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Comment Re:I shouldn't have watched the video (Score 1) 1819

He still actively resisted them for a full minute and a half before the taser was used.
It looks like we have a definition difference here for Resisting Arrest. Seeing as we were using "pure, textbook, resisting arrest". According to wikipedia the only actions shown in the video that would constitue resisting arrest was attempting to elude police officers. Seeing as he didn't attempt run away at all when he first shruged the officers grip. So the first point in time you could say that he was first eluding when he tried to break away at the 50 sec mark. So by jjohnsons numbers 25 secs from resistance to threat and another 45 secs till use. jjohnsons first statment of 2 mins till the tazer was threatened was miles out

I heard one voice clearly protesting. OTOH, at the moment of his tasing, you can see the guy in the orange shirt smiling and laughing. I'd say it's clear that the crowd wasn't all on his side
I heard at least one voice of protest from each gender. One of the voices was so shocked it was borderline hysterical. There was one person smileing and laughing as though he was watching jackass, that hardly backs up your origional point of "the crowd didn't rise up in protest, or even complain from their seats ".

It was four cops. Whoops, a factual inaccuracy! There goes all your arguments!
*sigh* 4 Cops escorted him up away from the mic, 2 more joined when they took him to the ground. Have a quick headcount at 1:08. I never claimed that all your arguments were invalidated, just you had factual errors

That's why I have zero sympathy for him. It wasn't protection or punishment, it was forcing compliance from someone being actively non-compliant, someone already being physically restrained to prevent his escape.
Renaming what they did is about as useful as renaming DRM to Digital Consumer Enablement. The tazer was used to inflict pain to obtain compliance on someone already physicaly restrained. That seems a lot like punishment to me. Sure the cops needed to get him out of the room, but there was absolutly no need to use a weapon to do it. Much in the same way you don't need to beat a child with a stick to make them go to bed when they don't want to. It's an inappropriate level of force for the task.

I'm guilty of hyperbole, not trolling. You're right, I don't like him because he was a jerk. That's irrelevant to the officer's justification for using the taser on a subject who was clearly, actively resisting arrest.
I apolgise if my trolling statment offended you. I would prefer it if you were trolling because the fact you think the actions shown on that video were justified scares the hell out of me.

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