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Comment Re:Not courageous enough? (Score 1) 268

I don't know why it would matter, I see my OP was labeled troll. But, I figure folks have two options. You can accept the response that Apple gave (regarding the phone jack and 'courage') or you can recognize it as BS. And troll everyone who sees the world in black and white. IE-He poked fun at a bad decision Apple made, so he must hate Apple, or not.

Truly though, Apple deserves to be trolled at every opportunity for telling consumers, in essence, that it doesn't matter what you want and you simply lack .

So, when Consumer Reports tells other consumers about something bad concerning an Apple product, I fully expect them to rely upon the same hubris that lead to the 'courage' remark.

Comment Re:The Honeymoon is over I guess? (Score 1) 399

At some point, the business will operate well enough that people doing the actual 'work' can leave without everything crashing. So that new people are simply cogs in the machine that is already running. Then the only important people are those 'leading' or 'managing' the additional generation of revenue. And the 'workers' matter less, as the machine will continue to 'work' with minimal effort. So those in upper positions are the only ones who can 'make' more wealth with the machine by strearing it this way or what. And it shows in those sorts of things.

Comment How does this help? (Score 1) 110

If the rate of available organs isn't high enough to cover the rate of those in need. How does extending the life of those in need change that? Is that not just putting newer additions to the need list further behind while complicating the recovery of those with pig hearts?

I mean, its neat. I just don't see how it will help unless there are times where a viable heart is waiting for a patient, not the other way around. At lest then you might hope that an oversupply of donated hearts occurs and you could get one. Otherwise it seems kind of pointless.

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