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Comment Re:Haha, NOPE. (Score 1) 454

and you're in no position to make demands of someone who will host your programs, maintain a site, foot the monthly internet bill,

Sure, then I will instead use github, or bitbucket or one of other such sites.

SF.net is the place that was serving adware/bundledcrap, and the alternatives did not. If they can at least guarantee to not do that again, maybe it can be considered, if there is some money and legally binding obligation behind that words.

Comment Re: Too late (Score 1, Interesting) 454

I though that "free market" or "freedom" people in general just say that everyone can run a business or project, and they can do what ever.

Then anti-freedom libertards/SJWs come along and say "hey we see you are doing really well in your company, now we order you to hire at least 50% woman and Negros and Trans to 'close the gap' - if you don't then you're literally Hitler". Most fascist of them actually turn this into a law, as in the country’s law... e.g. EU enforcing some number of candidates in elections MUST be woman.

So to reply to your "Republicans don't think anyone besides a white male can run a company." - isn't that the case that they say that anyone can run one? They tried to pass a law saying that at least 50% of CEOs must be white males?

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 454

Though as author of software, I don't care if they are bunch of anti-white bigots (whatever), or not too much about their internal "is this cool company to work in" things (their business not mine).
The problem remains that it seems they are willing to censor (remove) projects or entire users, for such political reasons, and I read even for cases where some developer is deemed by them "bad" as in e.g. "biggot" (funny, as they are themselves).
So all in all SF could try perhaps a good git access and git web ui too.
Oh, and it would not hurt SF to rebrand too (and have old SF redirect, including keeping alive old links)

Comment Re:Haha, NOPE. (Score 1) 454

Will you be writing that legally binding (for you too!) ToS, where any attempts to again sneak in bundled crap results instant at least 10,000$ damages payment per project - and of course then you are sued for more by the project owners and/or by class action lawsuit?

With the SF.net reputation of "that site where you download maleware/adware, avoid it!", it's really the least you can do to give any real gesture that you want to change the things for future and actually are responsible for that now.

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 454

Github.com are SJW assholes e.g. for removing project of C+= language, a joke-language that is a C++ clone that re #define 'd some things like if is now a maybe() and } is now STOP_OPRESSION etc ;)

Also they actually have internal semminars about how we must "get rid of white males" and how white males can not fix things etc - bunch of racist hypocrites.
Of course, racism can be cool, and it's their right to be racist against white people, but if they in addition remove software projects from github.com for such idiotic political reasons like "making fun of Feminism movement" then I will like to advice people to consider other hosting options.
Fortunately Git is so easy to decentralize regarding the servers.

Comment Re:Haha, NOPE. (Score 0) 454

Really? Ok, put it in site ToS for both publishers and the users/downloaders, that 1) you will never never NEEEVER bundle ANYTHING or in ANY WAY try to alter the files placed there by uploaders/project owners.
2) also NEVER you will post ADs that could be mistaken for The Download, and in addition all ads will be very clearly marked e.g. with red border and red text saying "3rd party advertisement". And any banner/AD will lead first to outgoing banner saying clearly "You are now leaving sourceforge.net! and going to xyz.com - we take no responsibility for that site or any downloads on it"
3) of course you can never delete or take over a project then e.g. to kick out legitimate owner and push own "enriched" versions

Put that it in ToS and guarantee e.g. up to 10,000$ per project damages.

Then we could talk.

Btw. anyway what imo could be more interesting now, would be an guthub.com clone, just like github but without the SJW nuttery that results in censorship that is going in there. How ever I doubt you could do it, as Slashdot seems quite leftist too, with frequest bullshit stories about "closing the technical gap" and other anti-white-male whiny propagana bullshit.

But sure - feel free to impress us on these fields, we will see.

Comment Haha, NOPE. (Score -1, Flamebait) 454

Too little too late, fuck you now assholes.

Why should anyone trust this spamware site?

Open source should just host on github.com for now, but they are SJWs and known for banning software for political reasons, so better yet use git and host on multiple git hosts at once. It's so easy with git (for source AND for the binaries downloads too).

Comment Re:Missed the Boat? (Score 1) 271

Everybody else gets screwed

Who gets screwed and how?
You can now send money to other part of world for cents instead 5-10$ or more as with paypal or WU.
You could buy now, wait few years, and probably get ahead (just from avoiding the inflation of fiat made-up currencies like USD/EUR) - if you like to take the chance.
Professional (and hobbyist) forex-traders can still made a money on quick trades same as year(s) ago (though of course you can also lose, so don't play if you don't want to... but it was the same choice for people in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012...)

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