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Comment Re:That's very silly (Score 1) 67

If you think of this as:

1) Corporate welfare to the tune of $600,000,000 to Amazon;

2) Just another way for the CIA to abuse people its friends don't like, with no concern for integrity;

then everything will fall neatly into place.

This really reads like sour grapes. Yes, they are a large corporation, but that doesn't make them another Walmart or McDonalds, ripping off the whole country by paying workers too little to live on. Amazon pays pretty decent money, not great, but pretty competitive if you include the stock (not stock OPTIONS, actual stock). They're going to have to provide a service and facilities to the CIA for the money so it doesn't play as corporate welfare in this context either. When it comes to cloud services, like it or not, they have more experience of what it takes to do this at scale than anyone else, and they already run secure cloud facilities (Amazon GovCloud). It's a logical decision.

As for the CIA, my personal opinion is that they're a bunch of amoral scum, who for the most part belong in jail cells and that they will do anything it takes to facilitate their criminal abuse of taxpayers money.

Comment Re:Capitalist flight (Score 1) 1142

The worst thing about it all, is you all point to Ireland as some sort of bastion of economic freedom and some sort of idol, completely ignoring the fact that Ireland has been hit harder than *any* other country since the depression due to it's low tax rates and lax corporate regulations and now has a debt of 800% of GDP and all the multinationals that used and abused her are now running back to their safe secure and regulated home countries post haste!

Citation please? The most recently released results from Ireland's National Treasury Management agency say 41%, not 800% as you assert. Also, Ireland has been hit pretty hard, but nothing like as bad as you make out. The economy is still viable unlike a number of other countries, most notably Iceland which is in substantially worse shape. In fact, while Ireland has been hit worse than most European countries - though not all - it has not been hit anywhere near as badly as many non-EU countries. The reason Ireland was hit as hard as it was is due to the heavy reliance of the economy on the construction industry which got into trouble as credit started to dry up. The tax regime had little or nothing to do with it. Nor are we having substantial problems with multi-national companies pulling out, the biggest issue is with smaller local businesses no longer able to obtain credit and failing because of this.

Please check your facts before posting.

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