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Comment Re:Well, I _wanted_ to like her. (Score 1) 175

The only way to fix this is to change the system. Give voters papers where they can fill in priorities, with priority one two three etc. The system is called STV: The voters then will be free to support any candidate they want, regardless of strategy.

From Jill Steins Campaign Page...
Abolish the Electoral College and directly elect the President using a national popular vote with ranked-choice voting..

Eliminate “winner take all / first past the post” elections in which the “winner” may not have the support of most of the voters. Replace that system with ranked choice voting and proportional representation.

Comment Re:Well, I _wanted_ to like her. (Score 1) 175

Honestly, if nothing else you should consider Jill Stein because she advocates electoral reform and scrapping the first past the post system with something a lot fairer.

From an outsiders perspective, this should be the single biggest issue in American Politics, because clearly the system you guys have is not producing very good results if your choice is between Empress Clinton and the village idiot

Comment Re:Taking the Headphone Jack Off Phones Is User-Ho (Score 1) 595

I think they're ultimately shooting for having future phones as thin as credit cards.

And that's a very dumb goal. No one complains, "I wish my phone was thinner." People do complain, "I wish my phone had better battery life" and "I wish my phone's screen wouldn't break so easily."

It's an interesting strategy really, you make phones impressively thin which only bolsters the idea that they're fragile, which makes people buy cases for them.

You're basically outsourcing the structural integrity of the device and providing customisation options in one hit.

Comment Re:Sue obviously (Score 1) 44

Besides why would people what a smart contract based blockchain currency if the contracts wouldn't be solved by those smart contracts but by a traditional court? Doesn't that defeat the all purpose of the currency? I bet these people are not feeling so "libertarian" right now.

The point is that you no longer require a human 'trusted executor' of a contract, you can use the network for that. This means you don't have to worry about potentially having to sue the executor when they steal your money, because the executor is a computer and is literally bound by the code it runs.

There is nothing that Ethereum and Smart Contracts that do that you cannot accomplish with a human bound by a legal contract, but you can do it on a much greater scale.

Personally I think some kind of court system or arbitration is going to be required, just because you write something in a contract doesn't make it legal. Just because a contract will be executed perfectly doesn't make it fair.

Comment Re:Not likely (Score 1) 244

It's not hard for anyone to write quickly write readable text, like I'm doing now. For me to make a comment like this in video it would either generate a stammering barely understandable video, or require fifteen minutes of planning, rehearsal and editing to make it a reasonable 30 second video, that is still less convent then the 10 seconds you look to read this.

Isn't this a function of how often you perform the former task rather than the latter? For people used to communicating via images and videos (aka snapchat), and who also have poor vocabularies; communicating well via text alone could take the same amount of time of planning and editing.

Comment Re:It's amazing she still has defenders (Score 1) 742

Anyone who suggests voting third party needs to study how first-past-the-post voting works in the context of control & game theory.

Spoiler alert: FPTP voting equals two parties.

This is even more reason to be voting for Jill Stein, as she is advocating an Instant-RunOff voting system for the US. Yes the FPTP system makes this an uphill struggle, but seriously Instant-RunOff is so much more democratic it's worth fighing for.

Comment Re:If this replaces repos... ugh (Score 1) 274

Seems like all my /. posts have been crabby, complacent, old-hat UNIX/Linux sys-admin ranting as of late. F me I need to lighten up...

With that out of the way, I do have to say: Who said that installing packages was hard on a *NIX platform that we needed snapd to solve this? I'm sorry, I really think package repositories like apt/yum are gosh-darn God-sends when set up, populated, built and maintained correctly.

Sure, however the distro maintainers are getting sick of having to package every piece of software themselves. This is part of allowing the software developers to do the packaging for them.

Comment Re:This and other reasons (Score 1) 559

First, life and even intelligent life does not necessarily mean technology, or technology at an industrial scale.

We even have examples of this on Earth, Octopus are clearly intelligent and even use items as tools, and yet they didn't develop education, so that anything an individual Octopus discovers is not passed down as collective knowledge.

So the idea that intelligence means technology or even civilization, is tentative at best

Comment Re:The fair use argument is clear (Score 1) 243

Interfaces are essentially documentative in nature, not creative. All they really do is document the input and output of an implementation. The implementation is where the creativity of the work is expressed.

You're missing the forest for the trees.

On an individual level a function header is basically documentation. However once you get to something the size and complexity of Java what becomes important is the design of the whole. The difference being between the blueprints of a well architected building, and the actual building itself which used those blueprints to aid its implementation.

Would you argue that being an Architect is not a creative profession? I would argue that designing a large cohesive API to be a non-trivial thing to do that requires skill and creativity to successfully pull off.

Comment Re:SpaceX's Next Big Challenge (Score 2) 150

But the big challenge for SpaceX now isn't one with astounding demonstrations of technology. It's doing the same thing over, and over, and doing it quickly, and making a profit. SpaceX wanted to reach a cadence of 18 launches this year, and they have so far launched 4 in the first third of the year. To be a profitable company and to reap the economic advantage of first-stage recovery, they will need to get higher than 18 per year.

Not true, maybe not as astounding to watch but a big demonstration of technology is actually flying those engines again, and again.

There's not much use to showy rocket landings unless they can cheaply run those engines again

Comment Re: This is sad seeing republicans... (Score 1) 702

Personally, I would consider the choice of whether or not to abort ones own pregnancy is a decision that nobody takes lightly, and the effects of that choice is going to stay with that person for the rest of their life. This meme that it's somehow water off a ducks back, or used as a backup to cheaper methods of birth control, seems to be quite incredulous to me.

With that said, I support a Woman's right to choose, however hard that choice may be. But you may also consider what kind of society we have created, that places Women in a position where they feel that the only desirable outcome is to abort their pregnancy.

Comment Re:I don't trust this and simply wonder WHY? (Score 1) 76

Sure as a layman you have to trust someone to verify the code for you. However wouldn't you want to place that trust in an open truly independent third-party code audit? I'm not saying that Open Whisper Systems is corrupt or untrustworthy, but they have likely been paid or contracted by Whatsapp to develop/certify this feature, and without a possible third-party code audit they have low risk of reputation damage if something dodgy was done.

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