too many people here not understanding what is happening here.

What is happening, is that a large community has done a lot of great work creating Wikipedia. The project has needed and attracted a lot of money, which caused an administrative office to be created. This office is now trying to make itself more important, and tries to lead the project into a 'grand future'.

The truth is, they may be well-intentioned, but they are terribly misguided, and incompetent. There are no capable leaders, and.or managers there, they seem to have no understanding of what the project is about, and have spent a lot of money on software projects that failed. They are misguided in that they think they should steer the project, while in fact they should be serving the community.

In short, they are incompetent, and should be replaced. If they aren't, they will kill Wikipedia.

Comment Re:Not suitable (Score 1) 217

Let me draw a parallel, and compare the Comcast vs Netflix conflict with your government vs Amazon:

What Comcast has done, is similar to your government checking all delivery trucks at the borders, and if they deliver Amazon goods, hold them for a couple of days while 'checking their papers'. In public statements they claimed: Amazon is so big that they are clogging our border infrastructure, so that's why it takes so long until you get your stuff. They need to pay for all the extra handling at the borders.

This is the heart of the conflict. Netflix' customers just want better service, most of them do not know about Comcast efforts to extort money from Netflix.

The stance of the Net Neutrality people is that this is just an extortion scheme, that tax payers should pay for the roads, and that if government (being a monopolist) is allowed to tax companies like Amazon, (receiving money from both sides), in the end we'll end up with an internet which is not equal for everybody, and in the end the customer will suffer because prices will go up, and service will go down.

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