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Comment Scary working for a retail phone carrier (Score 1) 126

Just think with all those possible exploding phones coming back for replacement. The stores are going to be dangerous places with all those Note 7's sitting in boxes until they can ship them out. Not even sure the cargo airlines would want to permit them on board either.

Comment Ground Damage? (Score 1) 208

Has anyone considered the amount of damage a laser would cause on the ground when they miss their target? Bullets may eventually slow down and missiles might destroy a small area, but a laser that is on for a few seconds could leave a stripe across a large area of land depending on its strength and the plane's speed. Does a laser even have a range limit before its intensity dissipates or does it just go full strength until it finally hits something?

Comment Re:Can we just have municiple broadband? (Score 1) 145

I've heard this number before but that number is actually $7/month per 1 mbit/s. Multiply that by the amount of mbit/s they get from their upstream connection. That said, it's still probably far far less than the total number of mbit/s they sold each of their users so they are making a huge profit.

Comment It's a cap on Internet data, not all data (Score 1) 106

Anything originating from inside their network should not be counted against the data cap or they would be charging you for something you didn't get. That being Internet data.

Now, I would be completely against them not applying the data cap to something that actually comes from Internet like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.

Comment Time to use scare tactics to promote encryption (Score 1) 495

The government is always using scare tactics against the people saying we need to be protected. There's super bad people out there and they can't find them without seeing all our private data. What if we started telling people how bad it really would be without encryption?

Without encryption, your own neighbors would be able to see your emails as you transmit them, your banking details, etc. Anyone at the coffee shop could get this information from you. The government will be spying on you without your knowledge all the time. They'll know about everything you buy online, every web site you visit. Criminals will sit on the street outside of your home and watch your WiFi traffic to find things to blackmail you with.

Those are extreme's of course but there's probably lots of things we can think of to get the word out. Maybe even spin it to tell people how strong encryption is helping protect them every day. We just have to use examples they'll understand. Things like, "Your bank uses strong encryption to protect your bank information but Jeb Bush wants the government to see what your doing".

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