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Comment How does this help? (Score 1) 110

If the rate of available organs isn't high enough to cover the rate of those in need. How does extending the life of those in need change that? Is that not just putting newer additions to the need list further behind while complicating the recovery of those with pig hearts?

I mean, its neat. I just don't see how it will help unless there are times where a viable heart is waiting for a patient, not the other way around. At lest then you might hope that an oversupply of donated hearts occurs and you could get one. Otherwise it seems kind of pointless.

Comment Re:Unlikely to be usable in the USA (Score 1) 79

I think you are correct. In a CYA world, you need proof of the most stringent testing and accuracy people will demand when something goes wrong. It is one of the reasons I think that some limits to medical liability would help lower costs, and improve access in the USA. I think people forget that doctors, nurses, and other associated professions are people. And that having anyone, no matter how well trained or educated, perform operations that involved cutting you open and probing around can and will go wrong. Because people, are human. For every scissor left in a patient, 1000 or more had no issues. But assigned that one guy multi-millions in a lawsuit effectively raises the costs for the other 1000 that had no trouble.

Of course, I suppose its easy to say that when you are one of the 1000, and not the one guy with scissors in your gut.

Comment Re:If they wanted to make kids competent... (Score 1) 209

You are correct AC! Banks and CC companies found out that most people are lazy, ignorant, and stupid when it comes to the once force in the world they must interact with and the one that controls most of their lives. And they profit off of it! But you won't see many classes devoted to reversing this trend. "Life" skills like this are generally taught by parents. So the lack of knowledge on the subject is systemic and growing every generation! Poor folks don't know how to teach their kids to be 'rich', while rich parents pass on all the things they learned to their kids.

Comment Re:If they wanted to make kids competent... (Score 1) 209

I never said to focus on math exclusively. Nor was that the implication of the article. Adding more focus on CS is pointless given the lack of 'life' math skills students leave High School with. Your argument makes more sense in the realm of higher education. You don't get to be Joe Star Programmer without knowing all that stuff. Besides, its Chicago, their greatest detriments to a student doing well post HS is probably going to be mostly Socioeconomic. You don't defeat that teaching them CS, you defeat it with teaching life skills.

Comment Can't you simply.. (Score 1) 72

...have your outside router start ignoring IP addresses that exceed some threshold of activity that is not a 'normal' level of activity for, oh say 90 mins? I have a edgeOS router. I could have sworn I saw a part where I could set rules based on an arbitrary number of attempted connections in a period of time.

Comment If they wanted to make kids competent... (Score 3, Insightful) 209

They would focus on math more. In particular, they would focus on financial math. In this class, they would be taught why credit cards are not doing them any favors. How compound interest works, how to create a budget you will actually follow. How to estimate your expenses. What the local cost of living index is, and why they should look it up for an area they want to work in. What a ROI is, and if certain fields of education have, on average, a good ROI for the education they require.

That would help ensure they are competitive in the workplace.


int main (){

cout "Hellow World";

return 0;


Because knowing it works won't do anyone any favors. Know HOW it works might help - but will probably be out of the scope of any HS level class.

Comment She should have just gotten another job. (Score 1) 1092

If everyone was willing to work for stupid low wages in a stupid high-cost area. Then they (The company) have no incentive to offer more money to attract good people. You do research on if it is beneficial to work in that location for those wages. If not, you don't accept that position. I don't blame her though. She was hoping to hit it big doing something she enjoys for a job. That is pretty commendable. But no one said doing what you love pays all your bills.

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