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Comment Re:Better be ready to be beat up when layed off wo (Score 1) 537

You and I may be happy with this. But a lot of people will not. People need a sense of purpose; a desire to be needed; to be valuable. Some may find value in free time to pursue artistic endeavors; many will not.

My theory is that actually they will. Currently many people simply don't have the time or the energy to think about fanciful notions of unlimited free time, or what kind of hobby they would like to pursue, because their mental energy is expended on survival needs, and worrying about survival needs.

Once people get above a certain level of having those basic survival needs met, then they have all this mental energy to spare so they can think further into the future, and about fanciful things beyond their immediate situation.

Many young people today, when faced with terrible employment prospects are turning to entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses. If starting your own business is less risky due to the good social safety net, perhaps more people would do it.

Comment Re:new Jolla not yet with Andro apps IIRC (Score 1) 98

From the Jolla forums, and also the discussions on the Fairphone forums (as the Fairphone 2 does support Jolla Sailfish OS as an alternative to Android), I understand that the machine that allowed android apks to run inside Jolla in their earlier phone hardware is not any more present in the current v2 of the OS.

That's not quite correct. Alien-Dalvik is present in SFOS v2 but its not an open component, and as such its only available on bought sailfish devices. Fairphone 2 is a community port, and as doesn't include things which require purchased licences

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 98

SailFish* (Unlike bada) can run Android APPs in a sort of compatibility mode. It can also be coaxed to load many of Google Play Services (but that breaks Google's EULA). So, most likely, very few people will develop native sailfish, even in Russia.

If Anything, this creates critical mass for affordable/Quality phones running the OS. Just imagine, say, a MODERN YottaPhone running Sailfish.

Having said that, carriers have demonstrated that they do not realy care for a Third ecosystem, all they really need is the "Threat" of a third ecosystem to restrain Google a tad.

* Also BB10 OS, but that is a whole different issue.

Alien-Dalvik isn't really a 'compatibility mode' its a full Dalvik engine, just like you'd find on Android.

A Sailfish Yotta phone port was created for the Russian Communications Minister as a trial, but I think Yotta are running into trouble so we may never see a consumer device.

The best part about all of this, is the pioneering work that Jolla has released open source, is enabling players such as Plasma-Mobile, Ubuntu Touch, Open WebOS, and Asteroid OS to run on Android devices, and potentially gaining a foothold in the market.

Comment Re:Change the law (Score 1) 1429

Strange how she only went after states where Trump won. I believe Virginia where Hillary was very close why not recount that?

Disclaimer: I am not an American, I have no dog in this fight

It's not that strange, she's going after the states where Trump won by small margins because Trump won the whole election.

What would be the purpose of recounting states where Hillary won? It would have zero effect on the outcome of the election as a whole, so why pay the money?

The purpose here is to verify the overall outcome, not any specific result in a particular state, and with that in mind it makes perfect sense to target the states where Trump just got across the line. I hope it doesn't change the result, but you guys need to be able to trust your electoral system, including recounts, and if you can't then thats a bigger issue than any given election.

Comment Re:In case we cannot get sustainable (Score 1) 522

This has a nice little interactive visualization showing the road so far and how much more we have to go.

The long and the short of it seems to be that unless we collectively manage to pull off massive decarbonisation very soon, we're probably going to blow past the 2C threshold which is a bad outcome for everyone

Comment Re:Deniers (Score 1) 284

There would be climatologists whether AGW was happening or not. And who has more to lose at this point, a few thousand researchers, or large international corporations? You have literally concocted the dumbest conspiracy theory in history, and for what, because you're too much a coward or too selfish?

If there is a conspiracy, it seems to me that it would be the other way around. That the Oil / Mining giants are acting in the exact same manner as the Tobacco giants did when they realised that smoking causes cancer.

This idea that climate scientists are making the whole thing up to siphon off a little more government money seems quite ridiculous in comparison.

Comment Re:No shit, Sherlock! (Score 1) 186

CO2 is plant food, if you make more food available to them they tend to grow faster, stronger, and higher. It should be only a small leap in logic that natural plant growth will place a limit on the speed in which CO2 concentrations can grow and how high those concentrations can get.

Hold up, 'small logic leap'? you shouldn't make leaps in logic because that means you're missing something.

