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Comment Re:Not real research (Score 1) 326

Kelvin was not "essentially" right. His view was that scientists had already discovered and understood all the fundamental particles that make up the universe, with just a few "nagging details" to be put away like the photoelectric effect. Those details were well known at the time he made his statement, but it wasn't more precise measurement that led to the discoveries that came like what...4 years later. It was more precise understanding.

Comment Re:More Proof of Government Incompetence (Score 5, Insightful) 125

You'll have to explain to me how losing a statistically insiginficant number of weapons constitutes proof of government incompetence. Not that I necessarily assume the government is competent, mind you, but losing 250 out of a total number of guns that must be in the hundreds of thousands doesn't constitute 'proof' of anything.

Comment Re:Shortsighted or failure to complete the job? (Score 2, Insightful) 286

I guess you could call them shortsighted. But I also guess the times they lived in were a lot more desperate than yours. This is a situation where the mines that succeeded in their job caused more environmental devastation than the ones now sitting on the ocean bed (ever think about what a large ship is made of, not to mention its cargo?).

For many of these folks, the war was one of survival: you did what you needed to. Or would you not fire a gun at someone who intended you harm, out of worry about the lead in the bullet?

Comment Re:Roboform (Score 1) 1007

I recently went through an analysis of all the tools that are available, and ended up at Roboform as well. Yes, it has a pw generator, ability to move to a USB drive, just like a lot of the others. The problem for me was that I have macs and PCs at home, but I have a PC at work (on which I can install NOTHING) where I still want to be able to get to some sites. The only tool I found that automatically syncs to whatever computer I'm using without installing anything was Roboform.

Plus, if I'm at a computer I don't own, like at a hotel in a foreign country, I can still easily get passwords to my sites and automatically log in. I've been using it about a month and have so far been pleased.

Comment Re:You need SCADA security (Score 1) 462

I work in SCADA on water / wastewater systems in the US. With few exceptions, all systems we deal with are completely isolated from the Internet. However, the number of exceptions is increasing these days as more people want to view their plant data in the office and tie into their business systems. This trend means I have a tougher job (as automation engineers know much less about IT security, since we didn't have to before).

Comment Re:What the hell? (Score 1) 334

And what about the iPhone and iPod?

Are you suggesting that the iPhone and iPod aren't targeted towards the upper part of the market? Sure, they dominate the market, but I can get a "MP3 Player" for $10-20, yet most current iPods are an order of magnitude more. Likewise the iPhone is targeted towards the upper echelon of the market (this argument was easier when it was $600 and not $200, but clearly they are not "racing to the bottom" with that either).

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