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Comment Re:Ridiculous premise (Score 1) 267

" The problem is that reality tracking technology and heuristics are not even close to making a safe autonomous street robot."

Safe as in comparison to say industrial robots, no that might be hard to achieve indeed. But you dont need that, you only need "safer than human" rating, and as tech development goes that is easy pickings.

Comment works if you do it right (Score 1) 314

Depends on how you do the open office, I work in one and I'd say it works great. But the ones I saw in trailer, urg, no thank you. The operative word in "open office" is "open", not cluttered with crap that everyone leaves lying around, or stuffed so tightly nobody has a decent amount of deskspace or even room to move. Sure it can be a pain in the backside when you are concentrated on some task and get interrupted, but well, you are hardly the only one with an important task are you, whatever you are interrupted with is probably quite important for someone too. And well, if you are doing something you really dont want to get interrupted on, headphones send a pretty clear message.

Open office can work just fine, maybe better in many cases when you have many people working on same project. But do it right, make it comfortable, not just the coffee room but actual work area, enough deskspace, enough room to move etc. And if someone insists on cluttering work are with some crap, enforce some cleanliness, if you havent needed something for a month, it probably shouldnt be on your desk. For many people, computer is really only thing you need on your desk, maybe some temporary note papers, but not piles of crap. Clean up and you'll feel better working in an area with some air in it.

Comment Re:here we go again... (Score 1) 489

The gener ratio in tech industry is ridiculous. Claiming "I don't believe that there are any negative influences early on dissuading women from working tech" makes no sense. Do you seriously think gender dictates your ability and willingness to understand technology? No - it most deffinetly doesnt, its a cultural bias. One that is "brainwashed" into children very early and continues throughout life. Just think about what are toys for girls and what are toys to boys, there are no hello kitty robots on shop shelves. Girls get fluffy plushies and barbies, boys get toy robots, cars whatnot, tell me this is not an obvious gender bias in technology. Women dont want to work in tech sector because they have been dissuaded from it all their lives, all the way down to "let the man in the house change the lightbulb". This is a huge waste of humanities resources.

Comment Re:People are different... (Score 1) 489

I seriously doubt anyone who matters wants to keep ethnic minorities or women out of tech sector. There is lots and lots of money in tech sector, and only reason there isnt more is because of the constant shortage of qualified tech heads. Industry needs more engineers, programmers, etc and industry really doesnt care whats between the legs or what color the skin is.

In european culture space cultural heritage keeps women out of tech secor, planting dolls and expectations of housewifery to girl heads early in the game

I guess other culture spaces have similar baggage.

This is basically cultural rudiment from middle ages, and its really hard to change, no matter how obviously harmful it is.

Comment Re:Already exists. (Score 1) 219

Well yes and no, transcend-s wifi card is a bloody stupid product that you can hack into something usable. But you have to go around some very silly limitations. For example nobody has figured out how to get direct IO capabilities, instead what they do is haxor themselves root access and then reading and writing to local flash. Then external controller reads and writes that from file - hey presto, IO capability (sorta). Incredibly stupid way to do it and doesnt work so well. On top of that there is no proper documentation for the card. So yeah, you can hack it, but its not something you would do proffesionally. On top of that you dont have much of RAM and you could have much better cpu core in there than ARMv5. Instead there is 32GB of flash you cant do anything useful with. Instead of a bloody stupid original linux build you can use a new build that has been made, but its kind of raw, for example wifi doesnt work in client mode.

So for hackaday project - go ahead have fun with this card, but you are not going to build your commercial product around it.

Intel Edison will not have these silly limitations (it might have other silly limitations, but i doubt it will be this bad) so you can probably use it to build your actual product, that you can actually sell. And for haxors it will be a better platform to build on.

Comment Re:Strange form factor (Score 1) 219

Yeah, they can be hacked, but really - its a hack, these things have no public documentation. You basically have to reverce engineer the particular SD card. Not something you are going to do for a commercial product.

This "Edison" is something entirely different - dont let the SD form factor confuse you - its a chip PC. SD card is simply a good package, because SD card slots are off the shelf components, and using a plug in socket is somewhat better than soldering the thing on a pcb. Altho I would be totally happy with that too.

Wearable computing is a hype, seriously, i dont need a blinking shirt with wifi.

Now PC on a chip, complete with opsys, file system, (wireless) networking, x86 archidecture for third party software support... this is like the holy grail of electronics engineering.

Comment Re:Cloud Storage (Score 1) 219

I dont think this thing is going to have a real SD interface, this would ruin the whole point of it. What good is a chip PC with only an SD interface, you need half a computer to do anything with a SD interface

SD card is just a form factor, like various types of chip package standards.

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