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Comment Re:SOCIALIZE! (Score -1) 351

I disagree. Although your monthly bill will disappear, the massive agency that will run the federal ISP will need funding. Where does that money come from in your equation? Add the gross inefficiencies, waste, and abuse that are rife in government agencies and contracting, and you'll be paying more in the end.

Comment Persian Smoke (Score 0) 279

Nonsense. This is all to further censor information in Iran. There are much more effective and cheaper methods to protect IT infrastructure than to isolate an entire nation from the web. How much more can the mullahs take from everyday Iranians?

Comment Re:Mod parent troll (Score 1) 135

Your comments seem to be long on rhetoric/petulance/vulgarity and short on any data. We'll try something, because as abrasive as your posts are, I would be interested in hearing more about your argument - I'll make a cogent argument, and you can make one too. It's called a civil dialogue.
I believe that India would be better served developing more reliable and robust power and water utilities because it would:
-Drive healthcare costs down
-Increase productivity in the Indian economy by giving industry what it needs to thrive, namely power and water
-Ensure a greater portion of the money is spent domestically, rather than a supercomputer which would involve significant foreign remittances
-Create a stable environment to attract foreign investment

Comment Popular Politicking (Score 1) 135

The politicians in India are talking about investments in space and supercomputers because its sexy and gets people's attention. Whether or not these investments are going to materialize, or if they're even wise, remains to be seen. Perhaps all my fellow Americans will read about an Indian supercomputer one day, while we enjoy the comforts of our future lives on Moonbase Gingrich.

Comment Re:Mod parent troll (Score 1) 135

I believe the original post's argument was that India would be better served spending the money on basic infrastructure. While a supercomputer is great, it's not going to pay the same dividends that clean drinking water and reliable power would. Not only do those very basic utilities reduce healthcare costs, they are productivity multipliers and would benefit the Indian economy greatly.

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