Plants make use of CO2 sure enough, but it absolutely does not follow that they somehow put an upper limit on CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, cracking CO2 takes a lot of energy, which puts an absolute hard limit on the amount of plant growth possible in any given area. Couple that with the deforestation that we've done over the last 100 years and continue to do, as well as the industrial scale at which we produce CO2, and it seems reasonable that we can pump out CO2 at a higher pace than the plants can keep up.

Mining analogy, humans have a Bagger 288 digging a mountain, and the plants have an army of people with shovels trying to remove it

Comment Re:yes they should (Score 1) 1081

The whole "first past the post" scheme itself has problems also, and IMHO should be ditched while we're at it. CGPgrey has a great explanation of this issue and how to fix it: It doesn't completely fix all the issues, fixes several problems, improves some of the remaining issues, and doesn't cause any new problems. Please watch this before responding, I promise you'll enjoy it if you're even remotely interested in the voting process, even if you don't end up agreeing with it by the end,

The Electoral College is the least of your concerns, the main issue I can see is that it's winner takes all and single preference voting which makes any more than 2 parties completely nonviable, and with a population of 320 million I think only having two choices is a bit too limiting. In Australia we have 24 million people and yet we get a lot more choice than you guys get over in the states.

Of course at the end of the day there can be only one winner, and if you had something like ranked choice voting if would be interesting to see if the 6 million votes for third-candidates would flow to Trump or Hillary, potentially changing the result. With ranked choice voting people might engage more with the political process because they can vote for someone who fits their views without fracturing the vote for the nearest major party candidate, which would be a great thing.

Comment Re:Ignorance is bold (Score 1) 488

Honestly, up until the last week or so, he hasn't even acted like someone who had the vaguest hope that he'd ever be president, and to wait until the last week of an election before you decide you're going to behave with some self control and dignity indicates to me that you're either a complete idiot or you never seriously wanted the job to begin with.

I'm not so sure about that, I got the impression that Trump got caught up in his rallies and surrounded himself with people who constantly reassured him how well he was doing, and how he was winning. It wasn't until the fallout of the Hollywood tapes and the third debate that I think he finally realised that he was far behind in the race. Then he finally decided to act like a politician, refraining from the 3am twitter battles, putting out a coherent messages in his speeches, and letting the planned advertisements do the talking.

Comment Re:The basic assumption.. (Score 1) 128

Consider some of the most intelligent species on Earth: primates, dolphins, birds, elephants, octopuses. That's a very diverse group. That suggests that evolution has a bias to evolving intelligence in different forms, at least on Earth. Capability of tool use is another matter, but both birds and primates have shown some.

Raw intelligence isn't everything though, you also need a social structure which facilitates teaching. Sure we have the intellectual capacity to think big thoughts, but its our social structure which allows us to retain knowledge and build upon it over time.

Comment Re:Why not use Linux (Score 1) 269

I'm a programmer, so yes, I'm comfortable with various shells, but I think some people seem to overly fetishize it, like it's a badge of their geekdom or a symbol of their arcane power over a computer. The command line is just power and flexibility at the expense of user friendliness. Once learned, it's a very handy tool in your arsenal, and can be more efficient for some type of operations. Don't pretend it's anything but that, or you're just fooling yourself.

Personally, I'm with Doug Englebart on this one. Why do people ride bicycles instead of tricycles? Tricycles are easier to learn and harder to fall off right?

People ride bicycles because there's a perceived benefit to doing so, and so are willing to put in the effort to learn. People tend learn a few of the more advanced tricks in Excel for the same reason, or touchtyping. Sure discoverability and smooth learning curve helps things, but ultimately people need to see how learning a particular skill will be useful to them, and I think we programmers do a fairly bad job at showing this to people

Comment Re:A UBI can actually foster more jobs (Score 1) 917

This is the future we need to create, if you look at enablers like Uber or AirBnB and realise that through technology we can make individuals more productive and able to organise on an individual basis rather than these monolithic entities we call 'firms'. So what does an economy filled with self-employed people look like? how can we get there?

Strangely enough we need to look at developing countries, like Kenya, which is turning into quite the entrepreneurial economy. In Kenya they have co-op garages, where people with different skills loiter around the same area simply because those skills feed into one another, but they are still very much individuals working for themselves.

There are groups trying this idea like Colony, but obviously you need to be wealthy enough to stand on your own two feet before even considering joining such a project.

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