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Comment Re:I don't understand what the problem is. (Score 1) 55

Agreed. If an infographic doesn't provide value, it doesn't do much. This post, on the other hand, got published to one of the biggest tech sites on the Internet, all because they regurgitated a sensationalist post about something that has been a core piece of online public relations and SEO for at least 5 years. There's no information there.

Submission + - AJAX-Based Reseller Platform for Ventrilo Released

qwidjib0 writes: "DarkStar Communications announced the first AJAX-Powered, fully automated Ventrilo reseller control system this week. Even though VoIP providers write their own software all the time, and gimmicky AJAX is everywhere these days, this was particularly interesting due to how difficult it's traditionally been for anyone at all to obtain licensing for Ventrilo direct with its creators in recent years. DarkStar's RCS utilizes the company's internal API to interface with their servers in 21 different cities in 11 different countries, is fully automated, and integrates with popular 3rd party billing systems such as ClientExec and Modernbill. Are the days of an exclusive and elite sect of Ventrilo providers nearing an end?"

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