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Comment Re:One second boot perfect for ATM machines (Score 1) 156

The first rule of the tautology club is the first rule of the tautology club :)

And coincidentally, I do have a fair amount of experience with ATMs (probably outdated by now, though). Boot time, at least in my country, isn't a factor: nowadays, most of them actually run a stripped down version of Windows 2000...

Comment Re:Lazy eye (Score 1) 419

You're not. I'm also almost blind on one eye (perfect peripheral vision, so no depth perception problems, but forward vision is around 20%), and 3D simply doesn't work for me, regardless of the technology used.

I'm not exactly concerned about exclusion, yet. I've watched the 2D versions of most recent 3D movies (Avatar excluded), and thought they all sucked. The only thing going for them was the 3D gimmick, so most people (my wife included) liked the visuals and felt they got their money's worth; for me, not so much.

I know at least 2 other people with the same condition I have (1 relative, 1 co-worker), and several others with various eyesight problems that prevent them from fully seeing 3D movies.
I doubt (at least hope) we'll ever get to a point where 3D stops being a gimmick and becomes an integral part of the movie (like... needing a 3D view to fully understand a scene), at least until holograms (actual 3D projections instead of visual tricks) come along...


Submission + - Start an IT career at age 40? 2

An anonymous reader writes: How viable is it to start an IT career at age 40? I have heard there is a lot of age bias in the IT industry. I have a science degree and programming experience, and I think IT would be more interesting and higher paying. Anybody have any hints on getting your foot in the door? How bad is the age bias and will it make a career too difficult to maintain? (I have heard of 40-year-olds losing their job and taking years to get a new one in the IT industry)

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