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Data Storage

Submission + - Simple file naming protocol?

zombieelvis writes: I've recently starting working for a medium sized post-graduate school that is undergoing a HUGE growth spurt. With these new changes, our departments are starting to share files with one another. However, as we have no protocol for naming these files, we have files being duplicated, deleted, and lost. The problem is getting worse each day and I've been asked to come up with a solution. What type of system do you use to name your word/powerpoint/excel files? What would you recommend if you were in my shoes?

NASA's New Mission to the Moon 283

mattnyc99 writes "Popular Mechanics has a new, in-depth preview of NASA's Orion spacecraft, tracking the complex challenges facing the engineers of the CEV (which NASA chief Michael Griffin called 'Apollo on steroids') as America shifts its focus away from the Space Shuttle and back toward returning to the moon by 2020. After yesterday's long op-ed in the New York Times concerning NASA's about-face, Popular Mechanic's interview with Buzz Aldrin and podcast with's Rand Simberg raise perhaps the most pressing questions here: Is it worth going back to the lunar surface? And will we actually stay there?"
Linux Business

Submission + - Which Embedded Linux Distribution?

Abhikhurana writes: I work for a company which designs a variety of video surveillance devices (such as MPEG4 video servers). Traditionally, these products have been based on proprietory OSs such as Nucleus and VxWorks. Now we are redesigning a few of our products and I am trying to convince my company to go down the Linux route. Understandably, our management is quite sceptical about that and so I was asked by our CTO to recommend a few RTOSs which have mature Networking stacks and which work well on ARM platform. I know that there are many embedded linux based distributions out there. There are commerical ones such as Montavista, LynuxWorks, free ones such as uclinux, muLinux and some Linux like distros such as Ecos, but which is the most stable and best community supported embedded Linux distribution out there?

Submission + - Should security firms sandbox their executives?

Giorgio Maone writes: "Brian Krebs of the Security Fix Washington Post blog is attending the RSA Conference 2007 in San Francisco and noticed that "the kiosks of Microsoft Windows XP machines set up for attendees to freely access e-mail were running under the all-powerful Administrator account". More amusing, he's been watching executives from the major security firms which happily used those insecure Windows boxes to check their messages or even access their remote desktops. "Had I spent a bit more than 10 seconds at the terminals", he says, "I could have downloaded software that would let me steal user names and passwords from important companies in the information security community". Brrrr..."

Submission + - Virgin's new linux based flight entertainment

Udi Falkson writes: "Red, the Virgin America In-Flight Entertainment system will provide:
  • 9 inch integrated touch screens at every seat
  • Full QWERTY keyboard/game controller to interact with all applications
  • Live TV provided by Dish Network
  • The world's only In Flight Program guide (IPG) for live television
  • Over 25 Hollywood Pay-per-view movies available completely on-demand
  • Email/SMS/instant messaging/chat rooms, providing an airborne social network
  • An audio experience with over 3,000 mp3 tracks — allowing guests to customize their playlists — as well as 20 radio channels.
  • Open source video games (and a future invitation for savvy linux game developers to participate in Red)
  • All aircraft are equipped with wireless access points and are broadband-ready
  • Ability to order food when you want it directly from your seat, and pay by credit card
They have a quicktime video and more information and you can see the same video with flash on Youtube."

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