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Submission + - File Sharer Settles with RIAA for a Whopping $756

qzulla writes: "Over at Wired we have this story.

The kicker is her attorney was none other that our beloved Ray Beckerman AKA NYCL and she gave up.

A Bronx woman is agreeing to pay the Recording Industry Association of America $6,050 to settle allegations she purloined eight tracks on the file sharing network Kazaa.

That's $756.25 a song from artists (.pdf) DMX, Lenny Kravitz, Eagles, Sade, Ready For the World, Uncle Sam and Tamia.

The woman's attorney, Ray Beckerman, said Monday that Barker decided to settle. "The client makes the decision. I would have loved to litigate this," he said. "I think we had good defenses.""

Submission + - CC license violated?

qzulla writes: "I'll make it fast and sweet. It appears Virgin mobile does not honor the CC license nor do they monitor if their ad company does.

From TFA at DALLAS (AP) A Dallas family has sued Australia's Virgin Mobile phone company, claiming it caused their teenage daughter grief and humiliation by plastering her photo on billboards and Web site advertisements without consent.
The family of Alison Chang says Virgin Mobile grabbed the picture from Flickr, Yahoo Inc.'s popular photo-sharing Web site, and failed to credit by name the photographer who took the photo.
Read TFA here
I wish they had stated which CC license the photos were released as."
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - News travels fast on the Intartubes

qzulla writes: "It appears our video capturing Overlord has repented.

There has been alot of confusion regarding the copy protection of the program called Display Eater.
It is described here in:
There exist two illegal cd-keys that can be used to register the program without paying for it. When Display Eater detects these keys, it would delete your home directory.
However, this is not the case in reality. The whole purpose was to create a scare campaign. You can download, the file linked from the main page, which is now down(the link is still intact here), and check it for yourself. It has been this way since 2/7/07.
It was my hope that by creating a scare campaign, I could stop wasting time writing copy protection routines to be broken over and over.
It turned out to be a mistake."

Submission + - What part of cancel do you do you not understand?

qzulla writes: "As an addition to the earlier slashdot post on the best and worst of 1994 I bring you exhibit A on the worst ways for a business to handle cancellations.
From the article:
To evaluate how difficult canceling an online service can be, I signed up for and then canceled 32 accounts, each at a different site. About a third of the services in my sample made the seemingly simple goal of canceling very hard to achieve (see the "Big Hassle" entries in "Want to Cancel That Service?").
Not all of my experiences were negative. Services such as a monthly New York Times TimesSelect online subscription and a monthly Consumer Reports Online account took only minutes to cancel and without lingering strings. But some others made me feel as though I'd joined the Sopranos' family business: Once I signed up, there was no quitting!

Maybe a course in Running A Net Business is in order here? How do slashdotters handle cancellations?"

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