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Comment A non-reply reply (Score 1) 144

In typical fashion, Microsoft responds with something better than no response to gauge where the French government will go from here to see what they can get away with without ruffling too many folks. They will litigate to the point where they'll pay a small amount of money to appease the French and all will be back to normal. The unacceptable behavior by Microsoft continues and I'm sad to say I see no end in their methods. They continue to trounce on the privacy and freedom of its users.

Comment Re:simcity 4 is best simcity (Score 2) 103

SimCity2000 I would also agree was the best. Playing that game on My AST Adventure Advantage! 6066d (MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11) was so much fun. I put alot of time and effort in building those cities. Putting all those water pipes was a chore! It was a great game and it sure brings back alot of memories. Remember, if you will, we also had Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1 on floppy disks that also came out! Great times and great games!

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 0) 92

Not funny at all and if this is the kind of stuff I will continue to find on Slashdot, I guess I will have to go somewhere else. This "encrypted post" was over the top and unacceptable. Someone needs to ensure these kinds of things are not allowed. This is suppose to be a site with credibility and I see today it had been lowered by this example.

Comment Flight Simulation (Score 1) 951

A good quality flight simulation software game using XSquawkBox that can be easily installed using Debian package management that compares to the Microsoft FSX or FS2004. Yes, X-Plane 9.X and 10.X are out there, but it is extremely difficult to get X-Plane to run on a Linux box - believe me, I've tried. A lot of add-ons (both aircraft and scenery) can be created by the flight sim community and be taken advantage of by the community and also create a better product for the community of users! Personally, if I could get a flight simulation game that accomplished this, I would get rid of my only Windows box and be a full-time Linux user.

Comment Amateur Radio keeps getting better! (Score 5, Informative) 82

Amateur Radio has evolved greatly since the early days of having huge receivers and transmitters. Today we have so many different modes - CW, PSK31, APRS, SSB, etc on many different bands with just a transceiver. We can even do satellites and even low power (QRP) operations with a transmitter as small as a tuna can! The best part is meeting people all over the world who share this great hobby. I am excited to see where it goes from here and the technologies it will bring for the future from the individual who has a "homebrew" project to the commercial radio manufacturers and other companies who provide us the "candy" we love to play with!

Comment Re:Slack! (Score 1) 319

I actually started with Red Hat 6.0 then to 6.2. I tried Open Linux 2.2 but that sucked. I then went to Slackware at the urging of a fellow member of the Tacoma Linux User's Group. It is definitely not a beginning distro as I can't attest to that fact remembering the many nights I spent at the keyboard getting it configured. When properly configured, Slackware is a really great distro! Antiquated text installer but extremely efficient.

Comment AT&T quality (Score 1) 748

So AT&T is going to drag down T-Mobile too! So so sad. What ever happened to protecting a brand name in a business. Is business changed that much over the years where the protection of a brand name is meaningless. The days of AT&T "Worldnet" evidently haven't evolved successfully enough as spoken by AT&T's current customers because the lack of quality service. This also speaks to the motivation for T-Mobile to willingly be bought out by AT&T. Again - so, so sad.

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