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Submission + - If we Buck Feta and leave, where should we go? 17

Covalent writes: I am a long-time slashdot reader (don't let the UID fool you), and I agree with most of you that the Beta is a disaster. Dice has promised a fix, but what if this garbage is the new reality? Is there a suitable alternative to slashdot that members would find equally (or more) fulfilling? Is someone going to fork slashdot and start it anew (Taco can you hear me?) Or is this just the end of an era?

Submission + - Slashdot Beta Sucks Elephant Penis 2

ShaunC writes: Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes:

Have you even seen an elephant penis? Because I have, and the colors align to Slashdot. The beta is so bad, Roland Piquepaille is surrendering his account (as the French do). The GNAA has reorganized to post fake job offerings on with an emphasis on affirmative action. Profane Motherfucker has come out of retirement simply to say: "fuck this shit."

Comment Re:And that's exactly what I asked for. (Score 1) 2219

I have a 4:3 monitor, so at least I can read 2-3 comments at a time in the Beta version.  Why when I scroll past the ad section (which I have white listed for slashdot) is 1/3 of the page wasted space?

|     Summary     ||    Ad     |
|     Comments    ||    Ad     |
|     Comments    ||    Ad     |
|     Comments    ||   EMPTY   |
|     Comments    ||   EMPTY   |
|     Comments    ||   EMPTY   |

It really needs to be like the old style, so you get more comments in the same vertical space:

|     Summary     ||    Ad     |
|     Comments    ||    Ad     |
|     Comments    ||    Ad     |
|        Comments              |
|            Comments          |
|        Comments              |
|             Comments         |

Along with showing the User ID, and a better layout for the comment box structure it's not bad...However once you do these fixes, all you will end up with is the current classic old style.

Submission + - An open letter to the management of Slashdot. 14

onyxruby writes: I have been watch for some time now as Slashdot has started beta testing a new version of the website. As you are well aware the new site would constitute a complete change to the look, interface and functionality of

Change happens, and for those of us who work with technology for a living it is the only constant. Change is a process and in and of itself is not a bad thing when it offers improvement. Unfortunately the change that has been offered negatively impacts the look, interface and most importantly the functionality of Slashdot.
Many people have had trouble reverting back to the classic interface. The new interface simply does not offer the functionality of the old. Things like statistics, comments and layout are very difficult to find. You have a community that lives and breathes data and want to know their data. How is my comment ranked, how many people responded – it’s really all about the dialogue. Can I get the information that I want in a readily digestible format?

As you’re well aware the new site does not offer the very thing that people come here for. This in and of itself is not why your community has organized a boycott of Beta. The boycott was originated because the new version will be implemented whether the community wants it or not.

I want to explain why this change has gone down people’s throats about as well as Windows 8’s Metro interface. The reason has absolutely nothing to do with the interface and everything to do with the perception that the editors and management of Slashdot appear to have.

The message that has been consistently handed down is that we are “your audience”. We are not your “your audience” we are your product. People do not come to Slashdot for the news stories, there are untold other sites that provide those as well as professional and original writing about them. People come here for the community of insiders from across the industry.

Please respect the community and stop what you’re doing. You have commented that you don’t want to maintain two code bases. Your community works in the industry and understands this, which leads many to suggest you abandon the new code base entirely so that you are only maintaining once code base. Tell us what your trying to accomplish and I would imagine that a wide range of experts would be more than willing to help you meet your goals.

Submission + - /. Beta comments don't work, users upset. ( 4

magic maverick writes: Since the new /. Beta came to light, many /. users and commentators have tried it out. However, they are almost universally condemning the new commenting system. It simply isn't as good as the so called Classic system. Some users, however, haven't a bad thing to say. Mainly because they haven't had a chance to even use the new system. It simply doesn't load. One user, Magic Maverick , who lives in a third-world country with crappy Internet, had this to say:

I come to /. for the comments, but with the new Beta, I can't even see anything! It just says:

''Shazbot! We ran into some trouble getting the comments. Try again... na-nu, na-nu!

It seems like the "developers" need to take some advice from people who actually know what they are doing. I'm happy to help explain what graceful degradation means if they like...

Submission + - Dice Holdings, Inc, deleting unflattering stories from Slashdot firehose 4

An anonymous reader writes: Stories submitted to the Slashdot firehose that take a negative view on the site's redesign are being deleted. 4 hours ago, it was full of anti-beta posts. Now they are gone. That's right. A forum that usually leaves V14GRA spam in place for posterity is deleting user content.

Comment Happened to Me, in much the same way (Score 5, Interesting) 191

I very recently had the same situation that is described in the articles happen to my iTtunes Account. I received 2 emails for gift cards purchased through the iTunes store. As I was on vacation with no PC and thus no iTunes access, and not buying gift cards, I knew something was up. At first, I was thinking they were actually spam/phishing emails, as they listed the last 4 digits of a Credit Card that didn't match any of my Credit cards. Without iTunes, all I could do was access my Apple ID account through the web on my phone, and when logged into my account, I saw that my billing information had been changed.

Luckily I had moved about 3 weeks before, and updated my billing info with my credit card, and not in iTunes (or I suspect I would have had several more app/gift card purchases on my own card.) The strange part was that they didn't change my password at all, or any security related questions. It seems as all they did was change my billing info to some one else's and buy $100 worth of gift cards (Who knows what they were used for...).

I changed my iTunes Password, and contacted Apple Technical support, and all I got was a standard form letter about how I could dispute the charges on my credit card (even though I had pointed out that it *wasn't* my credit card info). They locked my account and after a short investigation they enabled it with no indication of anything other than their form letter.

I will freely admit that my password was vulnerable to a dictionary attack, as in the past, I wasn't too worried about someone buying me lots of music, but have since changed it. However, I had no indication that someone was attempting to access my account. If someone was indeed using a dictionary attack on my account, I would have hoped Apple would notice several thousand invalid logins on an account and do something about it.

I suspect there is someone named Jason in Seattle, who is wondering why they have a $100 purchase from iTunes on their MasterCard...

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