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Submission + - Useable, private addressbook system?

qwerty8ytrewq writes: I was really horrified recently to discover that Apple iOS makes my address book available without asking my permission to installed apps (specifically the Twitter app in my case, but there are no doubt others). I carefully chose an iphone vs Android or whatever other options specifically because of security. Sure, I run Google apps for business, and all my data goes through there, but I (perhaps naively) told myself that this is a paid service, so I am paying them, to leave my data alone (ish) and at least not sell it to the highest bidder.
For the first time ever I am totally happy with my address-book system, I enter data once, in the field and then its backed up and useable.

The thing that really smarts here is that Apple, who I paid big money for iphone and iOS, (Apple are not offering me a free service in exchange for my data like FB ) have neglectfully given away my address book, and perhaps a lot of other data without even a 'by your leave'!
I think this is unethical practice by Apple, and at best a grey area. All I think to do to fix it is go back to a paper address book, seriously? Thoughts?

Submission + - Social media aids authoritarian regimes, expert wa (

qwerty8ytrewq writes: Describes issues of social change, social media, democratization and control of the Internet.

Source: ABC News
Published: Wednesday, January 5, 2011 8:15 AEDT
Expires: Tuesday, April 5, 2011 8:15 AEDT

Stanford University's Evgeny Morozov says that social media can aid authoritarian governments rather than democracy.


Submission + - poll-based party in Oz senate, policy is polling (

qwerty8ytrewq writes: Australian political party Senator On Line claims to have no policies, but to put every senate bill in the hands of the people through online polling. I am very amused to note that there is nowhere on the site that people can vote for them to continue activities or disband. Is this hypocritical?

Submission + - South Korean police raids Google's office (

qwerty8ytrewq writes: On Tuesday, Aug 10, Korean National Police Agency raided the office and seized hard drives and other documents related to data collected using Street View Cars.
"We have been investigating Google Korea on suspicion of unauthorized collection and storage of data on unspecified internet users from wi-fi networks," reported Korean National Police Agency in a statement.


Submission + - Wifi e-reader/tablet/sktch: pic=wrds*10^3, tips?

qwerty8ytrewq writes: I am trying to find a wifi and ethernet portable-ish tablet that I can do single-colour drawing sketches onto, and use a browser on. Mostly this is about being able to communicate digtially and in multiple sites, using drawings, made with a pen or stylus. A serious option is a very small and solid A4 sheet-feed-scanner, and a simple Reader, but a single device is best. I am considering a portable scanner made from a digital camera, but this seems like a workaround.

Do any /.ers currently use a combination of device(s) that fit this duty?

Submission + - NAS music library listen/burn from multiple PC's?

qwerty8ytrewq writes: I run an indigenous music recording studio in the Western Desert in Australia, we make 2 music tracks per day on average. All the music we have made (and own the rights to) is all stored in a Lacie NAS RAID. I have been trying for the past 6 months to setup various systems where the ten Win xp pcs in our small netcafe can access the NAS, play and update the music as we add tracks, and importantly burn it, should be straightforward.... We currently use itunes, but it keeps losing settings, locations of libraries, anything to make trouble. no surprises there.... We have quite a bit of I.Techspertise here between us, but this seemingly simple task is proving a headache. What simple (or stable) solutions do other Slashdotters use to do this?

Submission + - Wikileaks founder has passport confiscated in Oz ( 2

qwerty8ytrewq writes: The Australian founder of the whistleblower website Wikileaks had his passport confiscated by police when he arrived in Melbourne last week.

Julian Assange, who does not have an official home base and travels every six weeks, told the Australian current affairs program Dateline that immigration officials had said his passport was going to be cancelled because it was looking worn.

However he then received a letter from the Australian Communication Minister Steven Conroy’s office stating that the recent disclosure on Wikileaks of a blacklist of websites the Australian government is preparing to ban had been referred to the Australian Federal Police (AFP).


Submission + - Modern photo taking etiquette - Any thoughts? 1

qwerty8ytrewq writes: Image capture devices are everywhere these days and with the erosion of privacy controls in Facebook, etc. I think 'private' and 'public' as we understand it is changing, public is starting to mean 'in front of a camera'. I would like to know if anyone has any practical, pragmatic,workable suggestions for ways to manage this is a private setting. (eg. at the next work Christmas party that I organise.) I have considered a 'photos only here zone' policy, a photo booth, check your phone at the door... Ideas?

Submission + - Brains for a fabber?

qwerty8ytrewq writes: I am designing a digital manufacturer (fabber), a really simple one, it takes a recipe and cooks one basic ingredient. So it takes a digital file input and controls feed, cook time, temperature and a few other Input/Outputs. The brain (remote terminal unit RTU) needs to be totally internet controllable and locally controllable (by usb to PC or directly) report back, and robust (to live in a kitchen) and must run open source software. I would ideally like it to run a peer to peer exchange at the same time to swap new recipes.... Any suggestions?

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