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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 42

You get the WorkPlace Shell, still considered one of the better graphical shells though the 2D graphics show its age.

I really liked the WorkPlace Shell, but I still find this project pretty pointless. It's like trying to get more coal miners working again - the world has moved on. I don't have any 20 year old programs from Windows 3.1 that I want to run anymore.

It would have been better if they created a new WorkPlace Shell as a new window manager on Linux, Mac or Windows. A lot of people hate the Windows 10 UI, so maybe this could have been an alternative.

Comment Re:Exit Interview (Score 1) 237

Something's missing. They call him an IT system administrator in one sentence, then say he was a part of the company's help desk in the next.

A lot of companies probably have their help desk people fix passwords for users which is enough power to cause a lot of damage.

Comment Re:Infinite web pages (Score 1) 332

Yes, horizontal scrolling is definitely the second worst thing. You could actually find stuff on Netflix before they started scrolling thing horizontally. And since they can't put too many on there, you get to see maybe 50 titles out of the thousands in the category. I'd rather see a nice 5x10 grid and a next page button.

Then, every other video or book site copied the bad idea so they could have the same look.

Comment Infinite web pages (Score 5, Insightful) 332

I think infinite web pages was the worst idea that every site just had to copy to be part of the fad. I liked page number buttons. I can bookmark a page where I left off instead of scrolling a hundred times from the top again. It also doesn't use up all my computer's memory in Firefox or Chrome.

Comment Of course he will (Score 1) 244

Getting people to start believing in an extraterrestrial threat will help his chances at gaining more power. The GOP used fear of terrorism to convince people that only Trump can possibly save them. They have to step the fear up a notch now to help get even more restrictive laws passed and E.T. is the easiest way. And the media can't prove the threat isn't out there like they can with local aliens.

I just wonder how he's going to get the E.T.'s to pay for the wall or ceiling over the country.

Comment Scary working for a retail phone carrier (Score 1) 126

Just think with all those possible exploding phones coming back for replacement. The stores are going to be dangerous places with all those Note 7's sitting in boxes until they can ship them out. Not even sure the cargo airlines would want to permit them on board either.

Comment Ground Damage? (Score 1) 208

Has anyone considered the amount of damage a laser would cause on the ground when they miss their target? Bullets may eventually slow down and missiles might destroy a small area, but a laser that is on for a few seconds could leave a stripe across a large area of land depending on its strength and the plane's speed. Does a laser even have a range limit before its intensity dissipates or does it just go full strength until it finally hits something?

Comment Re:Can we just have municiple broadband? (Score 1) 145

I've heard this number before but that number is actually $7/month per 1 mbit/s. Multiply that by the amount of mbit/s they get from their upstream connection. That said, it's still probably far far less than the total number of mbit/s they sold each of their users so they are making a huge profit.

Comment It's a cap on Internet data, not all data (Score 1) 106

Anything originating from inside their network should not be counted against the data cap or they would be charging you for something you didn't get. That being Internet data.

Now, I would be completely against them not applying the data cap to something that actually comes from Internet like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.

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