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Comment Re:Yes, but (Score 1) 321

It's hard NOT to when you see "peaceful" protests and demonstrations of a "compassionate religion" filled with people carrying signs reading slogans like "Slay all who insult the prophet", "Islam will dominate the world", "Europe your 9/11 is coming soon", "Islam rules the world" (that last as a faux newspaper headline), and my personal favorite "No forgiveness for jewish and christian swine..." (I ... that end b/c I couldn't read the rest the way the photo was taken). These are the same religious people who defied Gandhi in trying to keep India together as one nation because they wanted their own "homeland from which to begin their jihad" to spread their views to the world - some would say that's asking for a nation of their own to try and conquer the world from. I mean, give me a break. They clearly have gone over the deep end as a whole ever since their prophet said "spread the world by all means, by force if necesarry" only they seem to leave off that "if necesarry" and go straight to "let's kill all the unbelievers". It was meant most likely as an order to spread their word and to fight back if/when attacked (as was common in the earliest days of Islam's growth), not likely meant to start a never-ending hate-fueled war machine of fanaticism and ruthless disregard for human life. So, THEY can take a flying leap if they don't like "propaganda". WE don't make cartoons for kindergartners showing how to, and glorifying a child for doing, make themselves into a suicide bomber and blowing people up in markets and schools.

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