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Comment Re:Breadth & Accuracy 120 years ago (Score 1) 436

Now you are just being intentionally obtuse. He did not say no one could contribute. He said no one without decades of hyper specialized research could possibly contribute. I only have a Masters degree, but I did choose a research track instead of a capstone project, and the most important thing I learned was how specialized someone needs to be to make meaningful contributions to scientific knowledge.

At least 99.999% of the population has no business postulating about climate science. The only reasonable opinion these people can have (myself included) is the position of the vast majority of climate science researchers. The other 0.001% of the population can continue to challenge current theories.

Specialists sure have their uses, and indeed it takes significant effort to even just say current with any particular research field, but don't discount generalists so easily.

Generalists can often make connections between major research branches that specialists simply don't look for, or realise that different branches are investigating the same phenomena but are using different terminology. The most recent example of this is probably Carl Sagan.

Comment Re:Failure of imagination (Score 1) 370

There is one positive thing happening, thanks to the combination of available software and other automation as well as strict regulation of employees, there are a growing number of one person businesses filling little niches and making a living for themselves.

Certainly I know a few one man businesses that without things like CNC or easy to use accounting software they simply wouldn't be viable.

Comment Re:maturity required of voters (Score 1) 261

Our political system with regard to citizens voting is supposed to be egalitarian, not elitist, and I'm sure there are a number of Southern states that would just love what you said here, as a way to keep 'undesirables' from voting: institute 'tests' to disqualify citizens from voting; that's more or less what you're advocating for here, and frankly you should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking it. That's about as un-American as you can get.

The problem is that this already exists, you have a perfectly legal mechanism for stripping the voting rights of citizens, it's called being convicted of a felony.

Coupled with say, the war on drugs and three strikes laws and you have a fairly effective weapon against 'undesirables' voting for the wrong guy.

Comment Re:The Illusion of Capacity and Greed. (Score 1) 635

And therein lines the problem. Some is not all, and that is the OP's point. We need to find ways to accommodate those who cannot be trained to enter STEM careers.

I never said 'all' either, obviously you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Many people are perhaps not interested in STEM careers, or we do a poor job of making it seem interesting to a broad part of the population. However, aside from people classified as mentally disabled, the idea that a broad part of the population is physically incapable of learning STEM is nothing but elitist nonsense.

Comment Re:The Illusion of Capacity and Greed. (Score 1) 635

To get a picture of what I'm talking about, you can look at some extreme examples of radically different mental ability.

Blind people, through necessity, can develop mental abilities that seem superhuman like echolocation and rapid aural comprehension, being born blind doesn't seem to be a factor but losing your sight whilst still young is, which is in line with Neuroplasticity. Naturally this is in response to some kind of trauma that renders part of the brain useless without anything to do, and so it rewires itself.

So if the brain can drastically rewire itself in response to trauma, how does it follow that 'general intelligence' is somehow hardwired? So what makes some people 'smarter' than others anyway? You can handwave that away with genetics all you like but it seems likely that our education systems are doing a poor job.

Through standardised testing its fairly common knowledge that the Chinese score much higher on PISA maths tests than Americans do, is that because the Chinese are genetically superior to americans? or do they have a better way of teaching maths so it makes sense to a broader spectrum of the population? A little closer to home, the Canadians score higher as well.

Comment Re:The Illusion of Capacity and Greed. (Score 0) 635

Toss advanced mathematics against little Johnnys brain all you want, but if he doesn't get it then he's likely never gonna get it. Mental capacity varies from human to human. Always has, always will.

Mental capacity isn't innate and unchangeable, your brain is a muscle after all and it needs exercise. Muscular strength varies from human to human too, but you wouldn't say that the weak are unable to become strong.

If a large portion of Johnnies don't get advanced maths, then its likely your teaching methodology sucks

Comment Re:The no-rules no-ethics new dotcom boom (Score 1) 156

I got the impression that they were deliberately undercutting everyone else in the market, all over the world, in an attempt to drive them out of business and create a mega-monopoly on on-demand transport.

Silicon Valley VCs don't seem to be content with merely out competing rivals, unless the end game is complete market domination they just don't seem interested.

Comment Re:More histrionics (Score 1) 600

The article goes on to illustrate where the idea apparently came from, in a probably-misheard question during a rally.

