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Submission + - Internet Explorer usage falls below 50%

r00tyroot writes: For more than a decade, Microsoft's Internet Explorer has been the predominant tool the world uses to connect to the Web, but that's no longer true, according to a Web analytics firm.

StatCounter, which tracks Internet data, said that IE's share of the browser market fell to 49.9% in September. More people still use IE than any other single browser, but the combined market share of non-Microsoft browsers now outpaces IE.

Comment Re:Flame on (Score 1) 309

It does sound entirely like way too much $$ for a server. Maybe that was what they claimed for insurance purposes? Factoring in not only hardware but labor, replacement cost, software/intellectual property, etc...

Submission + - Root DNS zone now DNSSEC signed

r00tyroot writes: ISC joined other key participants of the internet technical community in celebrating the achievement of a significant milestone for the Domain Name System today as the root zone was digitally signed for the first time. This marked the deployment of the DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) at the top level of the DNS hierarchy and ushers the way forward for further roll-out of DNSSEC in the top level domains and DNS Service Providers.

Submission + - Jobs on iPhone 4: we don't think we have a problem (

An anonymous reader writes: Steve Jobs has just told the world's press gathered at Apple HQ that he is happy with the iPhone antenna design, just moments after saying he will give every user a free bumper case to solve a problem which he then states does not exist. WTF Steve?

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