From what I can see, a good 50% of the panic the left is feeling over the Trump presidency is being startled by THEIR OWN STRAWMEN.

The guy can barely string together a coherent sentence, any kind of attempt at comprehension results in tea leaf reading.

Trump seems to be a living rorshach test, where you see what you want or expect to see and you can latch on to a few tidbits of his word salad to make your point, but objectively he is a complete unknown quantity.

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 534

Yeah, if you're a raging asshole who thinks they are better and therefore are allowed to emit more than some other people who you think should be sanctioned because you yourself fucked up the world.

Or you realise that not all countries are equal, and if your country emits more CO2 than other countries then its up to you to fix it. I'm Australian, and as far as per capita emissions go we're about as bad as the USA, but because there's so few of us our total emissions make up less than 1% of total global emissions.

If somehow we pull a heroic effort to get rid of coal power tomorrow, the world would still be in trouble. Now you can call me a raging asshole if you like, but I'm applying what political pressure I can in my part of the world, and I recognise that in this situation the lions share of the responsibility is currently on China.

With great population comes great responsibility, or something like that.

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 534

Per capita emissions doesn't actually matter though, only total emissions matters.

Sure splitting things up in relative terms makes it easy to compare different nations, but at the end of the day it's the same planet and the emissions affect it with the same strength whether it's been generated for 10 people or 1000.

Comment Re:Better be ready to be beat up when layed off wo (Score 1) 541

You and I may be happy with this. But a lot of people will not. People need a sense of purpose; a desire to be needed; to be valuable. Some may find value in free time to pursue artistic endeavors; many will not.

My theory is that actually they will. Currently many people simply don't have the time or the energy to think about fanciful notions of unlimited free time, or what kind of hobby they would like to pursue, because their mental energy is expended on survival needs, and worrying about survival needs.

Once people get above a certain level of having those basic survival needs met, then they have all this mental energy to spare so they can think further into the future, and about fanciful things beyond their immediate situation.

Many young people today, when faced with terrible employment prospects are turning to entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses. If starting your own business is less risky due to the good social safety net, perhaps more people would do it.

Comment Re:new Jolla not yet with Andro apps IIRC (Score 1) 98

From the Jolla forums, and also the discussions on the Fairphone forums (as the Fairphone 2 does support Jolla Sailfish OS as an alternative to Android), I understand that the machine that allowed android apks to run inside Jolla in their earlier phone hardware is not any more present in the current v2 of the OS.

That's not quite correct. Alien-Dalvik is present in SFOS v2 but its not an open component, and as such its only available on bought sailfish devices. Fairphone 2 is a community port, and as doesn't include things which require purchased licences

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 98

SailFish* (Unlike bada) can run Android APPs in a sort of compatibility mode. It can also be coaxed to load many of Google Play Services (but that breaks Google's EULA). So, most likely, very few people will develop native sailfish, even in Russia.

If Anything, this creates critical mass for affordable/Quality phones running the OS. Just imagine, say, a MODERN YottaPhone running Sailfish.

Having said that, carriers have demonstrated that they do not realy care for a Third ecosystem, all they really need is the "Threat" of a third ecosystem to restrain Google a tad.

* Also BB10 OS, but that is a whole different issue.

Alien-Dalvik isn't really a 'compatibility mode' its a full Dalvik engine, just like you'd find on Android.

A Sailfish Yotta phone port was created for the Russian Communications Minister as a trial, but I think Yotta are running into trouble so we may never see a consumer device.

The best part about all of this, is the pioneering work that Jolla has released open source, is enabling players such as Plasma-Mobile, Ubuntu Touch, Open WebOS, and Asteroid OS to run on Android devices, and potentially gaining a foothold in the market.

Comment Re:Change the law (Score 1) 1430

Strange how she only went after states where Trump won. I believe Virginia where Hillary was very close why not recount that?

Disclaimer: I am not an American, I have no dog in this fight

It's not that strange, she's going after the states where Trump won by small margins because Trump won the whole election.

What would be the purpose of recounting states where Hillary won? It would have zero effect on the outcome of the election as a whole, so why pay the money?

The purpose here is to verify the overall outcome, not any specific result in a particular state, and with that in mind it makes perfect sense to target the states where Trump just got across the line. I hope it doesn't change the result, but you guys need to be able to trust your electoral system, including recounts, and if you can't then thats a bigger issue than any given election.

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